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Ramaphosa Tells Biden That Sanctions Forcing Zimbabweans To Migrate To Neighbouring Countries

Ramaphosa Tells Biden That Sanctions Forcing Zimbabweans To Migrate To Neighbouring Countries

South Africa’s president, Cyril Ramaphosa has told United States president, Joe Biden that sanctions on Zimbabwe are affecting other countries in the region as economic migrants from Zimbabwe are fleeing to neighbouring countries.

Peter Ndoro, a broadcast journalist posted on Twitter:

Meeting with President Biden, President Ramaphosa raised the issue of #sanctions on #Zimbabwe. He explained to President Biden that Zim sanctions affect other countries in the region as economic migrants are forced to leave #Zimbabwe in their droves to seek economic opportunities.

A senior Biden administration official told reporters earlier in the day that the United States president wanted to discuss the war in Ukraine with Ramaphosa, and hear the South African leader’s “thoughts on the best way forward”.

Biden, who has led an international coalition in applying a slew of economic sanctions against Russian President Vladimir Putin over the war, wants South Africa’s help in those efforts.

But the South African government has resisted calls to directly condemn Russia for the invasion citing close historical ties to Moscow due to the Soviet Union’s support for the anti-apartheid struggle.

Meanwhile, some argue that the economic crisis in Zimbabwe was caused by corruption and looting of national resources by political elites in the ruling ZANU PF, not by sanctions imposed on the southern African country at the turn of the millennium.

The U.S. imposed sanctions, known as ZDERA on Zimbabwe following Robert Mugabe’s administration-initiated fast-track land reform programme that was marred by “gross human rights violations.”

America has always maintained that sanctions were attracted by human rights violations and will only be removed when Zimbabwe implement requisite reforms.

Statistics suggest that hundreds of thousands of Zimbabweans fled the country twenty years ago when the economy collapsed, most of them in South Africa.

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Citizen raPep naChamisa 2 months ago

Yah ana Mnangagwa vakabata mushonga muhombe,saka varume vese ava kunze kwaKagame vanototya kumuudza chokwadi 😂😂

Asalif 2 months ago

Wadyajena saga


@logic corruption at NSSA, Pamona Dump site, Fire Engines, NSSA, Civid19 Procurement, Cottico, DEMA andZESA Solar Energy, Muramba****, War victims compensation Fund, the list is endless and nobody has been convicted. That is why the country is on its knees.

LOGIC 2 months ago

Finally someone has said it.....if only people knew

Machiavelli 2 months ago

So Cyril is feeling the heat of the Zimbabwean meltdown!

Biden should have asked Cyril what he, Cyril, is doing about the Zimbabwe question? ZIDERA is all about human rights abuses in Zimbabwe, corruption, uneven political playing field, shrinking democratic space etc. WHAT IS CYRIL's POSITION REGARDING ZIDERA?


The unfortunate thing is at this time and age we still have individuals who still have the house negro mentality.

Machiavelli 2 months ago

@Chimodho, it is incumbent upon the ZANU government to ensure human rights abuses are brought to am end. It is the responsibility of the ZANU government to ensure level playing field for elections
it is the job of the ZANU government to make sure that ZEC undertakes fair elections. it is the responsibility of the ZANU government to ensure that ZRP does not unjustly ban CCC and opposition parties rallies. it is the responsibility of government to ensure that people are not massacred by the army for engaging in their constitutional right to demonstrate. it is the job of government to make sure that the electoral reforms are enacted.

As regards your attempt to justify the murder of 30 unarmed Zimbabwean citizens, I shall not comment.

USAID, PEPFAR, WHO, British NGOs are ready the ones propping up the health sector in Zimbabwe. You're being economic with the truth when you say sanctions are responsible for the deaths of millions of Zimbabweans. Own up. It is our corrupt, and inept Zimbabwean government that has led to the tot of the medical facilities in this country.

