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Proton Bakers Opens New Depot

Proton Bakers Opens New Depot

Proton Bakers opened a new depot located at Prospect Industrial Park in Harare last Friday as it continues to expand its market share and customer experience.

The family-owned bakery, which is headquartered in Marondera, provide a wide range of products including bread, confectionery, cookies and sponge cake mix.

Proton Bakers managing director, Gerry Tselentis, expressed gratitude to employees for the growth of the business. Said Tselentis:

The success that we have had would not have been possible without a team Proton effort.

I would like to thank everyone involved for remaining focused over the years and as they say the proof is in the pudding.

Over time we have progressed and had success during the years and I would like to ask all workers to continue to be focused, disciplined, respectful and have integrity and that is the Proton culture.

These three words form the cornerstone of this company.

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Chabvongonga 2 months ago

Proton ndochingwa chete zvimwe zvese zvimodho

Mostafa 2 months ago

true to that.

Zaza 2 months ago



Armed Robber 2 months ago

Lizavula lize livale futhi okungama depot kwenyu lokhu nxaa

Tkt 2 months ago


the Tselentis Family heirs of John Tselentis and are Indians

BaMihy 2 months ago

Greeks bro,ndogarq bavo

Bright 2 months ago

Gadzira yenyu company ka muone ndopamuchaona kti zvine basa nenyika

Blowjob 2 months ago

Which family owns the Business? I hope they aren't white

Crowne 2 months ago

They are Greek

tafman 2 months ago

zvinhu zvsina basa kwatiri senyika....

Yvt 2 months ago

@tafman unoti hazvina basa kwatiri senyika ??, stop parading your ignorance and lack if brain . Zvzvaita izvi 1. Its a source of employment 2. The gvt tax base has increased, 3.kune ma positive ripple effects from all this

Bright 2 months ago

Itai yenyu kambani muone ka ndopamunozo ziva kti zvine basa nenyika

CID Zimbabwe 2 months ago

We can't afford to buy bread we are poor . Are they giving Vacancies

Two Boy 2 months ago

Yes, they are. Just apply and they will respond positively. But, prepare to WORK HARDER. Many workers are complaining akuti pajeri.

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