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President Mnangagwa Speaks On University Fee Increase And Loans

President Mnangagwa Speaks On University Fee Increase And Loans

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has justified the recent fee increase by local universities saying it was necessary for the establishment of specialised facilities in learning institutions.

His remarks come after the University of Zimbabwe has reversed its decision to raise fees for the August – December 2022 Semester following protests by students who said they could not afford the new fees.

Writing in his weekly column in The Sunday Mail, the President, who is the Chancellor of all State universities, said the financing formula for higher education has to change. He said:

For a very long time, fees for university education have been low; in some cases, lower than fees charged by many secondary schools in the country.

It certainly does not make sense that our higher education, which is at the apex of the entire education system, and which is internationally benchmarked, meaning it requires specialised facilities and tuition, turns out to be cheaper than foundational primary and secondary education.

Government, thus, supported university authorities in their decision to take the necessary corrective action.

Fees in Regional Universities:

i). State universities in South Africa charge a minimum of US$1 400 for undergraduate programmes per semester and US$1 700 for postgraduate studies.

ii). The University of Botswana charges a minimum of US$1 400 in undergraduate fees per semester and a minimum of US$1 800 for postgraduate studies.

iii). The University of Zambia charges US$800 for undergraduate studies per semester and US$1 000 for postgraduate.

iv). The University of Zimbabwe is charging a minimum of US$509 for undergraduate fees per semester.


Critics said Zimbabweans cannot afford the fees considering that the economy is not performing well. 

They say most of the students in universities are funded by civil servants whose salaries hover around US$300.

President Mnangagwa said a significant part of the national budget will fund the setting up and expansion of universities and the establishment of new ones. 

He also expressed concern over the low uptake for the loan facility which Government guarantees, and which Government administers through banks. The president said only about 10 000 students have benefitted so far, a remarkably small number in relation to the number of students. 

Mnangagwa encouraged the private sector to sponsor as many students as they could accommodate, especially now that the current education curriculum is closely aligned to the industry through Education 5.0.

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University Student 4 months ago


Sixpence 4 months ago

Three life stages in Zimbabwe:-
1. Birth
2. Yoweeeee
3. Death

CCC & Man City Citizen 4 months ago

Hahaha since achifarira zvemacomparison nenyika dzakabudirira rega timbodaisoo
US$ - Rand 1 : 18
US$ - Kwacha 1 : 12
US$ - Pula 1 : 14
US$ - RTGS 1 : 800
Fees must be equivalent to the minimum wage not because of clout i.e
In Qatar WiFi costs 360$ but it’s cheap since minimum wage is 1200$
In Zimbabwe WiFi costs 70$ avg but it’s expensive since iriyo pay yese yembwa dzenyika (Civil Servants)
Don’t compare prices just for the sake of it

ED Shweeee 4 months ago

Chiendaka kuQatar kwacho.
Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo

@Jakudunya 4 months ago

Unopedza simba kunge **** retsvubvu raitirwa muchemba rinoramba kuenda nesewage. Ukati munhu wese aende kuQuatar...tokuti dzakakwana here?

@ Shweee...l think ngatiitei constructive criticism. Haungati munhu anotambira 50k ($50-60) abhadhare $1k fees per semester. Logic dzacho unodzishaya.

Zvichakuva zvokusvetana simba izvi.


ED Shweeee 4 months ago

Ndasiyanei neharahwa yenyu yaakuperekedzwa kuchimbuzi neWheel chair?

Kakistocracy🤣Muchakaka 4 months ago

Mukuru don't just end your comparison on university fees of neighbouring countries with ours. Compare level of economic perfomances, basic salaries of civil servants (hatitauri private companies employees) and level REKUKAKA kwevabereki to raise those fees in Zimbabwe to those countries you mention.

If fees hike is justifiable then salaries hike demand by civil servants is too and so is plea by masses kuti TAKAKA nenhamo weduweee gadzirai nyika. We are hustling but even the hustling ain't doing the job.

These loans you talk of are not easily accessible to the students. Not many people or companies are willing to loan money to students who are bound to be vendors and hustlers after graduation.

Pasi nevakapandukira Chimurenga nedonzvo reGutsaruzhinji. Pasi nevanozvifunga, ivo, vana vavo nehama dzavo chete. Pamberi neGolden Future. Pamberi neCCC inotungamirwa naVaChamisa.

K@k 4 months ago

ndanga ndakusuwa Kaki..

ED Shweeee 4 months ago

Of course I have refrained from comparing wages and salaries in Zimbabwe vs. those in the region. Ir is unpatriotic to tell you that you earn peanuts against everyone else in the region.

And because I don't want to fall foul of The Patriots Bill I can't tell you that our kandri has the highest cost of living on earth

Kana musina chekukwidza kwidzai manhurugwa. Kana musina sadza idyai mapotato nemurivo

Night xul Graduate 4 months ago

kkkk @ED Shweeee uri ryt ryt here iww kk

Babassu 4 months ago

@ ED Shweeee ndi prophet Madunge

Tee Nyathi 4 months ago

Let's not compare Zim's currency with the Powerful Currencies of the world like South Africa and Zambia,People of these countries earn good salaries compared to Zim where people earn peanuts

ED Shweeee 4 months ago

We have the strongest currency in the region

mubhabhatidzi 4 months ago

chero mukaukura ndafotaura


The Adjudicator 4 months ago


4 months ago

Mad man

Wekunyanya 4 months ago

We don't have a President in Zimbabwe,I repeat we need a President ASAP..if u compare fees structure of SADC pliz **** compare nema salaries acho,compare economy yacho...u are a moron

ED Shweeee 4 months ago

Ini ndiri President wema O-vets nemasoja.
Kana ndisiri kukuitirai tsvagaiwo wenyu

bhuru 4 months ago

guyz bhoo here makomenti ayo haazopinzi umwe wedu busssy her.

caiphus 4 months ago


Ndadzoka zvekare 4 months ago

based on economic turmoil of the nation it not. agood move.
we can't work on the bases that some countries are doing this and that then we should follow suit.
how about we do like wise and copy from them how they managing to balance their economy as well

Dr Hercules 4 months ago

Double standards . University fees compared to SA university fees.Please lets compare Zim salaries to SA salaries because its the workers paying fees

ED Shweeee 4 months ago

Why do you need a University Education? You don't need degree to be an airtime vendor or hindi or kungwavha-ngwavha

Maduro 4 months ago

A comparison with other universities in the region it's of no use , We also have got the most expensive fuel regionally , In terms of education we were once amongst the best in Africa hence by now we should be having cheaper education through government subsidies , foreigners who come to learn here should pay the difference also

mnhanga 4 months ago

Dhongi rapresident

Sir African 4 months ago

This man is out of his deepth .He simply not is Intelligent.You can't just make comparison with countries with countries fictional economies.

🙄 4 months ago

Dai ati, "Zim universities are charging a minimum of $509yuwesi whilst the lowest paid government employee is taking home $400yuwesi per month" zvaiva nani kkkkk

. 4 months ago

@ ED shweeee Iwe ita serious nenyika yako. constructive criticism is not bad

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