I have tried to knock sense into the ZANOIDS commentators here today, and if I gave succeeded it is not for want of trying.

As for the gentleman who proposed me fir the gas chamber, please be reminded that killing the Messenger does not kill the message. Other Messengers will come attend the same message if you gas me.

I am on your conscience. You cannot kill that little voice in your head

Chimboti Pizza 2 months ago

@Michiavelli the ZDERA sanctions were imposed over 20 years ago and they haven't given any positive results, they haven't changed any of the 4 things you mentioned, however they have killed thousands if not millions of Zimbabweans through hunger, lack of proper medicines in hospitals, stress, suicide due to poverty and drugs due to poverty. Now my question is who is our biggest enemy here, our government which kills less than 30 people per year due to police brutality and assassinations or the US whose sanctions have killed millions?


This one needs a gas chamber

Machiavelli 2 months ago

P.S. @Chimbodza Cyril is only complaining about sanctions not because they are wrong, but that they are affecting his country. people are flocking to South Africa.

He is superficial in his analysis. People 2fleeing Zimbabwe because of political persecution, because of an imploding economy, because there are no jobs, because the country is governed by intolerant geriatrics. People are not just fleeing sanctions

Machiavelli 2 months ago

Casting aspersions about my mental stability or instability is not the issue. The fact that ZANU and ZANOIDS are complaining about sanctions means that they are effective.

I personally support ZIDERA because it calls for:-
1. Transparent elections and electoral processes that are not contentious.;
2. It calls for an end to human rights abuses; (extra-judicial executions of a.o. Itai Dzamara, Mboneni Ncube);
3. It calls for a level playing field for all political aspirants; and
4. an end to state-sponsored corruption.

If there is anything wrong with the above 4 points, I am willing to re-look at my perception of ZIDERA, but not before.

Chimboti Pizza 2 months ago

@Michiavelli are you mentally stable? Position yaRhamaphosa on ZDERA iri obvious he is against it ndosaka ati masanctions ngaaende. Another thing how can the US say we don't like it when pple suffer due to human rights abuses and then go on to give us sanctions which are even more painful than human rights abuses? There is simply zero logic behind sanctions

Machiavelli 2 months ago

@Bush lawyer, you quote Chamisa out of context. He went on to say Sanctions must go AT THE SAME TIME THAT ZANU GOES, THAT IS YESTERDAY.


I quote the Twitter president

"Sanctions Must Go Yesterday" - CCC President Nelson Chamisa
74 Comments (Join Discussion)
20 July 2022
Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader, Nelson Chamisa has said sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe “must go yesterday.”

Chamisa posted on Twitter this Wednesday attracting varied responses from social media users

So cde Machiavelli why are you saying there are no sanctions yet your leader admits otherwise?

Yours sincerely
Dr William Sonboy Chinembiri

Machiavelli 2 months ago

@Sanctions must go, I am really sorry that you have NOT read the Zimbabwe Democratic Restoration Act (ZIDERA).

Americans are not interested land, have never commented about land in Zimbabwe, but are more concerned about democracy, rule of law, and human rights.

please read ZIDERA

Sanctions must go 2 months ago

@Machiavell: uri munhu akadzidza but obviously you have no idea what ZIDERA is all about. Wanyadzisa.ZIDERA was about LAND

Citizen raPe naChamisa 2 months ago

SADC Presidents are a bunch of Old, So-called Liberation Fighters,that’s why SADC is losing it’s power. freed nations which are now thriving like Botswana,Namibia,Zambia,Eswatini are realizing how **** it is to be associated with these useless money launderers

Chipoko chaQueen 2 months ago

Cyril is like that neighbor who congratulates his next door friend for welcoming another baby😂apa munhu wacho anetuvana 20 tusingadye food yakakwana,obviously tukakura tuchakushungurudzai munharaunda nekukubirai.But Cyril blames the government for not supporting the Father and his 20 children out of fear 😂

