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RBZ Foreign Exchange Payments For January To August 2022 | Full Statement

RBZ Foreign Exchange Payments For January To August 2022 | Full Statement

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) has revealed the Foreign Exchange Auction Allotments for August 2022 and Foreign Exchange Payments for the period January to August 2022.

In a statement, RBZ governor John Mangudya said that details about the allotments have been released to ensure that the public is informed of developments in the foreign exchange market. Part of the statement reads:

In line with the Bank’s commitment to regularly keep the public informed of developments in the foreign exchange market, the Bank hereby publishes the following:

1. A list of the 352 beneficiaries of US$74 818 220 allotted under the Main Foreign Exchange Auction during the month of August 2022;

2. A list of the 1 154 beneficiaries of US$15 996 378 allotted under the SMEs Foreign Exchange Auction during the month of August 2022; and

3. A schedule showing the total foreign exchange payments for the period January 2022 to August 2022, by source, amounting to US$5 306 865 010 broken down as follows: –

(i) foreign currency accounts (US$4 267 521 501),

(ii) Foreign Exchange Auction Allotments (US$925 501 215); and

(iii) the interbank market (US$113 842 293).

The bulk of the auction allotments during the month of August 2022 (71%) was for payment for raw materials (US$42 118 094) and machinery and equipment (US$22 343 924), with the remaining 29% of the total allotments going towards payment for services (US$9 345 489), consumables (US$7 913 708), retail and distribution (US$5 050 610), pharmaceuticals and chemicals (US$2 557 581), packaging (US$1 459 452) and fuel, electricity and gas (US$25 740), as shown in the tables below.

Total cumulative foreign exchange auction allotments since the inception of the Foreign Exchange Auction System stand at US$3 521 882 028.

Click the highlighted text to down the full statement in PDF format

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Machiavelli 1 week ago

The RBZ is being less than open. In basic bookkeeping and accounting, you don't just give half the story and end there. Where there is a credit there must be a debit.

What the RBZ is giving us is the allotment. Ingeniously they aren't giving us the sources of the USDollars.

Give us the earnings from mining tourism, diaspora remittances manufacturing exports, agro exports then we can judge your transparency.

Machiavelli 1 week ago

@translucent, not the recipient companies but for the benefit of us thr stakeholders. RBZ and the Government of Zimbabwe do no have money. Tge money they have belongs to the state and its held by the RBZ and government in trust

Translucent International 1 week ago

Kkkkkk .Saka all those buying foreign currency on a weekly basis need to ask RBZ kuti foreign currency yacho yabvepi???

Nimrod 1 week ago

In the same vein, the public wants to know the identity of the beneficiaries. A list of the beneficiaries, what they wanted the money for and the amount(s) they got would be ideal

Nimrod 1 week ago

Ndopakuzoona kuti ma company akapihwa mhari iyoyo are briefcase companies who have same Directors. plus tinoda kungoziva kuti ma company akapihwa Mari yakawanda or kakawanda ndeapi

Machiavelli 1 week ago

I concur.
Transparency is what's required.
Go further and list the Directors and shareholders of the recipient companies

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