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President Mnangagwa Confronts Matanga For Police Ban On CCC Rallies

President Mnangagwa Confronts Matanga For Police Ban On CCC Rallies

President Emmerson Mnangagwa reportedly quizzed Police Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga over the ZRP’s frequent ban on Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) campaign rallies across the country. reports that the incident happened at the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport on Wednesday last week when Matanga, along with other service chiefs, ministers and senior ZANU PF officials, welcomed Mnangagwa back from his Dubai trip.

Sources at the airport said Mnangagwa took particular exception to the Marondera rally which failed to take place the previous Saturday after police refused to sanction the gathering on the pretext that the party’s notification came at short notice. was told:

As you know these dignitaries do not like to miss those occasions to show their faces to the president and they line up to greet him. That is when Matanga came up for some roasting.

The president was clearly unamused. I think he spent a minute or so quizzing Matanga on why he was allowing that to happen. He pointed out to him that this was tarnishing the image of the country abroad and inviting unnecessary attention on Zimbabwe.

He was particularly concerned with the Marondera rally which attracted a lot of attention and wanted to know the exact reasons why police could not permit the rally.

Matanga reportedly said the rally was banned because of fears of violence and then immediately blamed the courts for not attending to the CCC application on time.

Mnangagwa who appeared unsatisfied told Matanga to fix the matter.

However, the sources further said it was not clear whether Mnangagwa was genuine in his probing since only two days later, police in Masvingo banned CCC’s rally on the pretext that ZANU PF had booked the same venues ahead of the Nelson Chamisa-led opposition.

The rally only went ahead after the Masvingo High Court quashed the police ban and instructed the police to provide the necessary security.

It also turned out that the ruling party did not have any rallies planned for either Mucheke or Mamutse Stadium as police claimed. The stadiums were empty all day.


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ZENEKA 1 month ago

pakaipa vatanga vanhu vaye

ZENEKA 1 month ago

pakaipa vatanga vanhu vaye

ZENEKA 1 month ago

pakaipa vatanga vanhu vaye

Golide 1 month ago

It's high time we do away with Old people... let's not depend on Bush Lawyer's analysis...74yr can't be busy with us on pindula,ko nguva yevazukuru anayo here?

Golide 1 month ago

What do you mean am stealing alias????Golide means Tshuma--so is there only one Tshuma in this world?? Don't drag me in your name figts... don't be an imbecil e...Are you hurt becoz your demi-god has been silenced??? Whoever told you I support Zanu-pf??

👽 1 month ago

Siyana nabush lawyer ayita sei. Vanhu vezanu u always want to silence people whose views go against or threaten your useless party.thats why ****s like you Golide are stealing BL alias and posting rubbish. You might steal the name not the mind.even if you silence him, there's more from where he came from jinx,zvimbazi, yellow hulk to name a few

Anonymous 1 month ago

kkkk hanzi @EDmnangagwa was concerned. This is cheap politics, you know hypocrisy for learners. Zvataiita kare kuti wadya chikafu chemwana womhanya kubvunza kuti ko chikafu chemwana chadyiwa nani ndozvirikuita mukuru. They will try to act nice pamberi pevanhu idzo maths dzacho variivo vadziita. Kana nyadzi


Kakistocracy🤣Muchakaka 1 month ago

Matanga acts at ED's orders. If this really happened it was only a cover up game. Why did he not openly address the issue? In any case-"You don't have to say l am sorry for the damage has already been done" umwe rasta akaimba achidaro.
The rallies haana kuitwa and so ine their hearts and meetings vanongoti AKAKA and pat each other on the back.
Pamberi negolden future. Chamisa and crew be careful of a woman called Madam Kuphe. Mukamurega achiti fenenga fene ga kumisa chigwinhi achimira mira kuhigh table hapeno henyu. Hazvisisina kumira mushe mubato. Pamberi neCitizens' Coalition for Change.

pumura 1 month ago

sure amai dis time havasi kuita politics

Chapwititi Kestombela 1 month ago

This fake window dressing won't help your already tarnished image. 32 years of failure and looting of mega levels, that's what we see my NEW DECEPTION BOSS. Economy is showing you flames, you surround yourself with baffons only. You never leant anything from your predecessor!!! Repeating exactly the same mistakes but at a larger scale 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

Zvimbazi 1 month ago

42 years.

Soul jah love 1 month ago

Maybe ED wants to play fair this time, he is tired of putting pressure on himself for the sake of other MPs. Maybe his family told him to play fair and accept results. They are tired of isolation, they want to be accepted everywhere in the World.. A lot has changed, we are able to comment our thoughts without fear, police sometimes are booked for abusing the opposition supporters and courts have been helpful to the CCC.. The other thing that we must take note is the reaction of the first family, they are professional, quite and disciplined. The First Lady is doing her own business and she never mix or mingle with the political affairs. I guess they are ready for any developments.

Zvimbazi 1 month ago

Usaite kufungidzira . Kana usina zvekutaura gwadama mabvi ako urove gwetengwe

seh 1 month ago

fake, kuda kutibata kumeso.

Mahusiku 1 month ago


Wekunyanya 1 month ago

That's grandstanding,anonyepera kuita care mudhara uyu..let him loot kekupedzisira

Zvimbazi 1 month ago

Dai riwe president waiita sei ?
Wai continua ne kubata vanhu rough here uchi risker kubviswa nechisimba OR watsiura police se zvavaita izvi?


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