Mlotshwa 2 months ago

You are spot on.If the South African current and previous Government were concerned with the economic turmoil in Zimbabwe,Cde Mbeki could have drafted long term solutions to our crisis during GNU negotiations.The South African Government is jealous of economic prosperity of Zimbabwe.

cde Chipopi 2 months ago

kuvhirana kunoda kuita ma African leaders so ka. yekurova kwe 15 billion haitaurwe bcoz dzese imbavha. Ngavachingoudza mumwe wavo ED kuti chingoita plan ye compromise pa land uvape pekurima mavheti acho ne some financial support since pachi land reform program chenyu maka looter zvinhu zvavo hobho muma farms then after that mochizonyengetedza ma Western countries acho. Kwete kunyepa kuzviita ma revolutionary muchi adopter a hard stance , nyika ichifa beyond repair

Maparamuro 2 months ago

15bln worth of diamonds disappeared 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 that's the joke of the century. There is nothing so far away from the truth. Who would have bought such an amount of diamonds without detection by the Kimberly process? Nyanga ye Chipembere ye $1000US inobatwa wani kuzoti diamond worth 15bln 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


Chipoko chaQueen 2 months ago

What if ZANU is making Zimbabweans suffer on purpose because we don’t see them as our Liberators 😂😂
Chimbopafungaiwo ipapo

Sabhuku 2 months ago

perspective ye****ii

Hondoyedzomba 2 months ago

nemuono wakadai padare unotumwa kunovhiya mbudzi kana kugocheswa chibage, puttsekii

Maparamuro 2 months ago

USA is the master in human rights abuses and can't tell zanupf about it. Iraq is gone so is Libya, all being looted left right and Centre by the same USA. France is looting its former colonies right under the noses of the USA and UN and they haven't said a word about it. Sanctions on Zimbabwe are not due to Human rights abuses but the land reform which must fail. That other countries in the region are being affected by migration of Zimboz is exactly what the west has always wanted, the message is being driven home, land reform does not work.

Wake up people. This however does not mean there are no human rights abuses in Zimbabwe. Recently we have seen arrest in UK of protesters who carried placards stating Charles is not their king. Human rights abuses happen all over the world and the USA, France, UK are the major perpetrators

Yashevusha 2 months ago

You are right on the mark. Colonization of every mind has no end in sight.

Zuze 2 months ago

Maparamuro its mushe iwe.
Kana muvakidzani wako achiroya, iwe unifanirwa kuroya here?

Kana muvakidzani wako iri mhondi, iwe wodawo kuita mhondi?
Tikwanire semari yekombi

Maparamuro 2 months ago

The purpose of sanctions is to force poor citizens to rebel against their gvts in the interests of the imposers of the sanctions. If sanctions worked for the poor then there would be no poor people on this planet.

Machiavelli 2 months ago

@Maparamuro, Sanctions worked against Rhodesia. .
Sanctions worked against Apartheid
Sanctions are working against Russia

Sylogism in your argument is self defeating. Sanctions also hurt those that apply them, including western Europe (they are paying more for Russian gas, more for fuels and wheat and cooking)
You havetolook at the bigger picture. Sanctions are meant to change the sanctioned and not to enrich the poor.
Sanctions are never a poverty reduction tool

Chins 2 months ago

U look very sick in mind.

Migrant 2 months ago

Busy politicking with our lives.....anyway we ddnt expect much since u're part of the old people's syndicate

cde Chipopi 2 months ago

President Mugabe confirmed the disappearance of 15billion in front of the entire nation. Saka hapana zvekuti joke zvauri kutaura apa marapuro. Ndimi muriku supporter nonsense nyika ichifa beyond repair.

