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President Mnangagwa Says "Agricultural Land Is Not For Sale"

President Mnangagwa Says

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said Agricultural land is not for sale adding that anyone who will be found selling farms allocated to them under the Land Reform Programme will face the wrath of the law.

He made the remarks while addressing Zimbabweans employed at the United Nations Headquarters in New York at the weekend, the Chronicle reported.

His remarks come amid reports that Zimbabweans in the Diaspora have shown keen interest in investing back home, and owning farms. Many have previously fallen prey to fraudsters who sell agricultural land. Said the president:

Land is in three categories, there is agricultural land, that is not for sale. Agricultural land is not for sale. We have issued 99-year leases. Then there is urban land which is freehold, that one is bought and sold. Then there is communal land that you engage with the traditional leaders. 

It’s unlawful in Zimbabwe to buy agricultural land, you can only buy freehold land, which is urban.

However, each province has a Lands Committee, chaired by the Minister of State for Provincial Affairs, that committee is charged with the responsibility to discover land which is not being properly used, underused or derelict land, that is what we redistribute.

He said the Provincial Minister gives a recommendation to the Minister of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development who then gives an offer letter.

Annually, the country receives more than US$1 billion in remittances from the diaspora and President Mnangagwa said this makes those abroad vital in the development of the country. 

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ChibAdura jonhi 2 months ago

Haiwawo majokosi mowawanza

Mayaya 2 months ago

Uyu anorwara uyuu

mdara Loli pop 2 months ago

gvt must sink boreholes for all plot holders in the country to guarantee food security.

Factor 2 months ago

99 free leases rendered the farms valueless and unbankable. 100 Hectare farm yotokundwa value ne 250 square metre stand ku Glen Norah

___ 2 months ago

if you do proper farming in that 100hactare land you will discover it's a very bankable piece of land the problem comes when you don't have the mindset to invest in farming

cde Chipopi 2 months ago

land reform programme supported by infrastructure yakaita sema boreholes , things will never go wrong , vanhu vanotorima nekuchengeta zvipfuyo bhoo bhoo , hupenyu hukato cheaper munyika. Of which such an investment inongoda less than a billion USD chete nyika yatova self sustainable pa food and many other things for generations to come.

Machiavelli 2 months ago

ED must be living in cloud cuckoo land. Agricultural land is trading hands all over the country as we speak, with or without the 99 year leases. Those resettled on large scale farms are nominally "owners", but are leasing out to whites who are farming the land. In cases even Chinese are farming large tracts of land.

Lack of transparency is killing agriculture in Zimbabwe. The land issue should ideally be depoliticised. But the current ZANU regime is incapable of doing that because that would torpedo their political machinations and power of patronage.

Any new government should dust up The Mandi Rukuni Land Commission Report and act on it to revive agricultural sector.


CDE 1 month ago


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