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President Ruto Tells United Nations Zim Sanctions Must Go

President Ruto Tells United Nations Zim Sanctions Must Go

Newly elected Kenyan President William Ruto made his debut address to the United Nations General Assembly as a head of state on Wednesday.

Ruto made his presentation at the UNGA days after arriving from London where he attended the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

In his address, Ruto called for the removal of the unilateral sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe and Cuba by Western powers saying they undermine the sovereignty of the targetted countries and also worsen the suffering of millions of innocent people. He said:

There might never be a more opportune time to revisit the practice of unilateral coercive actions, which often violate fundamental tenets of a rule-based international order, such as those imposed on Zimbabwe and Cuba.

Apart from undermining the sovereign equality of nations, they also indiscriminately punish the general citizenry, reserving their bitterest sting for innocent hustlers and the vulnerable. This compounds injustice and worsens suffering.

Ruto also called for urgent action to deal with challenges facing mankind such as climate change, the global food crisis, terrorism, cybercrime, and armed conflict.

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Steven Chidhumo 1 week ago

Ma supporters eCCC who celebrated Ruto come here. Odinga was and is still the only president who has the people of Kenya and Zimbabwe at heart. Izvi zvana Ruto nana ED dzangova nharo

Constable 1 week ago

These leaders who are saying sanctions on Zimbabwe must go are partly but they are misinformed about the sanctions imposed on general Zimbabweans and the people who imposed them. Ruto and other blind leaders should be told that sanctions Zimbabweans face include but not limited to, currency crisis, governance crisis, unavailability of basic portable water, unavailability of reliable energy in every home, unavailability of jobs, old people not retiring from jobs particularly in the Government and other strategic industries, land barons, one TV station since independence in the name of zbc, national broadcasting radio stations being run or controlled by gvt and it's institutions, labeling CCC and chamisa as terrorists, ZanuPF being the biggest sanction.. I could go on and on but these are the sanctions which general Zimbabweans are facing. It's true to say sanctions must go

Machiavelli 1 week ago

Yes, @Sanctions must go. The question is WHY?

Sanctions must go 1 week ago

Multilateral Financing Restrictions ZIDERA Sec 4 (c)
1) Gives USA delegates to WB, IMF etc veto powers on any Zimbabwe financial deals.
2) makes it difficult for local banks to have relationships with international banks

Machiavelli 1 week ago

@Sanctions must go, please read ZIDERA before you spew your land reform propaganda

Sanctions must go 1 week ago

Zimbabwe was sanctioned after the land reform exercise.Zvimwe zvese zvakazoedherwa with time.
The issue has always been land question

MuPfungwe Chaiye 1 week ago

Well said 👏👏👏👏

Victoria Leeds 1 week ago

Waiting for both ZanuPF and ccc supporters to come up with their opinions. What an interesting story

Machiavelli 1 week ago

Let me disabuse you about sanctions. There are two types of sanctions:-

1. UN sponsored sanctions in which the United Nations takes a front bench role. Such were sanctions against Smith after UDI and against South Africa in protest against Apartheid.

2. There are bilateral sanctions such as espoused in ZIDERA , EU & British sanctions. Simply put these are sanctions imposed between two nations. It is like someone saying to you "Because you do ABC, which I don't like or don't agree with, therefore I shall not be friends with you". These are the sanctions that Zimbabwean companies and individuals are labouring under.

USA is saying because you cheat in your elections, you trample on your people's rights you abuse the rule of law, we shall not support your case when you want money from IMF and The World Bank. Until you correct those things forget about getting money from WB and IMF

The British say, Tagwireyi and Billy Rautenbach, etc you are corrupt so we don't want you in our country and you cannot deal with our banks. Simple and straightforward.

What the hell is wrong with that?

Illegal Sanctions 1 week ago

ZIDERA is obviously legal in USA but not universally.UN is about bringing world order thats why member States respect its decisions.
Some lunatics here have been talking about UN supervising Zim elections: that requires a UN resolution.But again countries like China n Russia will obviously veto that.
The USA unilaterally declared sanctions without reference to the UN because they new China and Russia would vote against it.

Machiavelli 1 week ago

The ubiquitous use of "illegal" is nauseating. If the USA government democratic as it is passes its law, ZIDERA being one, it becomes legal.

ILLEGAL in whose book of law?
The UN, AU, & SADC Zdo not pass country specific laws. And each country in the world is sovereign to pass it's own laws. And whatever law is passed in each country becomes legit.

