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President Mnangagwa Says He Had To Be Persuaded To Go Sign Queen Elizabeth II Condolence Book

President Mnangagwa Says He Had To Be Persuaded To Go Sign Queen Elizabeth II Condolence Book

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has claimed that he had to be persuaded to go to the British embassy in Harare to sign the book of condolences following the death of Queen Elizabeth 11 earlier this month.

The Herald newspaper reports that Mnangagwa made the remarks while addressing ZANU PF supporters in the United States where he attended the United Nations General Assembly. He is quoted as saying:

I said Zimbabwe can never walk to the United Kingdom or to the embassy, … I cannot violate the territory of the United Kingdom; at the time we were in Angola.

When the Queen (Elizabeth II) passed on recently, I was invited to go and write my condolences at the British Embassy in Harare. So my Foreign Affairs (and International Trade) Minister (Ambassador Frederick Shava) went there and he told me that the Australian and Canadian ambassadors were there waiting for me to come.

I then sent a message to the Foreign Affairs Minister to come back because I was not going there.

The reason is, the United Kingdom imposed sanctions on us and we cannot go to the United Kingdom because of sanctions, so I said in terms of international conventions, the Embassy is a territory of the United Kingdom and I didn’t want to breach those sanctions.

We insisted until we got a formal invitation saying that I can go to the embassy and that I will not be contravening anything. He (Ambassador Shava) persuaded me to go, I then went to the embassy to sign the book of condolences.

Thereafter, I received a formal invitation to the funeral. I said I had assigned my Ambassador (to the United Kingdom Colonel Christian Katsande) to represent Zimbabwe at the funeral.

I then sent a message through him that I am upgrading my representation from Ambassador to Minister, so I sent the Minister. I am saying this because we should not be moved around like little boy.

In terms of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, embassies and consulates are legally considered the territories of the countries they represent.

The UK imposed sanctions on Zimbabwean entities and some individuals at the turn of the millennium following the fast-track land reform programme that was marred by “gross human rights violations. 

The ZANU PF government, SADC and the African Union claim that the sanctions are to blame for the southern African country’s economic problems but critics say the regime ruined the country through economic mismanagement and corruption.

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cde Tongo 2 months ago

you did right boy

Sorojena 2 months ago

Persuaded by Shava... I don't think it was a persuasion but an important advise, Zimbabwe is a pariah state because of the Zanu pf inner circle. Reviving relations with the crown would put Zim on the map of progress

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

I dont see any wrong doing there Mr President, dont allow being a toy boy...

tt 2 months ago

asi murikuda kuti vabvise ma sanction imi mhoramba kusingner book ra Qeen let's wait and see.


Its not news worthy.

Tv 2 months ago

Story Story. What a speech

Citizen raPep naChamisa 2 months ago

Good job iwe Croco
I agree with you on this.
I was shocked to see Cereal Ramphosa smiling in the Queen‘s Palace.What a disgrace,kutadza kana kudzoka nezidiamond ravo rakabiwa riri pacrown yaQueen nxaa

Maparamuro 2 months ago

But UK has no sanctions on you Mr president. Mahumbwe api aya. I would understand if you said you would not go because the queen never acknowledged the atrocoties committed by the British on many Africans

Cde hondo 2 months ago

Kunyengetedzwa ukabvuma.... Kkkkkk ita mushe mdara iwe


King Charlie III 2 months ago

Kuzvifadza uku. Unonyengererwa kuti uri chiyiwo, munhu asitori mu Commonwealth. We dont invite child rapists, murderers & looters.

Vybes Kartel 2 months ago

Hoo it's your Shadreck Shava who persuaded you to do so? I thought it's UK's guys who pushed you to go sign the book.

MuPfungwe Chaiye 2 months ago

Kkkkkkk ndokufungawo kwandaita. Kkkkkkkk shungu dziripo dzekuda kuzivikanwa kani

Blue💙 says 2 months ago

Zvinhu zvacho

Kule 2 months ago

Kkkk, ndaseka zvangu. Ndo nyaya dzekumahumbwe. Hanzi handichatambi newe.

Kule Kule 2 months ago

Ndo chiiko ichochi? Kana pasina nhau nyararai, haisi mhaka vazukuru vangu

Kopo 2 months ago

Hey, shhh mkuru ataura ngat omberereyi

Tintin 2 months ago

Zanu Pf best comedy troupe of all time... Charlie Chaplin and co vanosara pasi.

bvananguy 2 months ago


Garwe 2 months ago

Kkkkk ndaseka hangu kuenda kuUK hamunyengetedzwe munotoanyengetedza maBritish kuti mupinde munyika mavo

Nimrod 2 months ago



It is my contention that His Excellency Advocate President ED Mnangagwa should have attended the Queen Elizabeth 11's funeral and scored maximum points.

Great Britian has not yet announced its position on sanctions against Zimbabwe. Sanctions were endorsed by European Union when Britian was part and parcel of that group. It has since left the group.

By inviting His Excellency Advocate President ED Mnangagwa, Britian showed that Zimbabwe is no longer on British sanctions list or are intending to remove Zimbabwe from the list.

His Excellency Advocate President ED Mnangagwa was happy to shake hands with Mr Tony Blair in Rwanda. Tony Blair was British Prime Minister some 15 years ago. If he had gone he would have shaken hands with the newly installed Prime Minister and the new monarch, King Charles III.

Mr President, you have a very experienced Foreign Affairs Minister, Cde Shava who represented Zimbabwe in China and at the United Nations. Cde Shava showed maturity and international affairs experience by persuading His Excellency to go and sign the book of condolences.




Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Tickey 2 months ago

But Sir, you didn't have to be persuaded to rush to some conference in Edinburgh, Scotland, did you?

Sorojena 2 months ago

He pretends as if sanctions do not hate, deep in his heart its like a raging fire burning his conscience. You are a pariah because of your own making, and equally the same you have enough time to reform in order to cleanse yourself from the sanctions

Revelation 2 months ago

ED is the real man kwete vamwe vakotopembera kukwidzwa Zupco reku UK 😁😁😁😁😁😁

Kinzhal missle 2 months ago

They don't respect Africans so why should we respect them.

African 2 months ago

Has the country not applied for re admission into the commonwealth which is headed by the Crown?

Tintin 2 months ago

Zanu Pf best best comedy troupe of all time... Charlie Chaplin anosara pasi.

Mdara Odza 2 months ago

Mnangagwa is a hypocrite; he attended COP26 in Scotland, he chartered a Gulfstream plane and went with an entourage of an upwards of 100 people. How come he did not consider the sanctions then? When he met Tony Blair in Rwanda, he was all smiles, he grined like a Cheshire cat, but the same was Prime Minister when Britain imposed sanctions on Zimbabwean individuals, how come he was all smiles when he met the same guy who imposed the sanctions?

cde chipopi 2 months ago

Iwewe ED chitova nanzva varungu ivava uone zvako kunaka kunoita nyika. Vanotipa some of their expertise and technology

Tuesday 2 months ago

Do you want us to be slaves

CIO 2 months ago

ndokufungazvee Boss

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