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Private Medical Doctors Threaten To Turn Away Patients On Medical Aid

Private Medical Doctors Threaten To Turn Away Patients On Medical Aid

Private medical doctors have threatened to turn away patients on medical aid until they have been paid for their services.

Medical and Dental Private Practitioners of Zimbabwe Association president Johannes Marisa yesterday said members of his association were struggling to finance their operations as some medical societies were delaying payments or not paying at all. He said:

There are general delays in the reimbursement of our funds after sending claims to these medical societies. There are also some medical aid societies that don’t even pay, and you wonder how they get their operating licences when they don’t pay health covers.

For those that pay, they would find some excuses and pay you meagre amounts that are just stipends instead of paying amounts that benefit us as well.  Very soon, we will tell the medical aid societies that we won’t accept medical aid cards if this is not corrected on time. We are now left with no option except to reject medical aid cards, and this will happen soon.

He accused some medical aid societies of being arrogant.

Marisa added that they intended to meet soon as private medical players to discuss the matter and many other challenges the sector is facing.

He said private medical practitioners were charging co-payments in foreign currency to ensure they remained viable and sustained their operations.

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Chiwenga 3 months ago


ngana 3 months ago

if they can turn away those that have medical aid, kuzoti vasina 😰

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