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Queen Elizabeth II Burial: UK Embassy In Harare Closes On Monday 19 September 2022

Queen Elizabeth II Burial: UK Embassy In Harare Closes On Monday 19 September 2022

The UK Embassy in Harare has announced that its offices will be closed on the 19th of September and re-open on the 20th. In a notice seen by Pindula News, the embassy said:


The British Embassy will be closed on 19 September and will re-open on 20 September.

British Nationals in Zimbabwe needing urgent consular assistance can call +263 (242) 338809.

On Monday, the body of the late Queen Elizabeth II will begin its final journey in the morning as part of a grand state funeral – first to Westminster Abbey, for a religious service in front of a congregation of thousands, and then on to Windsor Castle for a more intimate committal service and, finally, a private burial.

Around 1645, the committal service will come to an end and the King and members of the Royal Family will leave the chapel.

At 1930 hrs, that evening, at a private family service, the Queen will be buried together with her late husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, at the King George VI memorial chapel, located inside St George’s Chapel.

Her marble slab will be engraved ELIZABETH II 1926-2022.

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Tkt says 4 months ago

"... the Queen will be buried together with her late husband,... "

Therefore, are you telling me that the late King 👑 had not been buried yet waiting for the 👸 Queen?
Aka mbofawo riini King wacho?

Cataz 4 months ago

Prince Phillip died last year and the body kept in a royal vault. So now they are going to be buried together

Tickey 4 months ago

@Tkt.... chirungu chakauya nengarava, chimwe chikadonhera mugungwa.

What the statement is trying to convey to you is that The Queen, Elizabeth II is going to be buried at the SAME PLACE as her husband not at the SAME TIME.

By the way her husband was not the King, but Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. The same way King Charles III's wife is not the Queen but Queen Consort.
Not that I expect you to know the difference

The Queen's Humble Servant
Tickey (Three Pence) or more colloquially known as Tuppence

Me 4 months ago

Tickey was two and half pence .It was the price of a bundle of vegs,Queen cake and chiponda moyo snd bus fare from chitungwiza to Salisbury a distance of 30km in the 70.

Tickey 4 months ago

@Me, that was AFTER matriculation. The original tickey (with the long middle spear) was half of sixpence (6p), which in turn was half of a shilling (12p), which in turn was half of a half-crown (25p), which in turn was half of a crown (50p), which in turn was half what became 10 shillings (half a Pound£).
Only after matriculation did a tickey become 2½p (with a short middle spear), etc.

So @Me, I am the Original Tickey, (3 pence)

Citizen raPep naChamisa 4 months ago

Kamuzaya kangu kane appointment yeWork Visa kuEmbassy kwenyu saka kachaita sei manje🙄🙄muno hamuchagarika akomana itai plan

Tickey 4 months ago

If you know, you know.
Hakuna visa application inoitwa face-to-face. It's all via FedEx @Citizen...


Black Rob 4 months ago

Witchcraft kuviga muchembere manheru

Mdala wethu 4 months ago

Ko weku representer dambudzo ku funeral ariko here

royal agent 4 months ago

can someone explain the difference between old queen and the new queen and also the difference between new king and old king interns of power authority and influence

Tintin 4 months ago

old queen... queen by blood...ruler of UK and many queen...queen consort...queen by marriage to a king by king...king by blood ...ruler of UK and many territories...old king...was not king...prince Philip...married to Queen Elizabeth 2...queen by blood.its all about royal blood.hope you understood.

anonymous 4 months ago

thanks.very helpful.

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