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Prominent Karoi Farmer, Garry Hobbs, Evicted

Prominent Karoi Farmer, Garry Hobbs, Evicted

A prominent white farmer in Karoi, Mashonaland West Province has been evicted from his farm by the Government to pave way for the occupation of the land by an unidentified senior ZANU PF official.

The farmer, Garry Hobbs, has an offer letter from the Lands Ministry and reported a source as saying he was initially spared his land at the onset of land reform in the year 2000 after he voluntarily surrendered a portion of his farm.

But on Thursday, Hobbs and his family woke up to a team from the Sheriff’s Office accompanied by armed police officers to enforce the eviction order.

Tractors and other farm machinery were removed from Hobbs’ property while a removal truck was ready to ferry the farmer’s household furniture.

Hobbs’ predicament shows that President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Government’s cannot guarantee property rights and the “Zimbabwe is open for business” mantra is insincere. Said a source:

He surrendered a big part of the farm in 2000 on his own free will, but now ZANU PF wants the rest of the farm. This is really sad. What is Mnangagwa and his government doing?”

The government is allowing property rights to be trampled upon willy-nilly to appease those in power and those with connections.

Which investor can come to Zimbabwe when we have serious farmers being dispossessed of their land in such sad circumstances?

Hobbs was initially served an eviction order in November last year and the eviction notice was delivered on 30 March this year.

Watch the video below:


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Gundwane Ndiweni 8 months ago

Yazi leyi yimdidi yabantu nje.

Chapwititi Kestombela 8 months ago

All they know is possess, loot and move to the next productive farm to repeat the cycle. 2023 will shock you when the youthful guy enters 1 Chancellor Avenue

Zman 8 months ago

Mxm kotakambonyanyotadzeiko kuti mwari vangotisiyao tichikanga waya munyika yevakatipa ivo? Kushungurudzwa nesyndicate yematsotsi nyika yese pasina chekutombozviita futi

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