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"Proof Of A Double Voter Who Will Vote In Both Mbizo & Kwekwe Central"

Team Pachedu, an opposition political activism online group, has posted a document which according to them is proof that there are individuals who were registered twice in the voters’ roll. Said Team Pachedu:

Last week, we expressed concern over the unusual influx of voters from Mbizo into Kwekwe Central. The similarities below are statistically improbable and only points to the fact that this is a double voter who will vote in both Mbizo & Kwekwe Central.

Firstname BEST FRANK
Surname HOMELA
ID Number 58-305541Δ 68
Sex Male
Date of Birth 28/06/1997
01/12/2020 Serial Number 297901122008…..
Polling Station Kwekwe B Primary School
Ward 13
Local Authority Kwekwe Municipality
Constituency Kwekwe Central
District Kwekwe


Firstname BEST FRANK
Surname HOMERA
ID Number 58-305541 Δ66
Sex Male
Date of Birth 28/06/1997
29/11/2017 Serial Number 232829111717….
Polling Station Section 6 Towerlight Tent
Ward 3
Local Authority Kwekwe Municipality
Constituency Mbizo
District Kwekwe

This comes a few weeks after exiled former cabinet minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo, raised eyebrows over the voters’ registration blitz being conducted by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC).

He was quoted by Pindula News as expressing concern over the possibility that the ZEC’s Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) system allowed multiple voter registration as claimed by ZEC chair, Justice Priscilla Chigumba recently.

The former ZANU PF legislator for Tsholotsho said “it is unacceptable that ZEC is unable to detect and stop multiple registrations instantly, when a registered voter tries to register, again.” He added:

After the 2017 coup, China’s Laxton Group, which had supplied BVR kits & designed a matching de-duplication server to detect & block multiple voter registration, lost the de-duplication tender to a US company IPPSIDY, whose system is incompatible with Laxton Group’s design!

He said ZEC, resultantly, literally uses flash sticks to capture BVR data before inputting it to the IPPSIDY server for de-duplication and storage; hence its delay and unreliability.

Moyo echoed ZEC and said there was ample evidence that some Civic Society Organisations (CSOs) were sponsoring some if not all of the multiple voter registration adding “The blanket denials by CSOs are false and dishonest!” 

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