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PSMAS Speaks On Rejecting Own Medical Aid Cards

PSMAS Speaks On Rejecting Own Medical Aid Cards

The Premier Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) said that it is still accepting PSMAS Medical aid cards in its health facilities, contrary to claims made on social media.

Some disgruntled PSMAS members had taken to social media alleging that their medical aid cards were being rejected by PSMAS health facilities.

They also claimed that they were being requested to pay for services including admission in United States Dollars, with the amounts ranging from US$100 to US$250.00 depending on the service.

PSMAS Communications and Stakeholder Relations Manager, Paidamoyo Chipunza, told Health Times that they are still accepting PSMAS Medical aid cards but service providers may charge varying co-payments and shortfalls depending on the service. She said:

PSMAS is a medical aid fund, which pays for services rendered to its members by any service provider accepting its card, including PSMI.

We reimburse for the services using AHFoZ tariffs but service providers may charge varying co-payments and shortfalls depending on the cost of their services.

Chipunza said PSMAS is in talks with the government seeking to review their tariffs to ensure that members receive uninterrupted quality healthcare services. She said:

With regards to the sustainability of current monthly premiums, for the public sector, there are ongoing engagements with the Government for a subscription review, and there are positive indications that an agreement will be arrived at soon.

With regards to the private sector, reviews are done in response to both inflation and exchange rate movements from time to time.

In both instances, the Society’s desire is for members’ subscriptions to be commensurate with expected member benefits.

PSMAS members are currently paying a monthly amount subscription rate of US$10.00.

The government has been paying 80% (US$8.00) of the tariff for civil servants, while the civil servant has been paying the remaining 20% (US$2.00).

Meanwhile, PSMAS executives believe that the ideal subscriptions would be US$30 for the main plan, US$60 for the premier plan and US$90 for the prestige plan every month.

Civil servants earn their salaries in Zimbabwe dollars and charging subscriptions in foreign currency may hinder their chances of accessing quality healthcare services.

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gogodera 1 month ago


Makhobolondo 1 month ago

Psmas all along has been communicating all developments to her clients through SMS what has happened this time.

Adolfo 1 month ago

they want to repossess that little USD yo are getting, Wait and see all policies will be rejecting ama BOND NOTE

kakarot 1 month ago

you right about that, however PSMAS is running a business and in business you need profits not lose

Chiurai 1 month ago

Munoziva here kuti Board of directors vanomhanya chinhu ichi vanotabira marii

Wait 1 month ago

@ Chiurai hatizive tiudze ndimi vazivi

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