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Public's Indifference To Criminality Worry Police

Public's Indifference To Criminality Worry Police

Police Officer Commanding Bulawayo Province, Commissioner Patton Mbangwa says Bulawayo residents are not doing enough to assist the police in fighting crime.

In an interview with State media on Monday, Commissioner Mbangwa said residents have developed a culture of indifference to crime and in some cases, justify criminality. He said:

Our plea is that many members of the public assist the police if we are to win this war against criminals.

It is not a secret that these criminals stay among us. They are our friends, they are our children, they are our buddies.

However, someone out there is very much aware that so and so did this or that, and they keep it to themselves.

The fight against crime becomes difficult if the information isn’t shared.

If members of the public could come forth with whatever information that they think, and let it be given to the police then the police will sieve and determine whether the information can be of any value.

Then we can satisfactorily say we are fighting crime with the community.

Commissioner Mbangwa urged residents to forsake the culture of indifference and provide the police with information that will assist them to curb crime. He said:

Some of these offences occur in the full glare of some of us, but we just say it has nothing to do with me.

But tomorrow we aren’t sure that it will directly impact you.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank those who are working so much with the police, who are giving us information.

Most of the information that we are getting is positive. But there are some who don’t want to, and crime keeps going up.

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🤦 Snitch 1 week ago

the public won't do that as Chief is saying, because the public sometimes sees that as useless, for they are alot of inhouse dirty. That they themselves fail to release information about themselves.
let them start first releasing information about bad cops, those who take bribes believe you me the public will have confidence to do like wise.

Tateguru 1 week ago

The police has become enemies of the people. Police should be for the people and the people will trust them. Any survey will show that police officers are nor for but against the people.

Observer 1 week ago

Our police have become a disgrace.
They carry out their duties in a criminal manner and have no respect for citizens so people no longer have respect for the police.

Tee 1 week ago

Kuda Mahachi akazosungwa here?



Maparamuro 1 week ago

Police indifference is the real problem. Police see crimes being committed and turn a blind eye because they get bribes


bishu 1 week ago

its also difficult ethically to report a suspect given that cid mode of investigation is torture. one might have an innocent person subjected to horrendous torture. i know.

Anonymous 1 week ago

Whats the use of reporting when we already know that the criminals will bribe the police. Criminals can buy justice with money. Let the public mind their own business or else they will be the next victims of the criminals. After all, the real public have nothing in possesion havabirwi unless you are one of the looters. The criminals are doing some civil service of wealth distrubution. How else can we buy an iphone unless you purchase from them?

nipo 1 week ago

much of the offences happens in the full glare of the police and nothing happens.

Akuruma Nzeve Ndewako 1 week ago

The Byo Police chief z living in another planet. There is a thief in every family in this country from State House to the pauper sheltering in the streets. They are thieves officially domiciled at Zimbabwe State House and they are twins. Their mother caused commotion at a border post after being kindly requested that she cannot looting. The other thief was caught with gold & has the temerity to suggest that stealing should be legalized. And then chief the killers are housed at Samora Ave/Rotten Row. Go there u will see a beautiful edifice that looks like a Chibuku shake shake packet.

ZimStruggle 1 week ago

If we report that an opposition member is being abused, abducted or ill treated you ignore. What information do you want from the public when you have become partisan

Dr Hitachi 1 week ago

Mbangwa does nt know tht the majority of criminals are members of the police. Members of the public dont have faith in the police. He should clean his house first then talk about members of the public. If tht is not an option he should just shut up and wait for retirement

🤦 Snitch 1 week ago

you are on point there, I there they is a lot of bad guys inside than outside...

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