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RBZ Forex Auction: Zimbabwe Dollar Official Rate As Of 06 September 2022

RBZ Forex Auction: Zimbabwe Dollar Official Rate As Of 06 September 2022

The Zimbabwe dollar has lost further ground against the US dollar at the official foreign currency auction conducted by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) today, 06 September 2022.

The foreign exchange weighted average rate is now US$1: ZWL$580.1865 from US$1: ZWL$546.8254announced by the RBZ last week.

In an update seen by Pindula News, the central bank reported that a total of US$14.14 millionwas allotted to various sectors at this week’s RBZ foreign currency auction.

The bulk of the allotment went to raw materials followed by machinery and equipment, the same as last week.

345 bids were received on the Small to Medium Enterprises Forex Auction, with 341 accepted and 4 disqualified. The total amount allotted was USD2,659,595.81 down from 2 643 432.75 allotted last week.

On the Main Forex Auction, a total of 119 bids were received, 111 were accepted and were disqualified. The total amount allotted was USD11,489,204.90 down from USD12 681 789.09 allotted last week.

SME FX104/2022 MAIN FX110/2022
Number of Bids Received : 345 119
Number of Bids Disqualified : 4 8
Total Number of Bids Accepted : 341 111
Total Number of Bids Allotted : 288 99
Total Value of Bids Accepted : USD3,128,774.69 USD12,978,108.19
Amount Allotted : USD2,659,595.81 USD11,489,204.90
Highest Rate Received : 615,0000 630.0000
Lowest Bid Rate Allotted : 545.0000 545.0000
Weighted Average Rate : 580.1865
Raw Materials 881,516.22 5,760,488.91
Machinery and Equipment 766,359.84 2,496,132.50
Consumables (Incl. Spares, Tyres, Electricals. etc) 294,407.16 875,799.93
Services (Loans, Education, Dividends, Disinvestments, etc) 393,672.24 1,368,718.37
Retail and Distribution (Incl. Food, Beverages, etc) 144,137.69 740,139.81
Electricity 10,000.00
Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals 130,203.79 200,092.27
Paper and Packaging 39,298.87 47,833.11
TOTAL 2,659,595.81 11,489,204.90


1. Bids with overdue CDIs, outstanding Bills of Entry (BOEs), insufficient ZW$ and those with sufficient FCA balances were also disqualified.

2. Some Bids were allotted on a pro-rata basis.

3. Willing buyer Willing Seller Bid Rate as of 2 September 2022 was ZW$545.2911

Pindula News

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Steven Chidhumo 4 weeks ago

Ndikoko zim dollar donha donha takaenda takaenda

🤠 4 weeks ago

zim dollar kutambira haro mumatope

Blue💙 4 weeks ago

Mukuto pengawo henyu.
The rate on the street is going down and will soon be close to the actual rate.
Today a $1 USD was being changed for $600ZWL. Dzikamai Zanu got this.

@Blue 4 weeks ago

Wait and let people finish paying school fees and let the government pay contractors their dues ....things will turn up side down.....its like celebrating that ufu hausi kukurumidza kupera mumba iwe uchikanganwa kuti uri kurova fasting ten days

@blue 4 weeks ago

😂 What a clown you are 😂
Wait and see what happens in the coming weeks 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

i'mMe 4 weeks ago

nditori in Zim, chitungwiza baba
and handisi money changer but ndoratikutambidzwawo mu street imomo

Blue💙 4 weeks ago

@Zimdollar , we are no longer in hyperinflation mode. Zvakapera long back. Vote Zanu PF

Zimdollar 4 weeks ago

600 is not a rate to be proud of in any economy. Bvumayi we are living in a hyperinflation environment. Unless we accept the reality of our situation, we will not apply the real solutions to address our problems.

Blue💙 4 weeks ago

Saka either you don't stay in Chitown or Zimbabwe, or you just wanna nullify The RBZ's efforts with your sentiments. The rate is going down nigga. Not the other way. The black market is being tamed. Now @interested onlooker is saying it's superficial, ephemeral. Ma CCC hamuna nyadzi

i'mMe 4 weeks ago

ndikutotaura rate remu chitungwiza

Blue💙 4 weeks ago

$900 kupiko. Ndimi vana saboteur. The rate has being going down for the past 2 weeks. In Chitungwiza, Harare and the areas surrounding it a $1 is being changed for $600 ZWL.
That is proof of the parallel and official rate merging.

i'mMe 4 weeks ago

kupi ikoko
its now ku 9waya


UNGADE URUMENDE YAKASVONAKA KUPFURA APA UNGAIWANEPI. The rate has now become realistic as the black market rate falls into reality.

