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President Mnangagwa Directs ZUPCO To "Bring Back Order In The Transport Sector"

President Mnangagwa Directs ZUPCO To

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has directed the Ministry of Transport and the Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (ZUPCO) to address transport issues that have seen commuters queuing for hours waiting to be ferried.

He made the decree in his Worker’s Day statement on Saturday. Pindula News presents an extract from his statement:

The Second Republic is determined to retain the purchasing power of workers, through a viable public transport system.

Government will not stand by and watch while the hard-earned incomes of our workers are stolen by “mushika-shikas” and “makoronyera”. No!

You, as our workers, deserve an efficient and affordable transport system so that production time, as well as your family time, is not lost in transport queues. During peak hours, workers must be transported with the greatest ease.

I, therefore, direct authorities at ZUPCO and the responsible Ministry to heed this call and bring back order in the sector. There are no residential areas which are more important than others.

All communities must be treated equally, for this is the true meaning of our hard-won independence and the current development drive that leaves no one and no place behind.

Similarly, the incidence of non-remittance of payments for medical aid and pensions for workers by organisations will not be tolerated.

I call upon workers to expose situations where they notice cases of corruption and maladministration within organisations and institutions.

Private-owned commuter omnibuses (kombis) were banned in 2022 as a way to curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. They remain banned but have been pirating some routes, illegally, capitalising on ZUPCO’s failure to offer transport timeously.

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... 9 months ago

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.. 9 months ago

Which short code just use *171#

wiz 9 months ago

you can also use *405# which allows you to buy with ecocash as well

aaaa 9 months ago

kkkkk kuseka nhamo kunge rugare shuwa

Zinja 9 months ago

Zvakaoma, ZUPCO failed long ago. It doent have the buses. Iwo marata iwayo ndiwo angataurwe nezvawo?

Clare 9 months ago

Hmmm zim yatikwadza dis tym

vanhu vaneta 9 months ago

handei tione vanhu vasina kuneta

Mwo 9 months ago

Just heard Nezuro kombi yaiita 3mari kuenda either budiriro or glenview hameno Chitungwiza ne Norton vaiita marii


Chawabvunza 9 months ago

I want to thank His Excellency President ED MNANGAGWA for directing ZUPCO and its parent Ministry of Transport to improve its service to the commuting citizens. However I would like him to rewind his memory back before our Indepence when Salisbury United buses queued at bus stops to ferry commuters to work. It is unfair for His Excellency President ED MNANGAGWA to direct ZUPCO to improve its service when the company does not have enough buses. The first thing to do is to buy enough buses for ZUPCO company and then ask management to improve its service.


Hooo 9 months ago

Apa iye ndiye ane corruption yacho nonsense siyayi makombi afembe uku vari kutotsvagawo kurarama

Yellow Card 9 months ago

Zupco failed lets focus on 2023 Ngaapinde Hake Mukomana

The King of Serpents 9 months ago

woof woof woof woof woof woof,. taurai henyu Your Excellency

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