You cannot say because the United Nations has not authorized sanctions, therefore those laws are illegal. Thay is fallacious propaganda

Illegal Sanctions 1 week ago

The issue is very simple, its the principle: SADC and AU cannot support illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe.Thats why African Presidents are saying the same thing: sanctions must go.Dont mistake this for an endorsement of whats happening in the country.

cde Chipopi 1 week ago

Playing a dictatorial stance against the most powerful countries in the world does not work at all. Munenge muchida mbiri yekuti tinovaudza at the expense ye hupenyu hwe vanhu munyika, vachitambura heavy bcoz it's now more than 20 years muchingoti sanctions must go but zvinhu zvichitoita worse. Ndedze kutonyengerera nyika idzi! Ndosaka tichikuudzai mazuva ese kuti chito itai Iri Look West policy chaiyo. Kwete zvenyu zviya zvekutuka ma British ne USA asi vanhu venyu vachiita marombe. Even hondo chaiyo mutungamiri ane njere haarwise army yaanoona kuti Iri too powerful kudarika yake, kungourayisa vanhu mahara ikoko.

The King of Serpents 1 week ago

Very true. As long as we continue looking East, hapana chinobuda.

Mdala wethu 1 week ago

Ma African leaders ngavatange vaudza mnangagwa kuti abvumidze ma opposition parties kuita ma rally kwete kungoti sanctions on zimbabwe must go,,ngavazive kuti zano chainogona kusunga vanhu ve opposition chete vamwe varikuba ma 15 million havana chavari kuitwa

Chimboti Pizza 1 week ago

@Mafirakureva, kana uchifunga kuti mukomana achatonga nyika ineyi then hauna kungwara. ZANU ichatonga kusvika tese tafa

Mafirakureva 1 week ago

@Chomodho, there is a third option which you cannot fathom.

Get rid of ZANU, sanctions will fall away, democracy and a good economy will then follow as a matter of course. That is what 2023 will do for Zimbabwe.

Chimboti Pizza 1 week ago

@Mafirakureva, masanctions ane 20 years aripo but ZANU haimire kuita zvemahuman rights abuses. Saka iwewe fungawo wega kuti ndezvipi zviri nani kuita economy yakanaka isina democracy or kushaya zvese democracy negood economy. You only have these 2 options, learn or perish

Mafirakureva 1 week ago

That is the most irritating hogwash I have ever heard. Does the AU & SADC have laws that bind sovereign states? NO. They have codes of behaviour but not binding laws. That is why even the SADC court in Namibia is toothless, because each country has the right to accede or cecede

Legalize your Sanctions 1 week ago

Very few people seem to understand why SADC, AU will never support USA sanctions on Zimbabwe. And its not because they support or endorse what is happening in Zimbabwe. Nomatter how reasonable the sanctions appear, they were not authorized by the UN so THEY ARE ILLEGAL.
SADC and the AU cannot endorse illegal sanctions.

Mafirakureva 1 week ago

@Chimodho, what @Mdala wethu is talking about is the root cause of sanctions. You can't talk of just removing sanctions without understanding why the sanctions were imposed in the first place.

Address the causes if sanctions so that you have a case for removing the sanctions. PERIOD

Chimboti Pizza 1 week ago

@Mdala wethu musarase nyaya, zvehutsinye hweZANU imwewo problem yedu senyika but nhasi tikuda kumbodealer neyemasanctions anotorwadza kupfuura ZANU yacho.

Chimboti Pizza 1 week ago

William Ruto is right, I have always said Zim sanctions must go because the sanctions are very illogical and they are hurting the same people (ordinary citizens) they are supposed to protect. Masanctions haana kumbosiyana nekuisa mhiripiri pachironda uchiti ndinoda kuti chipore

Chimboti Pizza 1 week ago

@@Chimboti, manje hupfu haushote mumba maED nekuda kwemasanctions, anokuvara ndimi maordinary citizens. Saka usapusiswe zvakadaro, in the end ED and his allies will live a comfortable life asi iwewe uchakaura nemahuman rights abuses eZANU plus masanctions. Learn or perish

@Chimboti 1 week ago

Yes, sanctions must go.
But for sanctions to go, remove the causes of sanctions. They go hand in hand.

Zviri kwauri kuti uise mhiripiri pachironda kana kuti uise betadine nebandage. Zvino ZANU iri kutishaisa bandage rekuisa pachironda, iri kuti Isaiah mhiripiri vana veZimbabwe.


Machiavelli 1 week ago

I am tired of these empty vessels shouting about removing sanctions. Nzeve dzaakungwinya nekunzwa this chorus.

My penny worth of advice is those who want sanctions removed, let them remove the sanctions. if you don't have the power to remove the sanctions then shut up because you are useless.

Megaphone diplomacy has never worked and will never work. Tge best you can do is to engage those that imposed sanctions, sit down with them hear their side, give your side of the story and come to an understanding. Failing which please belt up.

Sorojena 1 week ago

Sanction rinobvisva nevene vayo....Its very easy to remove sanctions if the govt has political will....simple reforms are the key.