Yours sincerely
D.r William Sonboy Chinembiri

i'mMe 4 weeks ago

they sensored pandati kumha_ta ndosak ndapamhazvee

i'mMe 4 weeks ago

@william hausiriwe waimboti ngaapinde hake mkomana here iwe
kan uri confused don't confuse us **** kwako
hausi doctor fut
hausi lawyer fut


This is only temporary and superficial. The official/RBZ rate is being stage managed they will not hold it for long. There is no industry to back up the local currency and the Chinese ate not banking their US$ . That is the reality.

Blue💙 4 weeks ago

Tendai Twitter Biti and he's negative Nancy cronies are being put to shame on a daily basis. Mumwe akati gold coin harishande, mumwe oti the economy will crash by June. Vana mbwaa havana nyaya


tiriyo shamva, 4 weeks ago

shamva bond rotengeswa ne 900

Baba va blue💙 4 weeks ago

Icho chipoko cha blue, my son died like a million years ago but chrikundishamisa is the fact yekut his ghost 👻 is crazy too

@ndindadaro 4 weeks ago

bit ch no gga

Blue💙 4 weeks ago

Kana usina US rekuchinja nyarara gidi iwee kkkk. Wakapedzisira kuchinja US month end kaa Mudhara

@blue 4 weeks ago


Billey 4 weeks ago

@i'mMe, there are 2 Williams on this platform, that one who has a forged doctorate is a Zanu pee efu ghost.

The real William I know is a CCC giant, a learned professor, an intellectual who gives vallid and awesome comments. *BUSH LAWYER*

@blue 4 weeks ago

usanyepere vanhu iwe, chitungwiza kupi kwauri kunyepera rate ye 600,

zanu yakakuodza njere dzako dzakazara honey, rubish

Blue💙 4 weeks ago

Baba imi. I'm saying as of today, ukaenda kuna money changer une $1US wanga uri kupihwa $600 ZWL. I'm not talking of the rate to buy a USD.
Pamberi ne Zanu PF. For economic stability. Hona salary dzenyu dza gainer value. Chimbotendai zvakanaka vana gidi

🤠 4 weeks ago

zvino nyika kana yakuita zvekutaurwa nemuromo kunzichakata chadzika pasina chatirikuona zvichanakidza hre

Celestial 4 weeks ago

blue ingochani

🤠 4 weeks ago

zvino nyika kana yakuita zvekutaurwa nemuromo kuti chakati chadzika pasi chatirikuona zvichanakidza hre

pfocho 4 weeks ago

zvino nyika kana yakuita zvekutaurwa nemuromo kuti chakati chadzika pasi chatirikuona zvichanakidza hre


The problem of the CCC is not knowing when to accept defeat or to say paghonekwa ndeapa. They are always negative opposing for the sake of opposing but without reason. Manje honorable Biti Twitter vice president has been left with egg on his face.

Yours sincerely
D.r William Sonboy Chinembiri

4 weeks ago

Doug 4 weeks ago

The ministry, rbz and US dollar are on pause and the zim dollar is still ever on fast forward. Very soon after the pause or rest, economic principles will be back in charge.

okorongo 4 weeks ago

ngavasiyane nezve auction izvo hazvina musoro

Ncube 4 weeks ago

I will destroy them from the inside

Mangudya 4 weeks ago

Munhu akurova economics dzeblack market chibaba wait & see

BUOY 3 weeks ago

ahhh 600 mukuiwanepi kuno riri pa1000

3 weeks ago

Blue movie

Sorojena 3 weeks ago

Surely it's a sad scenario what Zimbabwe has come to be. Inflation is being experienced becoz gold coins have been mopping and locking up the US dollar into the reserve bank, but we know it is just temporary as gold coins are not accessible by the poor masses.

zimdollar 3 weeks ago

ma rates akudzika kuno kwatiri kwa jobolingo ...ave pa 550

Leee 3 weeks ago

Zvirikutondinetsawo guruve itori pa1000

Goriat mbizo 3 weeks ago

Uyo wamunoti blue irombe iro

Asalif 3 weeks ago

Im in the lowveld right now $1 is 1000 bond musashopere

Darmian 3 weeks ago

He's right. Kuno it's now 650

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