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"Prospective CCC MPs Or Councillors Aren't Doing Their Work" - Chin'ono

Freelance journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has challenged opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) prospective MPs and councillors to do more to mobilise the electorate ahead of the 2023 elections. 

Chin’ono bemoaned the relaxation of the opposition party amid reports that since the last election, only 109 405 have registered to vote despite the fact that about 2 million youths turned 18 between 2018 and 2022. He said on Twitter: 

The truth is that @CCCZimbabwe prospective MPs and Councilors are doing very little to motivate the youths. Serious politicians reach the youths via Tik-Tok, but non of our lot is there. They don’t care because they are targeting urban areas where they are guaranteed to win.

They will win these urban seats and wards but with small margins affecting the Presidential vote. But for most of them they don’t care because parliament is a job, and not service. If @nelsonchamisa doesn’t do something drastic, he will lose because of his team’s failure!

@CCCZimbabwe should be a citizen movement which throws away the “…we were there when it started…” nonsense which has crept into CCC from the old MDC. We are not fighting for useless candidates to replace a group of useless ZANUPF MPs & councilors. Zimbabwe needs REAL CHANGE

We are not interested in photographs of prospective MPs and Councilors in communities, we want to see the numbers of registered voters going up. @HHichilema didn’t post pictures at all, we saw the registered voters going up and we knew that it meant change was coming to Zed! 

Any prospective or current MP or Councilor who doesn’t want to hear this truth is not only USELESS, but as bad as ZANUPF. Citizens should not babysit old people and be afraid to call them out! We are fighting for a better Zimbabwe & not to help people to the feeding trough!

While CCC targets 6 million votes and ZANU PF is targeting 5 million, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) reported that just over 5.8 million Zimbabweans had registered to vote as of 10 June 2022, an increase from 5.6 million in April. 

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Fari 4 weeks ago


Puluzuzu 4 weeks ago

Hopewell Chin'ono would make a good CCC Official. He is more hardworking than most of the interim CCC leaders. But to be honest, how can the CCC have prospective candidates when it doesn't even have a prospective constitution & even prospective structures? How are the prospective candidates going to be selected? The candidates will be selected by who? Using what criteria or what rules? Currently candidates are selected by Chamisa through his decree based on do I know you, do I like you?. The reason why CCC has inactive & incompetent MPs is - you just have to be friends with Chamisa to get imposed as a candidate. You just put Chamisa's face on your poster & you win. You dont have to work or to campaign at all. The same lazy & incompetent people are the ones refusing to have a constitution & new structures. They are the ones misadvising Chamisa that he will be infiltrated, when its only fear of new people & new things. They just want to preserve their careers & their jobs, so they block new people by calling them infiltrators & CIO's.

Yoweeeeee 4 weeks ago

U nailed it Hopewell. We will vote for u & in the New Republic we will vote u out. This time we will not tolerate lazy, corrupt and indecent behavior remniscent of the Zanu Pf thugs. Any traits that are akin to Zanuism will not be accepted. Ende mukafunga kuti hamubve seZanu tokubvisayi. In fact u will serve that is if u perform only 5 yrs after that we will need new faces

Abc 4 weeks ago

In mkoba chibaya has been MP for over 20 years alongside Biti in Harare and these guys have done nothing to develop their areas but they know that people will still vote for them because they hate zanu mu town .

dispenser 4 weeks ago

Do not forget Biti is not supposed to take money to develop e community wc he represents.It is up to yu to understand that there is this animal called sabotage #zanu gvt. The reason bz most opposition legislatures are advocating for devolution. The money of tax payers is taken by this rotten gvt to sponsor shameless trips and functions

dispenser 4 weeks ago

In this regard I mean personal income to sponsor council activities

CHIMOMBE 4 weeks ago

Taurayi nezve CCC Zanu inopinda papi . Chokwadi ndechekuti CCC Is a Society of Biti Nero Sakhala na Zvizvayi vamwe kungoteverawo Wakamboonepi burial society using Contintion kkkk CCC musangano wemajangano ekusakura

Mr Politician 4 weeks ago

toura hako woti hanzi unomiririrwa neHwende anozivei uya aaaah munhu anoda zvekurwa muParliarment audzwa chokwadi naMliswa kuti wakadzingwa waba mari akuda kutyisidzira Mliswa akaudzwa kuti nyarara hapana zvaunondiita waita mwana muduku kkkk wot ngaite minister Chamisa usatambe nesu

Da Truth 4 weeks ago

@🐐 sorry Chimombe 🐮We need our CCC chero ukatiii Toda kuwona Majembere ako iwayo RTGS goons .Change ndoyodiwa tozochinja futi kana vatadza


Chamhamha 4 weeks ago

Ndozvandomudira Hope he doesn't sugar kot ma****dho

🙄 4 weeks ago

Haiwawooo even vechidiki vacho are to blame...Neither CCC nor ZEC is to be blamed. Vechidiki vazhinji know they are supposed to go and register to vote but havasi kuenda. A lot of Hopewell's very followers are foreign based and do not vote at all. Ngaaite check iye ka kuti maFB fans ake mazhinji aripi.

