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"Proper" Number Of A-Level Subjects And Subject Combinations - A Discussion

The debate over the “proper” number of subjects and subject combinations that students should take has been sparked by students scoring more than 15 points (3 As) at the Advanced Level (A-Level).

In a previous article, Pindula News stated that some analysts believe it is not necessary to take more than the standard three subjects, while others contend that adding extra subjects gives students more options than those who adhere to the customary three.

Some say the recommended number of subjects at A-Level is 3-4, adding that the best number should depend on the student’s abilities and goals.

Participants of the radio show “Mhuri YeZimbabwe,” which was hosted by Chivandika and sponsored by Success Network Africa, emphasised the need for career counselling. Listen to the audio below for more:

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Teacher 1 week ago

Zimsec should just set a limit to protect the credibility of our Education system

analyst 1 week ago

4 should be the max for those who are able to take them up.

anonymous 1 week ago

l second you othryz taking 10 subjects is not necessary considering my fact it only 3 best r usually required

Sorojena 6 days ago

Indeed, it's not necessary to burden your child with so many subjects at O and A level. Some of those subjects are even related if not the same and Employers count them as one.. The minimum O level requirement is 5 Os for A levels is three connected Subjects, I say connected subjects because it's the combination that is required in further studies.. Without that combo you are just as good as some O level chaps across the street.

Siyoyo 1 week ago

if there is a maximum number of subjects to take so why that it was allowed to take more than expected, there is nothing to debate. only what is needed is to congratulate that guy for a marvelous performance, he's the first to reach that level and nobody is expected to second him

Sorojena 6 days ago

It's just like marrying 10 wives yet you can be satisfied by one. Anywhere it's one's life.

dzingai Barnabas Mutumbuka 1 week ago

as the first minister of education in Zimbabwe I can see that the problem started when the ministry was minced into primary and psychomotor higher education and so forth
we need one education ministry and not this mincemeat scenario comrades

Pk 1 week ago

Zimsec kkkkk, inopasika, inoLeaker-leaker, ndeyemuZim bedzi, marovha eZimsec adarika vasina kupasa, chero ane 3points unongoinda kuVarsity 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Sir Makina 1 week ago

Uribenzi. My brother went to Harvard University with zimsec yaukutozaiza. Soo many Zimbabweans working in China, Europe and America with zimsec yamunotarisira pasi. Your comments on this platform won't make any difference. Zimsec is recognised worldwide. Hama dxangu. Mungasvore henyu asi chero zvikadii tinongoenda munoshanda kunze kwemakungwa neZimsec iyoyo inoleaker. Vans vedu vakazara Kuma University ekunze doing wonders. Even Kwavari kushandisa Zimbabweans are sought after because of their hard work capabilities and great minds. Nenyaya yehu**** hwako hauna 5 o levels including maths wosvora. Wakasara hama yangu

Chimboti Pizza 1 week ago

Kana iwewe wakatadza kusimudza 5 subjects hazvireve kuti munhu wese haagone

Siyoyo 1 week ago

those who are saying that guy passed the exams because they, (exams) licked you are crazy, if so why others didn't get 50 points or even 30 points

1 week ago

It's supposed to be 'leaked' @Siyoyo not 'licked'


Tadiwa Mavetera Number 1 week ago


Tadiwa Mavetera Number 1 week ago


Tadiwa 1 week ago

WhatsApp me Guys, i need social friends, education makes social life appear dull you know.

**** 1 week ago

@SIR MAKINA,,,,usatinyepera wakaenda Harvard yekupi tsek

Sir Makina 1 week ago

Hautogone kuverenga. Pure form of illiteracy. I said my brother went to Harvard not me. Then we see you complaining about ZIMSEC yet you can't read what's on your phone. Or is it broken?

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