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Presidential Borehole Drilling Scheme Launched In Chitungwiza

Presidential Borehole Drilling Scheme Launched In Chitungwiza

The Presidential Borehole Drilling scheme has been set in motion, with Chitungwiza being the first beneficiary of the initiative aimed at eradicating the perennial water challenges.

The Presidential Borehole Drilling scheme was initiated by the Zimbabwe Youth Presidential Support Organization (ZYPSO).

Chitungwiza, located 9km south of Harare city, has been experiencing acute water and sewer challenges in the last two decades owing to the collapse of an efficient reticulation system in the opposition-led urban council.

The repercussions have weighed heavily on residents and other ratepayers. ZBC News quotes one elderly resident as saying:

We had become so accustomed to recycling and reusing dirty water, we have tap water once a week and having water at the local borehole was a challenge due to politics. For the past 15 years, water has been a challenge and as an elderly person, I couldn’t get access and ended up buying a 20-litre bucket of water for US$1, I had no option.

Tempter Paul Tungwarara, President of the Zimbabwe Youth Presidential Support Organisation said:

We are going to all areas in Harare so all people can have access to water, what we are doing is, drill a borehole, put a solar system and put taps, we are moving away from bush pumps system and putting modern systems so that everyone gets access to the water.

ZANU PF St Mary’s Candidate, Nobert Jinjika said at least 20 boreholes are scheduled to be drilled in the dormitory town and they will be used by all residents despite one’s political orientation.

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Zifodya 2 months ago

Ukaona munu achivotera munu ari pa ma sanction kusakwana

Future Knowledge 2 months ago

ED doesn't need to campaign anymore because people are more concerned with evidence than promises. Years in powerful govt positions plus 4 years as president are all enough evidence. His worry now should be about the safety of all his illgotten wealth and which country he is going to flee to when judgement day arrives

Msaigwa 2 months ago

Bho**** mutown here amana ka! ko ruzevha toisei manje

apostle Lennox 2 months ago

here in Chitown atina basa nezvavar kuita ana Mupurwa tikuda mkomana

2 months ago

c 2 months ago

Why Chitungwiza first,Panganai Gava ,or Java must be in it ngaadzoke hake,

Venom 2 months ago

It will not work apa kunyepa hanzi 20l of water $ 1 usd kupi ikoko


🐂 2 months ago

Zanu pf inokundiwa kufunga nemombe dzangu

Cde Mvura 2 months ago

Buying your votes with borehole water! Borehole! Not even tap? And to think water is a basic human right. Sad. Kwakaoma kugara kuChitungwiza ummm

Also why did it take them 15 years to do this? What have they done on the previous elections if they couldn't provide access to basic needs like water?

Bright 2 months ago

Ummm bucket remvura dollar ummm kupi ikoko iii

Mai Ngange 2 months ago

ED muka ubike doro ...haaa ko vari kucampainer kumaruzevha vozodii ...icho chakamboita mvura isabuda mutape chii varume ava vanoona vanhu sevasingafunge nhai ...aaaah kujairira vanhu mvura mumadam irimo presidential borehole drilling pfeee imika ...Mukomana ngaapinde hake ... CCC for governance

Mai Ngange 2 months ago

🚮🚮🚮 uku ndiko kunonzi zanu pf muka ubike doro ...vapererwa varume ava zvaigonekea na Bob not vana Ed nhaka vanhu vachachererwa pamasewer ... borehole this era of science n technology chereo ....munhu asingafungi izvi zvanyanya varume ...Ian Smith arikuseka ari muguva chokwadi aaaah zanu ngaichienda

nhamoinesu 2 months ago

Walk the talk . . we are tired of empty promises

Yvt 2 months ago

Zvatakutodzokera kuma 1930's Ian Smith is turning in his grave. Ma borehole iwayo atori contaminated ne sewage. Instead of saying Chitungwiza yakuvakirwa its own water treatment plant pa Harava Dam ndopamuri ku celebrator borehole !!!!!. Mazvikoniwa izvi imbopai vamwe mikana muzorore.

