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Presidential Rural Development Scheme To Create 840 000 Jobs - Minister Masuka

Presidential Rural Development Scheme To Create 840 000 Jobs - Minister Masuka

The Presidential Rural Development Scheme will generate employment for 840 000 people in the rural areas, Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development Minister Anxious Masuka has said.

The programme was launched by President Emmerson Mnangagwa last week on Wednesday at Sekusile-Makorokoro Nutrition Garden in Jinjika Village, Mangwe District, Matabeleland South.

The scheme seeks to transform horticulture through increased access to potable drinking water to 10 million people living in rural areas.

Speaking on the sidelines of the launch of the Presidential Rural Development Scheme, Masuka said:

When the project is in full swing 700 000 villagers will be employed daily throughout the country in addition to the 140 000 youths who will be employed directly. There will be many services associated with this programme.

This is an exciting phase in the transformation of our country and the rural economy as we create source businesses.

We are also going to employ 35 000 youths to manage the schemes under this programme in the next two years as we roll out this programme.

Under the Presidential Rural Development Scheme, each of the country’s 25 000 villages in communal areas and 9 000 villages in resettlement areas will get a borehole among other things. Added Masuka:

Each village will have a village borehole with safe drinking water which will also become an economic enabler to enable the village to engage in meaningful horticulture.

We are currently focusing on communal areas for now so that no one and no place is left behind.

Masuka also said the Presidential Rural Development Scheme will create agro-based rural industries. He said:

It will also create ward-based agro-businesses and school-based agricultural entrepreneurship. We are also saying rural agricultural development will lead to rural industrialisation, which will spur rural development.

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Zimbo 5 months ago

Mnangagwa has an obsession with big numbers.😂😂😅 Even if it means losing the credibility of his words he doesn't give a damn

Jonh Wick 5 months ago


S 5 months ago

Yes not everyone can be a farmer. Vamwe Havana misha yacho. Madii mativhurira ma Industries. Basa rekudya mari dze donation mega. Mvurai ma industries mhani.

Kanda 5 months ago

There are millions of unemployed graduates these toenda kumusha kumagarden how can we migrate from urban to rural Card R.G Mugabe said the truth when he was toppled . He said vese vasingashandi muchaenda kumusha and it's happening started on the first lockdown all those who went to the rural areas never returned

Ini zvangu 5 months ago

Handidi nemashoko angu🙊

Mr ndhlumbi 5 months ago

Itai mushe vhurai ma industries we can't b all farmers


Chogu fire03°^∆ 5 months ago

Haiwawo taneta nazvooo izvoo hatisisiri vana vadiki vanonyaradzwa nema sweets asipoo ....

African 5 months ago

Ngano idzo

Tk 5 months ago

I have the right to remain silent

Gogodera 5 months ago


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