Job Sikhala 1 week ago

iwe mwana wepfambi vharaka nzeve dzacho kana usingadi kuzvinzwa ungaite sekt uri kumanikidzwa mwana wembwa

Zvazvanga zvingori 1 week ago

Russia,Cuba,DPRK are all under sanctions, why are they not complaining,it's just plain lies.If we as a country begin to identify with countries who do you think from this illogical arrangement, obviously from the four countries I mentioned, Russia ,DPRK and Cuba will benefit more from us at our expense.Its as good as kutsvaga ndimba kuti rinokurovera munhu akakurova, obviously rinotanga rakudya hapana zvatiri kuutirwa apa

Professor Gire 1 week ago

Kkkkkk asi you have a Sanctions complaints desk in your sitting room and up to now you have not received any complaints.
There is plenty of literature on USA sanctions on Cuba. Read, read, read.

Leave a comment 1 week ago

There are conditions set for the removal of sanctions.Hazvitombobetsere kuimba song iyi.Pasina mareforms sanctions will stay in place .imbai zvenyu

Leave a comment 1 week ago

Reforms Reforms and Reforms then sanctions will be lifted as soon as yesterday..Some don't understand why there are sanctions in the first place..Its been a long time since these so called African zimfriendly leaders sang the same song which seem to have no audience..Hit the nail on the head kwete kurova mupini makaviga imbwa..

Tintin 1 week ago

Ruto is hiding behind Zimbabwe...he is deflecting from the stolen election in Kenya.

Munhu waShe 1 week ago

Mwari ngatinzwirengoni Hapana arikukwanisa kuudza hurumende chokwadi zvirikuita kuti titambure .Zanu yauraya nyika

Illegal Sanctions 1 week ago

First things first: The USA sanctions on Zimbabwe are unilateral and illegal.That is why SADC, AU will never support them.
USA cannot police Zimbabwe.There are various explanations on why the sanctions were imposed by the overriding fact is that they are illegal.

5 1 week ago

Pane chakatanga kuitika before sanctions were introduced, saka chakatanga ichocho ngachitange chaenda masanctions ozoendawo in a logical manner not the other way round

Sanctions are Illegal 1 week ago

The USA needs a UN resolution for AU and SADC to support the sanctions.

Skalazi International 1 week ago

The British and the Americans have embassies in here. They see,read and hear of all the misdemeanors of Zanu thugs. They watch with abated breath as Zanu arrests selectively. They go to the courts and c opposition activists in leg irons and thieves like Wadyajena walking as if they are on a red carpet to receive the Oscar award. They spot thugs chasing CCC supporters in Gokwe. They notice all sorts of shenanigans by the evil Zanu party. The uneven playing field,the captured Judiciary,the looting ministers,the real blabbermouth Chris Mutsvangwa,the terrorist Chiwenga amputating Mary and threatening doctors and nurses. Teachers being chased all day long. And then we have Ruto harping hogwash to an an enlightened audience of white men. When u bring back the buttocks of farmer Steve Olds then Zidera will be removed. As long as this ungodly Zanu Pf is on power we will be wailing and gnashing our teeth.

Tintin 1 week ago

ruto is hiding behind Zimbabwe...he is deflecting from the stolen election in Kenya.

Mdala wethu 1 week ago

To Us who want sanctions to be removed, I think tika bvisa zanu sanction rinobviswawo as long as zanu iripo we continue suffering nekunoitwa ma kwere kwere ku South africa

Sparta 1 week ago

Kkk zvine ma stages zimbabweans are failing to remove Zanu and ZANU is failing kuti ma sanctions abviswe

... iwe neni tine basa

Land Land Land 1 week ago

Landed Zim into sanctions period

Tt 1 week ago

Watogadzirisa Kenya here ruto woti takarasima nemasanctions eZim isu varidzi takanyarara

#Bhora_Musango 1 week ago

Where were you when they were writing the Bible?waifana kungopiwa kaBHUKU kako so utiyambutse Jerusarema😂

zviito 1 week ago

kuvapo kana kusavapo asi chanfoziva ndechekuti iwe neni ticharamba tichimamaldo.apa vacho varikutonga vachitonga ,vana vavo vachidzidza mhiri vakarwara voenda mhiri isu tichimamaldo.vanoti hakuna nevanoti ariko tose tiri musame boat ****ldo chete.nzara haina kuti unoda zanu here kana ccc inobanzaura tese zvenyu zvetuchirungu tusida basa pano hazvibatsire izvo ****ldo chete

zviito 1 week ago

kuvapo kana kusavapo asi chanfoziva ndechekuti iwe neni ticharamba tichimamaldo.apa vacho varikutonga vachitonga ,vana vavo vachidzidza mhiri vakarwara voenda mhiri isu tichimamaldo.vanoti hakuna nevanoti ariko tose tiri musame boat ****ldo chete.nzara haina kuti unoda zanu here kana ccc inobanzaura tese zvenyu zvetuchirungu tusida basa pano hazvibatsire izvo ****ldo chete

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