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President Mnangagwa Transfers Minister Davis Marapira

President Mnangagwa Transfers Minister Davis Marapira

President Emerson Mnangagwa has transferred Mr Davis Marapira, the Minister of State in the Office of the President and Cabinet in charge of Monitoring the Implementation of Special Agricultural and Related Programmes, to the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development. Pindula News presents a statement issued by Misheck Sibanda which announces the development:


His Excellency, the President has in terms of Section 104 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe of 2013 transferred the Minister of State in the Office of the President and Cabinet in charge of Monitoring the Implementation of Special Agricultural and Related Programmes, Honourable Davis Marapira, to the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development to be responsible for Agricultural Colleges, Water Resources and Irrigation Development, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.

He will report to Honourable Minister, Dr. Anxious J. Masuka.

The appointment is with immediate effect.

Marapira is the Member of Parliament for Masvingo North Constituency.

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Smith spokesperson 2 days ago

All those industries and rail roads that you see were developed during Smith regime under sanctions. uyu wamoti ED hapana chozikanwa kungovetenga ma speech apo voice racho hatina kana hi president kukati full of blood. corruption iri tiii vana vechikoro public schools mitoriro yoga, salary Kuma teacher Deng, health zero saka akuitize grader and caterpillar buys kuchera nyika kurangira development pa****u. Anofunga kuti vanhu anodya plastic roads idzodzo here haiwa Smith was far much better zvikaramba zvakadai takuitengesa nyika iyi

Joe Brownn 2 days ago

It's a demotion, the minister has been demoted.

SC 2 days ago

Transfer window is now open😂

Tkt 2 days ago

@Chawabvunza.... May you simply understand that a Transfer is a Transfer. SIMPLE
ko uchadei chimwe

putin 2 days ago

then we wonder kkkkkkkkkk

Tateguru 3 days ago

I think it is a noble decision by His Excellency

Yoweeeeee 2 days ago

@Tateguru 2 wrong words noble & Excellence. Not synonymous with ED. Asi dai ari Ian Douglas Smith.


dispenser 3 days ago

To the one called zvimbazi .This is my letter to yu in that everyone sin . Regardless I'm not scolding , blaming , shouting , neither rebuking yu .In this world there is a lot of sin . Even those who were chosen by God they failed him in their travelling in praying a construction of their God .My wish or desire is to hear yu a repenting somebody . Everyone is a sinner and have failed in a way or the other.God is the mighty who have mercy .I'm not condemning yu fr instance there are people who are being used to commit crimes out of ignorance . Taking for example Jumble ,he was used to murder Ali out of maybe 5,6,7,or 10 pints .It's very unfortunate that lack of wisdom is the reason we behave in that order. sometimes a foolish man sees pleasure in ****ic activities at the benefit of greediness by selfish calibres .Now whatever crime which cld be haunting yu ,pray to God he forgives he is the might of mercy . even Moses committed a crime, Paul! just to mention a few. No one can stop God 's time and the liberation comes through God fearing people

Billy 3 days ago

I dont see the differents

Chawabvunza 3 days ago

This transfer is not understandable. Is it a lateral transfer ? Is it a promotional transfer or Minister Davis Marapira has been demoted ?




jonso 3 days ago

Egypt was better

Zimuto ,Masvingo 3 days ago

U marapira ur now planing to come kunoku kuzokuvadzisa vanhu nezvimabhora zvakonzvisina basa wakaisa mari yawakapiwa kuti ugadzirise tara that was supposed to done wy back naMudhenge ,sinze 2018 the only thing yu have done for as people who voted for yu kuuya chiita zvezvimas seeds .my guy kaa usatamba nebrain dzevanhu ndarwadziwa ndikabatika fani nekuonauchitotaurwa nezvako yet uridanda zvaronriingazive kwaobva pauchayeuka bako unenge wanaiwa watch my wrd .this coming elections yu will know who we are as citizenz ,

masvingo north 3 days ago

hatineyi naye marapira uyu haana kana zvaarikuita kuno kwedu kumasvingo North chaanoziva kuuyisa twuhuku twusingakure achinyepera vanhu after maelections obva aenda oti nyaa ,trikukuziva iwe marapira this time hulume kana uchitemba nevanhu vembugwe ukunyepa .you are such a useless minister kumasvingo ur the same as mudhenge muribarabishi zvidhanana zvevanhu

ikezvino mudhenge akafa akazadha zvinhu zvekuzvipatara magejo,mahara,evrything that was meant to used with people who voted for him,zvako naed wenyu zvezvipost zvenyu we dont even care uuye uchida kuuraya zvimombe uchiudxa vanhu twupolitics kwekumashanga this time u better watch out my friend


Fortune Muchuchuti 3 days ago

Perhaps what the story should also clarify, is the ' why' part and what the transfer implies; is it a promotion or a demotion, such information .

Dezveko 3 days ago

haaa inini adizive kuti zvataurirwei izvi.Maybe Blue anozviwisisa.

Mkanya 3 days ago

So he is a deputy minister kkkkk. A useless post. Hazvishande this ministry is poorly run Shiri was much better.

Anonymous 3 days ago

Haa isu tarwadziwa, Smith was better

Mkanya 3 days ago

Compare a teacher or nurse salary during rhodesia and today versus cost of living uone arinani

Mkanya 3 days ago

Smith was better than Ed. At least Smith was protecting his kith and kin the whites not this Ed guy bizz looting, corruption

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