ZANUPF itori bho if people don't go to register. Vanhu tisu problem especially young people.

I wish CCC could win but we are headed for a mighty disappointment. Even pasina kana rigging kkkkk

Ghetto Youth 4 weeks ago

Honestly speaking there is nothing inspiring about team Chamisa. There is no depth in the party.
So Hwende the Mbwende could be our next Defence Minister🤡🤡🤡
We do not look forward to voting for clowns.

Mr Politician 4 weeks ago

sory that was GNU( Government of National Unity) ukaziva mean wapedza so don't mention Biti only cz he was nt working alone even the ZANU PF members were included so don't compare what you did with someone compare wat you did alone zvenyu zvekut heee Biti akanakisa nyika hapana apo aive nevaaishanda navo sometimes he was given advices from ZANU PF members bt u didn't know that

Logical Nonsense 4 weeks ago

All you need to know is that prospective youth voters are not convinced about the need to register and vote so they are keepin away.

Da Truth 4 weeks ago

If u think politicians are imported like shrimps then it's high time to visit Ngomahuru hospital Masvingo .Hwende eats sadza ,drinks water just like Opah .So chinomutadzisa chiii ndosaka makaita makore kwandiriyoni muchiti haaa vamugabe mu office haaaa cremora gushungo haaaaaaa tovhotera pa cremora ipapo . You think Zanupf scarecrows are fro another Galaxy .Regandikuudze rakatiza izvozvi ku Zanupf ndosaka richiita noise pano . Zanupf touziva left and right ungatiudza chiii ?Kana Biti akaita minister of finance muno tikaspakwa me dollar waivepi Burning kasiii anyone can .Chinotimba aripo wani ,genarari havagoni kunyora wani ASI ndi VP wani muzenda ,ndoumwe ,akaita VP wani .Ugare muno nguva zhinji usagara ku Somalia kwaunenenge uri nguva zhinji


While I agree with freelance journalist Hopewell Chin'ono that prospective MPs and Councillors must work hard to make sure that youths register as voters, I disagree with @Abc who disparage Advocate Tendai Biti and Chibaya who he says they have done nothing in the last 20 years they have been Members of Parliament.

Members of Parliament do not work in their constituencies only, but work in Parliament too during debates. Just listen how lively Honorable Advocate Biti has made our Parliament. My thanks go to all CCC Members of Parliament for debating lively in the August house.

Let me go back to freelance journalist Hopewell Chin'ono's advice that prospective MPs and Councillors must work extra mile to be sure most youths register to vote so that we can change ZANU PF status quo. ZANU PF must go. We can only send ZANU PF to the cleaners if we vote massively at the Harmonised Elections in 2023.




Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Chahototo 4 weeks ago

CCC cult secret society haina kurongeka. Hopewell ari pabasa uyo, he is an asset of the CIA, what he is telling you is coming straight from the US State Department, put your house in order or else we will cease all funding. Last week in was Chan giving advise on behalf of the British now it's Hopewell on behalf of the Americans.

2023 ED Pfeeeeee🇿🇼✊✊✊

Da Truth 4 weeks ago

and u on behalf of vanamadyabwa Chinese zhong chahototo.


ini chero Nero Akanyepa achti mvura ichabuda nepa pipe yangu I will vote for him. l need a new lier

dispenser 4 weeks ago

it's better to called puppet of America or Britain ,than a president who does not know what he want. last time akaita news dzokuti ndasekererwa na Borris Johnson.


hapana zvemunhu. ini ndakasimudza maoko. handioni Zanu BC

Whose Party is this🤗🤔 🤔 4 weeks ago

The pool of prospective MPs and Councillors comes from the structures. Long serving are no longer wanted so why should they bother themselves with voter registrations.
New prospective voters are on their own.

Tipeiwo ma serious 4 weeks ago

Does the CCC party itself know who the prospective MPs and Councillors are?
Based on what criteria?

Sca/Scar/Scarf 4 weeks ago

You always say the right thing my partner William Sonboy Chinembiri/Chawabvunza or The Bush Lawyer.

[Let's vote CCC for real change]

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 4 weeks ago

Leaders in any party shouldn't fight for positions if they have same agenda.

Zimbabwe can never be the same again coz squabble for positions is a sign for no Nation at heart, in real life one should rejoice and restore when a member gets a party position. not to form another party hayibooh bomkhaya ngokwani 😂

Captain Jack Sparrow 4 weeks ago

Truth be told the youths of today wants nothing to do with anything associated with elections all they want is their drugs have a good time and die,sad but it is the earnest truth...Zanu gave them drugs(mutoriro) now they are addicted ,take a stroll in the ghetto and you will see many insane youths...thumbs up Zanu you do whatever it takes to win an election kkkkkk

Mukadota 4 weeks ago

Hopewell is too much of a genius

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