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"Prevalence Of Childbirth Injuries Very High In Zimbabwe" - Gynaecologist

Zimbabwe has a high prevalence rate of obstetric fistula with about 30 women suffering from the medical complication seeking assistance each day.

Obstetric fistula which is regarded as one of the most serious and tragic injuries that are caused by prolonged, obstructed labour without access to timely, high-quality medical treatment is a hole between the birth canal and bladder and/or rectum.

It leaves women leaking urine, faeces or both without control and as a result, leads to medical complications with infection occurring easily.

Takura Kanonge, a local gynaecologist said Manicaland province had a prevalence rate of about 31.8% followed by Harare Metropolitan province with an estimate of 17, 5%.

He made the remarks on the sidelines of a stakeholders’ dialogue hosted by Amnesty International Zimbabwe in conjunction with Women and Law in Southern Africa.

Speaking to NewsDay, Kanonga said only one out of 50 women with the condition manages to get medical attention due to a failing health system. He said:

Unfortunately estimates are difficult to get in Zimbabwe because we have not done prevalence studies but what I can say is when we go on radio and television, we call out for women with fistula. We tend to have several, about 30 women who are calling in a day for help.

Of all the camps we conducted,  we tend to have more women than we can accommodate at the camp. It shows this problem is prevalent.

There are some groups of people in Zimbabwe who do not want to deliver babies at medical institutions.

Most of them are members of apostolic sect churches. Several women and girls have died at church shrines while giving birth.

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strings 1 month ago

let us educate the ignorant apostolic sect members about the goodness of medical facilities nekuti madzimai eko mazhinji angaparare achizvara

mupostori 1 month ago

madzimai edu anobatsirwa ne mweya kuzvara. Kuma apostolic sects infant motarlity is very low as compared to clinics and hospitals

Mmm guys 1 month ago

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xyz 1 month ago

"Several" women have died whilst giving birth at shrines....One isolated yesteryear case, blown out of proportion. "Many" non apostolic women have died whilst/ soon after giving birth at hospitals. Check records at the nearest clinic or ask funeral parlors. Pindula, chokwadi nyaya vanombopindura!!

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