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Rape Allegations Against Mnangagwa: Susan Mutami In No Show At UNGA

Rape Allegations Against Mnangagwa: Susan Mutami In No Show At UNGA

Australian-based philanthropist, Susan Mutami did not attend the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) where she said she was supposed to give oral evidence in a case she accuses President Emmerson Mnangagwa of raping her when she was 15.

As the UNGA approached, Mutami posted on social media saying:

I have been invited to UNGA to share my ordeal.

She had already addressed thousands of followers on social media during which she narrated how Mnangagwa supposedly raped her when she was just a Form 3 pupil at Loreto High School in Silobela.

Mutami also filed a lawsuit with Australian police who indicated that the case would be referred to the International Criminal Police Organisation (Interpol). 

This would escalate and internationalise the rape case that had sent shockwaves across the country.

Interpol offers investigative support such as forensics, analysis, and assistance in locating fugitives around the world.

All Interpol’s actions are politically neutral and taken within the limits of the existing laws in different countries, in this case, Australia and Zimbabwe.

While Interpol deals with various crimes, including corruption, human and drug trafficking, organised crime, smuggling, cybercrime and terrorism, one of its major focuses is crimes against children, especially sexual abuse and exploitation, trafficking, forced labour and abduction.

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mutami 2 months ago


bvanyangu 2 months ago

akashaya mari yendege kikikikiki

susan 2 months ago

ndakapihwa 10 million USD ne 15 kgs am dropping the case....hapana asingade Mari guys..zvangu zvatoita.

DDT 2 months ago

munhu uyu ipfambi yemakoko akasviriirwa kuenda ku Australia i**** **** wemombe utiri nani pane **** rake.shes a lime light seeker

TDD 2 months ago

Kana Susan ari pfambi, ko ED chiyi?

CHAWABVUNZA 2 months ago

I want to comment that it could be that she was advised not to proceed with her UNGA address, perhaps on security reasons or otherwise. She already made her mark. The ball is now in Interpol court.

susan 2 months ago

akandituma haana kuzopedzisa balance yakasara.Saka handingashandiri mahara


kingro 2 months ago

ko akadii kuenda mskana uyu

mbudzi 2 months ago

vaizivana nguva ye ku recorder zvaiitika aiiyanepi iye aripakati pekunyengwa

ndunge 2 months ago

ndikumhany Naye know ndinindakamurambidza

cde chipopi 2 months ago

vakadzi vakangofanana ne mari havagutike.

Politics is not for the cold blooded 2 months ago

chii van a Susan

MR POLITICIAN 2 months ago

aive atumwa naChamisa go deep uchisecha nezvake

pk 2 months ago

mumba mwa ed hamugare munhu asiri weintelligence. susan ari kutoita under zanu pf uye akatopedza assignment. takatobata vavengi

Munangagwa 2 months ago

i did raped her this month again

for fun 1 month ago

Susan ai kanga nyama kapoto kachitenderera...

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