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President Mnangagwa Meets Chelsea Legend Didier Drogba

President Mnangagwa Meets Chelsea Legend Didier Drogba

President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Monday met Chelsea and Ivory Coast football legend Didier Drogba in Rwanda.

Mnangagwa and the once sensational football star are both attending the Africa Green Revolution Forum 2022, an annual nature-conservative summit, in Kigali.

Posting on his Facebook account Monday, Mnangagwa described Drogba as a true African hero. He posted a picture of himself with the football legend and captioned them:

A true African hero – thank you my brother Didier Drogba

There were no details of the two’s meeting.

Meanwhile, the meeting has angered some who believe Mnangagwa is using the international profile enjoyed by the much-loved European football celebrities to try and sanitise his image ahead of the 2023 elections.

One TiCCCh Ray said it was “terribly annoying how a hero and a man of Didier Drogba’s stature would allow himself to be used for pontification and optics.”

He added that the Ivorian international should be aware of the misrule in Harare, Zimbabwe, and the effects therefrom on the citizenry.

Others took the chance to speak about “bad” governance, the “collapsed” health sector, economic challenges and a “politicised” justice system.

Others, however, said the president was probably luring Drogba to invest in the Southern African country.

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Tateguru 4 weeks ago

That's good a caption "TRUE African HERO" because some people proclaimed heroes are not True heroes.

Worzell Gummidge 4 weeks ago

It's true. Didier Drogba is indeed a true African hero. For a long time there was a civil war in Côte de Voir and it's Drigba who brokered peace while playing for Chelsea FC under the tutelage of Jose Maurinho.

The United Nations actually made Drogba the Peace Ambassador for Ivory Coast and he successfully chaired peace negotiations & unified his people. In addition, Drogba placed Africa on the international spotlight with his goal scoring talent and inspired many African Athletes.

Tateguru 4 weeks ago

I quote:

"Meanwhile, the meeting has angered some who believe Mnangagwa is using the international profile enjoyed by the much-loved European football celebrities to try and sanitise his image ahead of the 2023 elections."

What's wrong in campaigning tactics?

Mafirakureva 4 weeks ago

That @tateguru you were the first to comment and raised the issue means something stinks like a 10 day corpse

Celestial 4 weeks ago

Better enjoy it its gonna be your last

Da Truth 4 weeks ago

Dark day is coming soon.2023 we will win if we campaign like Khuphe but we will loose if campaign like Masvingo politicians.☝️☝️☝️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

Da Truth 4 weeks ago

I was pained when I visited Masvingo to find pple who are busy bragging about how they worked with Tsvangirai but he is long dead .Some tell u kuti taka tanga 99 nayo party iyi konhasi todii Masvingo is dead . Chamisa reshuffle Masvingo the whole Province .we need numbers it's a game of numbers not history .Stop holding secret meetings pple fighting for URBAN mp post more than campaigning for Chamisa . Total madness help here ☝️☝️☝️☝️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

true hero 4 weeks ago

saka kana munhu ari President haadiwo ma celeb e bhora here...Mr President is ryt Drogba is a true hero...hazvineyi ne politics chero ani akasangana na Drogba unotodawo kutorwa naye pic

truth 4 weeks ago

true that


jojola 4 weeks ago

there is nothing bad about him taking a photo with the footbal icon. He never said anything but just praising the ex footballer as a true African hero.It eludes my mind how some people find this offensive

Jinn 4 weeks ago

Is Drogba aware that Mnangagwa and company are destroying Zimbabwe football

pfee 4 weeks ago

jerasi kurwadziwaaa.. manje chirwere ichocho hachirapike chekurwadziwaa nemunhu

Pravda 4 weeks ago

This will definitely turn the economy for the better, Although no soccer for Zimbos

Tintin 4 weeks ago

the embarrassing part is ED's son in law destroyed ZIFA.hypocrisy of the highest order.

anonymous 4 weeks ago


Zuze 4 weeks ago

is it true that Drogba refused an offer of RTGS 1,000 to wear a scarf?

Da Truth 4 weeks ago

Dhende remuhuro here ☃️☃️

🤠 4 weeks ago

true 🤣🤣

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

I told you kut Drogba supports Zanu pf

🤠 4 weeks ago


Saved 86 4 weeks ago

Could this help in any way I don't think so God knows it all kkkkkk chero vakagara nasatan parable imwe hapana chinochinja.

Saved 86 4 weeks ago

If it will help the this country s woos kana kugara naDD zvichibatsira but kana zvisingabatsiri inongovawo picture chete just like any other pic kkkkk

Saved 86 4 weeks ago

kkkkkkkkkkkk AA yaa

Cde hondo 4 weeks ago

Ita mushe drobga chiii chacho. Huya ne mishonga ku parerenyatwa uko

Bob 4 weeks ago

Kkk tava kubhora manji Zim ichaita sei yobatsirwa neve bhora hr kutambura uku kkkk

pk 4 weeks ago

gara pasi.

bhuru.1 4 weeks ago

ahhhh vanhu vepano sooo,,,,,,,ma1 chaiwo....hanzi drobga akaramba offer ya Mr president kkkkkkk

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