Our Zim 2 months ago

Koo Chamisa paakazvigadza huPresident kuMarondera paya akazodiiko ndakatoona achisimudza maPegions wani tikati president vauya vatsva

Tickey 2 months ago

OUR ZIM, makamubira. Hamunyare here kuba nyika?

zanu ndizvo 2 months ago

vote for zanu
takaenda kuhondo isu vana vadiki hapana chavanoziva ava sanctions must go
kwete zvenyu zvekuda kuti nyika irambe ichitambura mnakwana vafana

SADC 2 months ago




Zimbabweans are not only driven by sanctions to go South Africa, but by many things. There is no democracy in Zimbabwe. There is no conducive Political space in our beloved Zimbabwe.

A good living example is that of Makomborero Haruziviishe who is suspected to have skipped the border to unnamed country. He ran away because he believes that he is not going to have a fair trial in Zimbabwe.

Police and Judiciary have been captured by ZANU PF machinery and they now perform at the whims of ZANU PF, forcing Zimbabweans to run away seeking better political space in neighboring countries.

Zimbabweans are running away because there is corruption, no rule of law and there are Human Rights violations.

Sanctions too are affecting Economic performance, but the ruling elites are taking advantage of sanctions and steal money from government coffers.



Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Yes please 2 months ago

Thank You President Ramaphosa for telling Biden to remove those sanctions against Zimbabwe.

Sixpence 2 months ago

@Yes please, kana Ramaphosa akahukura ari pamusoro peTable Mountain ZIDERA haibviswe kusvikira Zimbabwe yagadzirisa politics, human rights abuses electoral violence nekushungudza vanhu.

Machiavelli 2 months ago

Thank you @William for amplifying what I have trying drum into ZANOIDS all day today..

People are not running to South Africa to avoid sanctions. They are either political or economic refugees. The ZANU government latches on to the sanctions mantra as a scapegoat for their economic and ideological bankruptcy and corruption. They hide behind sanctions, which does not wash.

Only yesterday were we told that ED and his entire cabinet ate not on the British sanctions list. So why this hullabaloo about sanctions?

Surprised Onlooker 2 months ago

It's not sanction as such it's misrile the truth must be told Rams must not circumvert tell your friend the truth until sadc and au tell our leaders the truth Zimbabwe will not see peace and freedom💔💔🦾🦾

Southern African 2 months ago

Cyril is a puppet

Tkt says 2 months ago

The local Manufacturing Industry did not suffer as a result of human rights
They have nothing to do with that those guys. Nothing at all
Now what I mean is the Industry found it difficult to continue its operations under the trade bans placed on the country those are SANCTIONS wazvinzwa
Izvozvo hazvinei neZANU-PF Gvt kana ka1 hazvina link
Hazvinei neminda yaka torwa bamn,
Hazvinei nema mines aka vharwa mazvinzwa
It is all those that RAMAPHOSA is talking about kuti zvakuisa pressure munyika make
Lift the TRADE BANS, zvinhu zvifambe boe, why didn't the ZANU-PF Gvt be blamed prior to 2000?
Because all was flowing nice & easy buddy
We only had opposition in ZIMBABWE paka tanga kutaurwa nezve kuda kugoverwa minda so shut up #SANCTIONSmustGO

T.K.ZEE 2 months ago

You nailed it.

Me 2 months ago

I was never liberated by Zanu Pf .

Tyson 2 months ago

That's very true.Zanu Pf did not liberate Malawians but Zimbabweans.Kana Zimbabwe yaku remera uno dzokera kumusha kuMalawi.Simple

mtt 2 months ago

wozonzwa rimwe duzura richiti hakuna masanctions sanctions must go vote Strivw

mtt 2 months ago

wonzwa rimwe duzura richiti hakuna masanctions. sanctions must go vote Strive

Revelation 2 months ago

Ngavaise all the sanctions they want but Zimbabwe will make it to the top ,hegemony is now ending.

sanctions wacho 2 months ago

I am no going anywhere.

Mdala wethu 2 months ago

Kubvisa sanctions kubvisa zanu pf yese

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