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President Mnangagwa Meets UK's Former Prime Minister And Sanctions Architect Tony Blair

President Mnangagwa Meets UK's Former Prime Minister And Sanctions Architect Tony Blair

President Emmerson Mnangagwa Tuesday shook hands with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, breaking years of frosty relations with the ex-Labour party leader.

Blair had an extremely acrimonious relationship with Zimbabwe during and after the land reform programme and he was one of the foremost campaigners for sanctions imposed on the southern African country.

Posting on social media after meeting Blair, Mnangagwa said it was time to let bygones be bygones for Zimbabwe to flourish. Said the president:

For Zimbabwe to flourish, we cannot let history hold us back. It was a pleasure to meet Tony Blair (@InstituteGC) and Baroness Scotland, Secretary General for the Commonwealth (@PScotlandCSG).

Mnangagwa and Blair participated in a plenary session on accelerating food systems in times of crisis. 

In 1997, Blair’s Labour party government pulled out of talks to fund Zimbabwe’s land reforms in violation of the Lancaster House Agreement. 

Britain also withdrew development aid and sanctions were imposed on Zimbabwe by the European Union in 2001. 

The late President Robert Mugabe protested strongly against Blair on various political platforms, labelling him “B-Liar” and saying famously at the Earth Summit in Johannesburg in 2002:

Blair, you can keep your England, I shall keep my Zimbabwe. 

Blair, in retrospect, has been reconsidering his stance on Zimbabwe. He CNBC Africa from London in an exclusive interview in 2020:

I am happy to speak to Mnangagwa, but these things are best done in a private way. I was actually thinking about Zimbabwe the other day. I think, at certain points, there were misunderstandings, not genuine disagreements. If Zimbabwe were to get its act together it would be an exciting place to be.

Ever since Mnangagwa assumed office, he has gone on a re-engagement drive to build closer ties with Western countries. 

Mnangagwa has been promoting the “Zimbabwe is Open for Busines”s mantra meant to attract investment into the southern African country which is richly endowed with mineral resources – over 40 different types of minerals are mined in the country, including the major minerals gold, chrome, asbestos, coal, iron ore, nickel, copper, diamonds and platinum. 

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Machiavelli 4 weeks ago

Where and when did this momentous handshake take place?

Leave a Comment 4 weeks ago

Kigali Rwanda on Tuesday...This is madness loud and clear.So this guy takes Zimbos for fools whn he tells us that the West is our enemy fronting for regime change and that the sanctions are killing us.Tikupatiswa inzwa inin.

Agh 4 weeks ago

Akuda kutengesa nyika, Tony Blair ibva kumhepo

VYBZ KARTEL 4 weeks ago

Marashika apa mukuru

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

Are the sanctions on Zimbabwe or on certain individuals in Zimbabwe. May you please clarify. News dzacho tikungonzwa zvakasiyana siyana

tongwai 4 weeks ago

individuals and gvnmnt institutions alike

4 weeks ago

Saka zvine basa rei?

mushurugwi 4 weeks ago

blair keep your England and I keep my Shurugwi

Yoweeeeee 4 weeks ago

ED and his euphoria over handshakes with a white man. He did that with the outgoing PM Boris Johnson. Kwahi akanyemwerera. The British people will never forget how one of their own Stevens was burnt by marauding Zanu thugs in the Hondo yeminda debacle. No matter how many handshakes the violent seizure of farms is ingrained in their minds. They can forgive but forget they won't.


Thor 4 weeks ago

hatis vana ve grade 1 tanzwa ne nhema dze mapenzi ayaa

Da Truth 4 weeks ago

Even ED needs the whites no economy flourishes without them .He knows deeply down that America and Britain is the way to go .No permanent enemies in politics.He is looking for white investment in Zimbabwe .Bigup 🐊🐊🐊🐊.

Maparamuro 4 weeks ago

Blair has no influence in British or European politics, he can only influence Idhi to play according to EU and British rules and that's selling the country.

There is nothing called targeted sanctions especially where the target is a company that has employees or the leadership of a country or individuals who own and run companies. If the father of a household is sanctioned then the whole family suffers. If the director of a company is sanctioned then the whole company and its employees and their families are affected

Mafirakureva 4 weeks ago

Uhuru Kenyatta in March
Ramaphosa sometime....
Floyd Mayweather in....
Masisi last week.
Didier Drogba last weekend...
Tony B_Liar yesterday
The Queen tomorrow?

When is he going to meet Dr. Phophi Ramathuba?
Susan Mutami?
UN Secretary General?

Billey 4 weeks ago

@Mafirakureva..😂😂😂😂, wandipedza strong

ko 4 weeks ago


🤠 4 weeks ago


Yellow Mellow 💛 4 weeks ago

The Blair that I know is a toilet

cde chipopi 4 weeks ago

Look West policy is the way to go! kwete kuda kutinyepera kuti nyika irikuda kutengeswa. Ko zvima China zvenyu izvozvo hazvisi kutibira here muno? Tanzwa ne nhamo mhani, ukama ne America ne Britain is the only forward for real change.

mdara Loli pop 4 weeks ago

ED ukatamba uchitsvaka ushamwari nema Western countries vote yangu unoiwana

chimuti 4 weeks ago

munhu mutema anoti anoda munda 100 hectares iye asina kana Capital. Ma generations nema generations achingoti munda wedu asi pasina kana production. Saka munoti zvine brain here izvozvo

Zim 1 4 weeks ago

ko zvavanomboti siyanai nemaWestern countries

Tintin 4 weeks ago

iye ngasare ikoko Tony Blair auye kuno zvirinani.

Ini zvangu 4 weeks ago

Good point, Blair better than Dambudzo

Soyuz > Crew Dragon 4 weeks ago

Sadly Britain and EU are vassal states for USA. No one has the power to remove sanctions on Zimbabwe unless USA oligarchy agrees.

Tony 4 weeks ago

The only people who can remove the sanctions are Zanu pf, when they stop Human rights abuses.

Zuze 4 weeks ago

@Zim1, ndosaka ndati kugocha kunoda kwaED, kwaChamisa kunodzima moto

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