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President Mnangagwa Directs Minister Mavima To Employ Drug Abuse Survivor

President Mnangagwa Directs Minister Mavima To Employ Drug Abuse Survivor

President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday directed the Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Professor Paul Mavima, to employ a drug abuse survivor and to pay fees for her 23-year-old daughter.

The directive was given at Robert Gabriel Mugabe Square in Harare to celebrate the Robert Mugabe National Youth Day commemorated each year since 2018.

A 40-year-old drug abuse survivor, Tabeth Mwayera, gave a testimony at the event saying she quit drugs in 2019 after being hooked on substances since 1998 at the age of 16.

She implored others still under the harness of drugs and other substances to brave it and call it quits. She said:

I have been through it all. From an early age, I have hopped from one base to another in pursuit of that all numbing intoxication in the hope of escaping from the burdens of life.

She said she lost her parents at a very tender age and life suddenly changed under the care of her paternal uncle prompting her to flee home in Mbare for Dzivaresekwa to live with friends, much older friends.

Tabeth says she was 16 when she became pregnant with her daughter who is now 23. She added:

Life was tough. I can say, there was never a time when all was okay. When my parents died, it even got worse, since I had to move in with my uncle, who was not particularly keen on my welfare.

To compound matters, I got pregnant and the man responsible denied paternity, prompting me to flee home to live with friends in Dzivaresekwa, as it was increasingly becoming unhomely.

Through the help of the Zimbabwe Civil Liberties and Drug Network, Tabeth was rehabilitated.

Tabeth says she intends to take her daughter, Vanessa, who dropped out at Form One owing to lack of tuition fees, back to school, so that she fulfils her dream of one day becoming a nurse.

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