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RBZ Forex Auction Results – 12 April 2022

RBZ Forex Auction Results – 12 April 2022

The Zimbabwe dollar has continued to lose value against the US dollar on the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) forex auction.

On Tuesday, 12 April 2022, the weighted average fell to US$1: ZWL$150.2157 from US$1: ZWL$145.8721 which was reported by the RBZ the previous week.

In total, US$32.0 millionwas allotted this week, with the bulk of the allotment going to raw materials followed by machinery and equipment, the same as last week.

1 052 bids were received on the Small to Medium enterprises forex auction, with 989 accepted and 63 disqualified. The total number of bids allotted was 989.

On the main forex auction, a total of 426 bids were received, 389 were accepted and 37 were disqualified. The total number of bids allotted was 389.

The RBZ said bids with overdue CDIs, outstanding Bills of Entry (BOEs), and those with sufficient FCA balances were also disqualified.

Some bids were also allotted on a pro-rata basis.

Number of Bids Received :



MAIN FX88/2022


Number of Bids Disqualified : 63 37
Total Number of Bids Accepted : 989 389
Total Number of Bids Allotted : 989 389
Total Value of Bids Accepted : USD3,702,817.86 USD28,340,493.17
Amount Allotted : USD3,702,817.86 USD28,340,493.11
Highest Rate Received : 160.0000 160.000
Lowest Bid Rate Allotted : 135.0000 142.0000
Weighted Average Rate : 150.2157
Raw Materials 999,034.76 12,472,455.22
Machinery and Equipment 1,335,612.26 6,541,458.23
Consumables (Incl. Spares, Tyres, Electricals, etc) 464,584.40 2,333,023.45
Services (Loans, Education, Dividends, Disinvestments, etc) 390,693.30 2,072,381.50
Retail and Distribution (Incl. Food, Beverages, etc) 315,999.45 2,673,241.77
Electricity 11,807.00 50,000.00
Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals 124,064.76 1,212,463.34
Paper and Packaging 61,021.93 985,469.66
TOTAL 3,702,817.86 28,340,493.17

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DA TRUTH 1 month ago

🇿🇼🌋🆘State of emergency state capture by #Tagwirei,,Chivhayo and Sakupwanya.roger and out

Snooker 1 month ago

Zvagara rate yavo inenge iri pa half per black market. Dai zvaishanda vaingoti munhu wese ku auction floor sezvinoitwa ku mogo

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

I wonder what Mangudya and Mthuli are thinking, where are they taking us? are they in the country or they on leave?

If an employee is incompetent he/she must be fired before more damage is done 🤑🤑🤑


pillgrim 1 month ago

haikwire kombi

Miss A 1 month ago

Zanu pf is in ICU. Dying in 2023.

ChiMsoro 1 month ago

Zanu ngichisiya yatadza

Soul Jah Love 1 month ago

Ko varipo vakadzidza na ED kana kuti Mangudya ku Primary school vambotiudza kuti team iri ranga riri sei kuchikoro.

🖐️🖐️ 1 month ago

Mtiro vaboila, Gringo, Parrafini Na Chinoz ndiwo ma School Dofati

nc 1 month ago

bond harichaita isu we are now accepting USD chete

THE FIEND 1 month ago

ZW $100 can't buy $100 airtime

Me 1 month ago

Asi unogara kumusha? Mu Harare unopihwa airtime yemari yawakabata mdara

Enemy of Chamisa & His Thugs 1 month ago

As long tichitonga bholato!! We don't have tyme for Chamisaz and his followers who are langishing in poverty crying each and every nema rate!!!

Tio4 1 month ago

@enemy of chamisa, u are a fool just listen to yourself , you a an absolute fool a harebrained moron

Jinx 1 month ago

I don't bath with the enemy 😜

Pindula Admin 1 month ago

I am rich my guy, dats why l am on pindula. Ndino geza ne green. wuya tigeze tese

Jinx 1 month ago

It's because of this obnoxious auction system that companies like Surface Wilmar are operating at FIFTEEN % capacity utilization.

The entire country is crying except for the corrupt few, l doubt you are one of them. Im positive you is broke.

jokker pick 5 1 month ago

take time to listen to yourself
revise your sentences
go and bath

Zvimbazi 1 month ago

Zvobatsirei izvi
Ko kupa masiiwa Strive oita Electronic money hazvisi nani here
Reserve bank hatichada kuinzwa

Jinx 1 month ago

A centralized digital currency. No more printing their ****. But knowing these bastards, they'll prolly infect the system as they have done time and time again.
Using our own currency is a noble idea, if done correctly

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