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Price Of Bread Hiked, Again

Price Of Bread Hiked, Again

One of the country’s largest break manufacturers, Baker’s Inn, has hiked the wholesale price of bread to ZWL$559.60 per loaf. Bread will likely be retailed for at least ZWL$600 per loaf.

A leaked invoice dated 4 June 2022 signed by a Baker’s Inn salesperson shows that the wholesale price of a loaf of superior brown bread is now ZWL$559.60.

Prices of basic grocery items and services have been changing on a weekly basis over the past few months in response to the depreciating Zimbabwe dollar.

In April, Industry and Commerce Deputy Minister, Raj Modi, said the Russia-Ukraine war has caused a rise in global fuel prices, a development that affects production lines, not only in Zimbabwe but across the whole world.

Modi made the remarks soon after the Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe (GMAZ) announced a 52 per cent and 31 per cent increase for mealie-meal and flour respectively. He said:

The justification for the increase is well known by everyone, it’s because of the war (Ukraine-Russia war).

The price of fuel, which is the lifeline for any production chain in any industry went up.

To import and transport any raw materials you need fuel.

It’s not only in Zimbabwe that food prices have gone up. It’s the world over.

However, if there was no war, we would not be talking of price increases.

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Owen 3 weeks ago

kkkkk hapana kwatiri kuenda sure

putin 3 weeks ago

demand yechingwa ma1 nguva yechando rovai mbambaira bhoo zvekuti

ummm 3 weeks ago

today sadza

city 3 weeks ago


Gafa 3 weeks ago

Hapeno vanga vachichidya isu takachitadza kare tiripo pamabasa anopiwa ma rtgs

Tateguru 3 weeks ago

Tazvijaira izvi. Tinorarama nenyasha dzaMwari.
Nyange dai chadziswa kuenda pa80 US cents, kudhura.
So ngavakwidze kusvika pavanoda 3 weeks ago



Babes 3 weeks ago

Yah its tense.

Ginious 3 weeks ago

Ngapinde hake Chamisa

Mugabe 3 weeks ago

Chimodho ndozvoooooooo

Kid 7 3 weeks ago

Using official rate the price of a loaf of bread is now us$2

Jongwe 3 weeks ago


bvanyangu 3 weeks ago

have a loaf of bread per day kikikikikiki

.... 3 weeks ago

iyoooo tyt

😖😖 3 weeks ago

chakudyiwa nevane mari chingwa chiya. only vakatengesa ma toes avo

, 3 weeks ago


Tio4 3 weeks ago

And you will hear someone saying the economy is improving nxaaa , anzi we have a surplus the zim dollar is appreciating kkkkk. This means the price of bread will be around us$ 1.30

passion 3 weeks ago

ma1 aya

Purse 3 weeks ago

Hamusati matii kusvika matiii

Blambi Huru 3 weeks ago

Tichati baba nemuridzo nhaka

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