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PSC To Replace Absentee Teachers

PSC To Replace Absentee Teachers

The Public Service Commission (PSC) said teachers who are refusing to return to work will be replaced without the option of re-engagement in future.

This comes after the PSC gave the teachers an ultimatum to report for duty by 22 February 2022 or face dismissal.

Speaking to NewsDay yesterday, PSC chairperson Jonathan Wutawunashe said teachers who are absent from work should have a valid and verifiable reason to do so. He said:

Those teachers who signal that they are no longer willing to work, naturally, have to be replaced as quickly as possible in the interests of schoolchildren.

A teacher, who is absent from work, needs to give a valid and verifiable reason for unavoidable absence, failing which the regulations provide procedures for disciplinary measures, which include dismissal.

Urgent recruitment, where there are no teachers, will be done in accordance with established recruitment procedures.

The PSC said it would replace the striking teachers with unemployed trained educators or college graduates.

Primary and Secondary Education spokesperson Taungana Ndoro on Tuesday said that the majority of teachers reported for duty fearing dismissal.

The majority of teachers and school heads boycotted classes when schools reopened for the 2022 first term on 7 February citing incapacitation.

The Government offered civil servants a 20% salary offer, with part of their Zimbabwe dollar salaries equivalent to US$100, paid in hard cash.

Teachers, who constitute the greater proportion of the civil service, insist the offer is not good enough and are pushing for the restoration of their pre-October 2018 US$540 salary.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe Teachers Association (ZIMTA) president Richard Gundane reiterated the union’s call for its members to report for work.

Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) president Obert Masaraure said the unity among teachers has been broken by the Government’s use of deceit and threats.

Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) secretary-general Raymond Majongwe castigated some teachers’ unions for their “complicity in incapacitating teachers.”

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Shawn 2 months ago

Speaking to NewsDay yesterday, PSC chairperson Jonathan Wutawunashe said teachers who are absent from work should have a valid and verifiable reason to do so. He said: handiti kutoti tiwedzereiwo Mari itori valid reason

Mudzidzisi 2 months ago

Valid and true my brother

Cobra King. 2 months ago

I will teach according to what you offer

Zimunya Mbereka 2 months ago

Zvinonzwisa tsitsi teacher vekwaGutu but don't worry toita plan , taneta nayo Zanu iyi nxaa

Zimunya Mbereka 2 months ago

Zvinonzwisa tsitsi teacher vekwaGutu but don't worry come 2023 tinoita plan,taneta nayo Zanu iyi nxaaaa

FoolishDougie 2 months ago


HE.E D Mnangagwa
PSC chair Hungwe

I write this letter, on the 21st of February 2022, representing parents of school going kids and all parents in Zimbabwe. I do have nothing with the teachers' plea. As parents we are worried with the future if our kids.

This war between teacher and the the Public service commission needs your attention as soon as possible. You are the president of this country and you need to act like one.

You never even said anything to the public about the teachers s on going strike or incapacitation , as they are calling it. You went to Epworth and to Marondera to address parents whose kids are not going to school and you never cared even to mention that the teacher problem will be sorted. Instead you talked about the future problems and their solutions leaving a very serious issue which needs the government intervention. Talked about future minerals and future ports, and going to China on feet. Please let's look into the teachers s problem. They have a genuine concern. And for your own information, the teacher s concern is now becoming a parent problem, and also it's a concern of all the civil servants. In short this problem on poor salary for teachers is an inclusive issue affecting all Zimbabweans at large. Only you and your cabinet are not affected.

As parents we have paid school fees, transported kids to boarding schools, bought a lot of stuffs for the kid and bought stationery and uniforms, expecting our kids to be in schools learning. It's now two weeks going to the third week and you don't have an answer to the teacher or to Zimbabweans s problem. When CCC and Pedzisai Ruhanya are saying ED HAS NO PLAN, they mean it. You seem not to be have anything to offer. Sometimes I wonder if you are the same ED who come from SA promising good living to Zimbabweans. I think you changed, you now have criminal around you or what. You are not walking along your first speech as the Zanu pf leader. Can you retrieve this first speech and get some time to listen to it. Yes that's the President we want. That's the ED we want.

Can prove Ruhanya and CCC wrong and surprise all this week and let our kids start going to school.

Or may be your people are not telling you the truth. The truth is school were opened but nothing is going own for two weeks ,. Only covid transmission , from kid to kids ,is happening at schools not transmission of knowledge from teacher to kids. This is the truth . And teacher are not backing up . This time they mean business and they are not afraid of the owl s horns.

As I said above , the same parents you are sweet talking to vote for you are the same parents whose kids are either sleeping at home or sleeping at boarding school not learning. Think about it. I will not think for you and I will not think for the parents.

The same soldier , nurses, police officers, doctors, commanders, Amy generals, prison guards you bank on,are the same people whose kids are not schooling. Another meat to fry for you. I will not fry it for you or for the Zimbabweans.

The kids are the future of the country, the leaders tomorrow, the ministers for tomorrow and we need to take care of them. Yes your kids might not be in this same problem but can you feel for you poor ZIMBABWEANS kids.

I hope , you will get this letter and please action it.

Parent with kids at heart.



😻😻😻😻 2 months ago

Ko idzi dzakato kapasiteta idzo dziri Mu Office but Teacher pa Giraundi with zero PPE
Sham on you Sure PSC
Pay Shoma Company 🦁

Do that 2 months ago

Saka Ma Onion enyu Aya has failed the Teachers
Stop contribution to these Rotten Unions as I say before Onions

ngorima mushava 2 months ago

if you feel kuti the job is not paying you enough just resign n go elsewhere ,kune vamwe varikutodawo mabasa vasati vatombotambira Shoma iyoyo

Ginious 2 months ago

Ya pple should exit those useless unions.there are total failures.

Mudzidzisi wekwa Gutu 2 months ago

Tiripo hedu pabasa ku Hwiru

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