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Red Cross Student Run Over By Council Vehicle In High Speed Chase

Red Cross Student Run Over By Council Vehicle In High Speed Chase

A 21-year-old student died on the spot after he was run over by a Harare City Council municipal police traffic vehicle along Charter Road last week on Tuesday.

The vehicle, which was in a high-speed chase with a kombi, hit Tatenda Vambe, a Red Cross student in Highfield, killing him instantly.

The deceased’s relatives blocked municipal police officials from attending the funeral as they accused the council traffic law enforcers of reckless driving.

One of Tatenda’s neighbours, Farai Mandovha, revealed that the deceased’s body was quickly removed from the scene. Said Mandovha:

His body was removed from the scene quickly, with some suggesting that he was a street kid, and that affected us very much as a family.

Some were suggesting that Tatenda had thrown himself onto the moving vehicle as a way of covering their reckless driving.

When some officials from the municipal police came here with their US$60 funeral contribution, we refused to accept it in anger.

We finally came to an understanding with them following consultations and if everything goes according to plan Tatenda will be laid to rest at Granville Cemetery.

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joe 3 months ago

haaaa ma1 aya ummmmmm

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 3 months ago

ZRP and Municipality please please stop chasing vehicles with number plates stop throwing spikes killing people jus like Putin.

ZRP at roadblock make unregistered kombis pay to get into town only for Municipality to do cat n mouse its too bad.


Jinx 3 months ago

If that is Tatenda on that picture, I'll be damned. He didn't look 21 whatsoever. Looks way older.

Povoo 3 months ago

shame! MHSRIP

cute 3 months ago

so if it was a someone ,was going to be charged.ngozi ngozi ndoiziya ngavafambire nyaya dzacho asi kana anga ari wezanu pf rest in peaces my brother huku yadya mazai ayo

@YoungAcademic 3 months ago



@YoungAcademic 3 months ago


Am Devil himself 3 months ago

Hazvinetse izvo huyai kuno hama dzemufi ndikupei ruva ramudyara paguva remkomana, mugoona zvinoitika kuna mutyairi we kanzuru

Vybz Gokwe Kartel 3 months ago

Resting pieces my brother God loves you. My brother Vybz Kartel siniya last week nearly dies he was Pinduling at scorthkari. Vybz Kartel is sick the neck brokes. Thanx man.

John 3 months ago

So the municipal police will not be charged with culpable homicide. If it was the kombi that hit him, the driver would have been charged with even murder.

Tozhi 3 months ago

Nematamudziko anhu woye zvakaoma asikana ummmm

Anna 3 months ago

Apa mwana wa ngu aimbo dzidza ipapo

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