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"President Mnangagwa Was Anointed And Installed By God"

President of the Indigenous Churches of Africa (CICA), Bishop John Doriro said that President Emmerson Mnangagwa was anointed and installed by God and the church should therefore desist from inciting people against the ZANU PF-led government.

Speaking at the recent hand-over of registration and practising certificates to Bishop Tarisai Chibango of the Johanni Masowe Chishanu Jerusalem Bethsaida Apostolic Church, Bishop Doriro said:

The church should offer a sense of orientation and a spiritual home to ordinary people, not incite them against a Government that was installed by God.

God is the one who anointed President Mnangagwa to the throne and He will protect and give him wisdom against such evil machinations.

Since assuming power in 2017, the Second Republic’s developmental efforts have had a wide reach, and in that case, the church should be a valuable partner, not a detractor.

Government has played a crucial role in the independence of this country, the reason behind the church’s freedom of worship.

This was not the case during the colonial era as black people were not allowed to lead churches in preference of missionaries who were whites.

Bishop Doriro added that the Mnangagwa administration is neither intolerant nor corrupt. He said:

As we march towards the 2023 harmonised elections, there is concerted propaganda to portray our Government as intolerant, corrupt and abusing human rights.

The idea being to instigate hostile nations to maintain illegal economic sanctions that have caused untold suffering to the poor.

The church should not partake in such evil deeds and instead support the Government of the day for the Bible, which is our Constitution, directs us to do so.

He also implored churches to support the government in fighting child marriages, sexual abuse and gender-based violence.

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louise 3 weeks ago

Is this church or politics? vakamira papi ava vanhu shuwa, lord pliz make a way🙏

Machiavelli 3 weeks ago

Then the God of Chibango is Jenarari.
We all know that ED (not Egypt Dzinemunenzva) was anointed and installed by Gouveia Muputukezi. This is sacrilegious to call an army general God.

Handizi John Chibadura 3 weeks ago

Recently there been a trend towards bootlicking in Zimbabwe. Its coming in different ways (political, religious and economic ways). The worst part is it goes against logical reasoning. How can you praise someone who everyone is clearly disgruntled over. Making ed a demi god simply because they want certain favours from him. Why are church leaders siding with certain political parties??

Sometimes i think in zim we are now mentally defeated by this zanu pf party. People dont want to vote. Some dont want even to register. People just can't see the light at the end of the tunnel.

P.s Non believer or not - no political leader is annointed by god. They come through votes.

Bossolona 3 weeks ago

Which God, lisho unkulunkulu wamapostori🤷🏽‍♂️

Observer 3 weeks ago

Aye, God should be tired of kunyeperwa/ukuqanjelwa Amanda. The anointed of God are seen by their behavior, for our leaders in Zim they were annointed by the devil . A whole church leader, supposedly announced by God bootlicking like this!

🗣️ Voiceless🇿🇼 3 weeks ago

Bishop please was the coup planned by God?, in what way was God involved in all that.
If you see church involved more into politics just know that,it is nolonger using pulpits to preach on but bulotboxes as pulpits.

Church should not engage deep in politics we can pray for peace in the nation and God wisdom upon the leaders.
Not to utter such statements musharowa neshamu imi bafundisi.

chokwadi 3 weeks ago

imboitai zvechurch imi bishop


Gwedu 3 weeks ago

Hakuna bishop vakadaro, ro mb e

false church leaders 3 weeks ago

musanyepere Mwari imi ne partisan politics dzenyu.when church marries with state it becomes apostate church and the state is a beast.the true church Will not unite with the beastly state never.kunamatira vatungamiri is not the same nekubatana navo never has been, never now, and never will.

Mr Politician 3 weeks ago

vanhu veCCC moda zvichinzi Chamisa installed by God ahazi mbavha hre Chamisa anemba kusouth Africa iri worth more than 2million akaiwanepi mari yacho n hapana donation yakaitwa ahana kubasa kwaakaenda during the tym of GNU ndipo paakavaka imba iyoyo

Zuze naZuze 3 weeks ago

Akaba here mari iyoyo yaakatengesa imba?

Selby 3 weeks ago

@Politician pese unongo commenter zvaunge uchitaura zvinongooneka kuti chikoro chishoma.Why kuzvidzikisira.Comment zvaunoziva hazvisungisi kunyarara pausikuziva

Majority Rule 3 weeks ago

Bishop vanodya nhiyo dzemuchurch,those who got it,got it.Trying to protect his hunting ground

Maparamuro 3 weeks ago

What kind of a God is this who annoints a murderer and a rapist huh?

citizen 1 week ago

mwari haite zvemachurch akadai

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