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President Mnangagwa Accused Of Orchestrating The Demise Of Mawere's SMM Holdings

President Mnangagwa Accused Of Orchestrating The Demise Of Mawere's SMM Holdings

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been accused of personally orchestrating the demise of Shabanie & Mashaba Mines Private Limited (SMM) following a fallout between him and Mr Mutumwa Mawere. It is alleged that Mnangagwa had assisted Mawere in acquiring the company but the latter, at a later stage, sided with Mnangagwa’s political rival, former Vice President Joyce Mujuru. Pindula News presents a letter dated 09 November 2121 and directed to the president.

Your Excellency. Cde. ED. Mnangagwa

Please find herewith a copy of a letter addressed to your legal advisor, member of your Advisory Council, and a legal representative of SMM Holdings Private Limited (SALM).

It is common cause that SMM was placed under the control of a state-appointed Administrator pursuant to decree promulgated by the late President Mugabe in September 2004.

This decree was relied upon by the Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, Hon. Patrick Chinamasa, to divest and deprive the shareholders and directors of the control of SMM.

Since 6 September 2004, SMM has been under the control and management of Mr Gwaradzimba.

Various litigations have been launched and instituted in Zimbabwe, Zambia, RSA and the UK that you are personally aware of.

At the core of this matter is whether jurisdictional factors existed in 2004 to warrant the draconian measures employed sander the fast dispensation.

You will be aware that allegations have beat made and continue to be made that the decision to place SMM under reconstruction was premised on a fallout between you and Mr. M. Mawere based on your alleged involvement as his Godfather in relation to the support that he received in acquiring the company.

Your colleague, Hon Chinamasa represented to Parliament in July 2005 that the acquisition of SMM was supported by a government guarantee and Mawere did not pay any single penny in relation to this controversial acquisition.

The question that arises is your involvement in this matter and your state of knowledge regarding the serious allegations made by your lawyer and close confidant Mr. Manikai.

Mr. Manikai, has openly stated as true and fact that you personally orchestrated the demise of SMM using public power by manufacturing damaging facts solely intended to create in the public mind that SMM was indebted to the state and that the insolvency test had been met without following the prescripts of the Companies Act and the insolvency Act.

No facts existed that the state notwithstanding the fact that this presumed creditor was to date not been defined was a creditor to SMM and how debtor to creditor relationship could factually and legally exist between the state and SMM.

I say this because I am not aware of any transaction involving the state as a contracting party let alone a beneficiary of any funds allocated by the parliament of Zimbabwe to permit it to be a legitimate and lawful creditor.

It has come to our attention that Mr. Manikai whose closeness to you gives him legitimacy and credibility that citizens can rely upon.

He has admitted that the reconstruction of SMM was part of a well-orchestrated scheme that you personally led in fighting back against Mawere who at the material time was also alleged to be close to you.

Manikai has boldly stated that the origins of the alleged feud between you and Mawere was Mawere’s alleged to have gone political and sided with your alleged political nemesis, Ms Mujuru who was a Vice President of the party ZANU PF and government.

It is alleged that the late President took your side and he personally ordered that an investigation be done into Mawere’s corporate affairs resulting in certain findings being made that SSM’s affairs were being conducted in a fraudulent and reckless manner.

Mr. (Edwin) Manikai has effectively implicated you in a corruption scheme and I believe it is in the public interest for you to come out publicly to tell the nation in less than 7 days from receipt of this letter on your personal knowledge about the serious allegations that Manikai has Ievelled against you.

Should you fail to respond to this within the time indicated, we will proceed to approach the Court for appropriate remedies.

We trust that you will find the above in order.

Yours Sincerely.

Tichaona Mupasiri

Director of Public Policy

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