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PSL Speaks On Violence That Occurred During FC Platinum Vs Highlanders Match

PSL Speaks On Violence That Occurred During FC Platinum Vs Highlanders Match

The Castle Premier Soccer League (PSL) has said it is awaiting a report from the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) to institute disciplinary action following the violent scenes that marred the match between FC Platinum and Highlanders on Saturday.

The incident occurred when referee Kuzivakwamwari Jaravaza awarded the Zvishavane-based league championship holders a penalty in the 82nd minute, after Peter Muduwa was adjudged to have fouled Walter Musona in the box.

Highlanders players protested the decision and their fans responded by invading the pitch targeting one of the assistant referees.

Police details were quickly deployed and fired teargas to disperse the crowd.ย 

The battles continued outside the ground, while the players and officials sought refuge in the dressing rooms.

The match commissioner was then forced to end the game before full-time.

In a statement, the PSL said it is waiting to receive a report on the issue from the ZRP. The statement reads:

The Premier Soccer League has received match reports from FC Platinum and Highlanders FC following incidents of crowd trouble that occurred during a Castle Lager PSL match on 23 April 2022 at Mandava Stadium.

We are currently awaiting a report from the Zimbabwe Republic Police before commencing disciplinary procedures.

The PSL is concerned about acts of violence and hooliganism in football and is currently engaging all relevant stakeholders to find a lasting solution.

We urge clubs to engage their supporters to refrain from breaching PSL Rules and Regulations to ensure safety at football matches. Fans should be aware that the refereeโ€™s decision is final. Encroaching onto the pitch before, during and after a match is an offence that results in a serious punishment for clubs.

While we do not condone violence, we would like to note that we have received numerous complaints regarding the performance of match officials at PSL matches and we implore the ZIFA Referees Committee to seriously look into the matter.

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Bosso 2ย weeks ago

No matter the comments
iBosso yi Bosso

bango 2ย weeks ago

it's painfully psl please act fast on this issue ngoba this shows the unprofessionalism for our referee

mariot 3ย weeks ago

what do you expect if we referees are not being paid enough we do what we want

๐Ÿšฉ 3ย weeks ago

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MuGrade 2 2ย weeks ago


Joker 3ย weeks ago

Chokwadi ichocho Daudi,mabharanzi chaiwo.Mukore uno,ngobhare abatshaya uthuvi lerekeni

Daudi 3ย weeks ago

MaBosso supporters vakangofanana nemaZulu eku SA no brain at all,nxaaa


Kesty 3ย weeks ago

Bosso should be relegated, I will speak with the SRC boss.

Chawabvunza 3ย weeks ago

PSL has announced that it had received reports from Platinum FC and Highlanders Football Club. They went on to say they are now awaiting ZR Police report. However, in order to investigate effectively, the referee and the match Commissioner must also submit reports. Highlanders Football Club shall not avoid sanctions because no matter what happens supporters must not invade the pitch. Soccer laws say clubs must refrain their supporters and if supporters misbehave the club shall be held responsible. It doesn't end there. If the referee is found to have contributed to the chaos,by poor officiating, he will also be punished.


Muungwe De first 3ย weeks ago

@The Boy taura hako wangu some people still have primitive brain, evading the pitch these days kusara chaiko>

The Boy Who Saw ๐Ÿ›ธ UFOs 3ย weeks ago

We're still far from development cz if people have time to invade pitches trying to beat up referees....... In this Era, am personally heartbroken

Bossolona 3ย weeks ago

Usangene wena masaka

Bvanyangu 3ย weeks ago

psl should simply come out clean.
the business of blaming referees is a tired excuse for violence. teams with violent fans are well known. tougher decisions have to be made on such teams, including suspension or banning the teams altogether.
bhora harifi kana nhubu dzabva.

ngorima mushava 3ย weeks ago

PSL should make public the state of officiating in the country, these refrees are killing the game it doesn't make sense for us fans to go to stadiums and watch pre_determined games. Iam not saying violence is okay ,it's not good for our football irregardless of which teams fans cause chaos because the man in the middle decides otherwise.
The refree of that day and his assistant decided to tarnish what was a good game between 2 teams who wre displaying good football.
I think refrees are abusing the term "the refrees decision is final"

Kanda 3ย weeks ago

well said team are known for their violent tendencies they should taste their own medicine

Cash-Talker 3ย weeks ago

The referee's decision is final as long as it is the right decision. However some referees take advantage of that and make dubious decisions which results in the abandonment of matches. To them it will be a PLUS bcoz their mission will be accomplished. No wonder why our referees can't make it to any major competitions. Rubbish **********

ngorima mushava 3ย weeks ago

poor officiating...

Mqo 3ย weeks ago


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