Charlie Charlie. 2 months ago

Cheap zanu politics..ministers of local govt and finance deny the local authorities funding for water treatment chemicals and repair on purpose and for a political blame elected officials for incompetence..well..its the GOVT which at end of day is Grossly Incompetent!!!!

#NHM 2 months ago

White city Stadium was turned into yellow stadium kkkkkk☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️

SANDO HURU 2 months ago

@pindula asi tiri kutadza maSpelling here pamunotirisira ma**** isu tagara tirivagoni. Hatichakutembei bwaa

trumpet 2 months ago

First it was ma bus labelled as Zupco. Then came ma outdated train coaches as Zupco. . Saka ED anoona kunge vangu avaone nekufunga.

SANDO HURU 2 months ago

Ana **** bwaaaa - nxaaa. Handei kuRussia

Mama Bee 2 months ago

Nhaka toita mhasuru nezvibhorani gore rino🤣🤣🤣🤣

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

Ukachera chibhorani nhasi party yako inotoshaya kuti koo nguva yese waivepi 😂
When campaigning you talk of what you have been doing not what your wish, Politics is the art of telling lies before Y2K. citizens nowadays are a step ahead and some did political science.
remember we say most Zimbabweans are learned meaning they won't listen to those who lie...

Ginious 2 months ago

That's Good bt akacherwa last year rakadhakwazve 20buckets a day.We need tape water tigezewo neshower.

Bright 2 months ago

Kuno kuchitungwiza zanu kuhwinha inenge ine lucky iyi

Nelson Chamisa Mbooro 2 months ago

Taura hako @Bright. We don't get fooled nema borehole. Even if they give us tap water from now till next year March, i will vote Chamisa. Nothing changes that. Ngaapinde hake mkomana
Ndakatomisa Mbooro

Zvimbazi 2 months ago

Haitohwinhe Never in a million years

Jenarari 2 months ago

Conveniently timed to coincide with by-election

Bravo 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

But I doubt it will win us any votes

It wiru weki
It wiru not weki

Murozvi 2 months ago

Why is it that every project has a president surname. Boreholes. Agriculture etc

🙄 2 months ago

Bvunza hako iwe. Kkkkkkk.

JC Form IV 2 months ago

Vakadziidziswa naMuzorewa kuti chinhu chese chinofanirwa kuita surname eg. Zimbabwe-Rhodesia.

Zvino kana maNickname avo ane surname- ED Shweeee, ....

Nelson Chamisa Mbooro 2 months ago

Vakomana!😂 Hatidi ma borehole, tikuda mvura inobuda pa tep. Borehole ndere kuma rural area!
Do you know, a person born after2009 and stays in Chitungwiza, chances are high haa sati ambogeza shower? ...then you say ko painobuda anongogeza kaa?...ndobva ndakuudza kuti painobuda oacho it usually has insufficient pressure kuti i bude mu shower 🚿..

Ini zii hangu

PS: Kuchera borehole is negative development, if there is such a thing. Mukuti dzorera kumas**** mbwaa dze Zanu

Zvimbazi 2 months ago

Shower futi kkkk. Cant get

Nelson Chamisa Mbooro 2 months ago

Yoo Pindula....i can't say "kumashuure"🤣

Mhofu 2 months ago

Zvibhorani mukore uno here amana varungu vakasiya zvika vhura ichibuda papombi kwete tsime dzamukuchera mutown idzi

Zvimbazi 2 months ago

Borehole ku roots please . We have taps here in Chitown , Why can't you just pump water , isnt that easy and cheap than drilling boreholes wasting State Money

Pindula please once again Please please Zanu chinyadzi

𝔼𝕣𝕚𝕔 2 months ago

Contaminated water . Water underground gets contaminated frm sewer leakages always . This is another cholera invite wait n see

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