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Priest Accused Of Poisoning Headmaster At A Workshop

Priest Accused Of Poisoning Headmaster At A Workshop

A priest at St Paul’s Musami High School in Murewa, Mashonaland East Province, appeared in court on Tuesday facing allegations of poisoning the school headmaster.

Ugenio Phiri allegedly laced Richard Hlombe’s tea cup with an unknown substance during a tea break while they were attending a workshop in Harare.

Phiri, who is charged with assault, appeared at the Harare Magistrates Court before magistrate Munashe Chibanda. He denied the charge.

Allegations are that on 1 March 2022, Hlombe, Phiri and others were attending an educational workshop at Msasa Training Bureau.

Prosecutor Tinos Masimba further alleged that while they were queueing to have breakfast at 10 AM at the Msasa Training Bureau campus restaurant, Phiri started distributing cups to other workshop attendees.

A number of guests including Hlombe received a cup from Phiri before they went on to serve themselves.

Hlombe is said to have taken the tea but shortly afterwards, he started having stomach pain.

It is alleged that Hlombe’s situation worsened and decided to seek medication after suspecting food poisoning.

Medical tests were conducted and the medical test results showed that the level of cyanide in his body was increasing.

Hlombe told the court that Phiri had been fighting him because he has problems with a non-Catholic person heading the school.

However, Phiri denied the allegations and said he was never in possession of any form of poison which would have enabled him to commit the alleged crime.

Phiri claimed that Hlombe raised the allegations in an attempt to pre-empt some serious administrative issues that he raised against him.

Phiri is expected to be back in court on 27 September for the continuation of the trial. | The Herald

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Bounty Hunter 4 months ago


chikiti.. musavengana 4 months ago

mu pirisita here vakomana kkkk

Lafa 4 months ago

Ma Pastor edu ayooo ko vanotevera vacho vakutouya negonzo mchrch

Vatican City 4 months ago

When they are faced with a raft of misdemeanors these headmasters lay unfounded allegations. This Hlombe of yours is not sincere and the truth will out.

Surprised Onlooker 4 months ago

This Hlombe of yours the truth will out kkkkkkkkk

bemba 4 months ago

this extent of evilness is unbelievable!!

Surprised Onlooker 4 months ago

Mumachurch ndimomazara varoyi zve imi we have lost so many pastors through food poison vanhu vachivanda seri kwebhaibheri you can't believe it yangova nyaya yezvigaro chete kuda kudya hapachina zvokunamata hatingataura mazita adzo church dzapedzana kkkkkkkkk III what idya pese pese unoenda.

Mary Mucham.ama 4 months ago

Ndaimbopinda zayoja asi ndakarega musi wakaisirwa elder poison nenyaya yevamwe vanh vaida hukuru
Zvinhu izvi zvakaitika kwamurewa

CHAWABVUNZA 4 months ago

Evidence against the priest is very scanty. He may not be found not guilty of poisoning the headmaster.

Kopo 4 months ago

Priest ndeve party ipi first

Jb 4 months ago



Tkt says 4 months ago

@Kopo... Obvious ndeve ccc bcoz ndiyo ino tsigirwa nemaRoma

Mukanyapazvese 4 months ago

Uyu Hlombe ikamba chaiyo ndakatombonetsana naye nenyaya yexul fees yaaiti hainakubadharwa oye akatoidya kare nxaa

unonyepa 4 months ago

since when dd xul head start receives fees,arent fees go thru banks or xul bursaers

Nimrod 4 months ago

Kana Administration ye chikoro yadai, ndoinonzi chaos. Even on the ground am sure there are tell tell signs of this disharmony. One of these 2 antagonists should be transferred yesterday,if possible

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