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President Chakwera Given 7 Days To Fix Malawi Economy Or Step Down

President Chakwera Given 7 Days To Fix Malawi Economy Or Step Down

Malawi citizens under the banner ‘Social Revolution Movement’ on Friday, November 5, 2021, gave President Lazarus Chakwera seven days to immediately address economic problems facing the country or step down.

The grouping hinted that the Office of the Cabinet and President should respond to their concerns regarding social-economic challenges Malawians are going through.

The demonstrations which were endorsed by the Centre for Democracy and Economic Development Initiatives (CDEDI) started from Lilongwe Community Ground. They were under the theme “Reclaiming a better Malawi.”

Speaking after the demonstrations, Movement leader, Phunziro Mvula, said they will hold mass demonstrations if their grievances will not be answered.

Mvula added that they want the office to address the rise in the cost of living due to heavy taxes and levies and the newly imposed Value Added Tax (VAT) on banking services.

He further said that government should also fulfil its promise of creating jobs and also uplifting local farmers.

We want our government to condemn corrupt activities by Malawians of Asian origin and to stop offering jobs to retired personal at the expenses of young and vibrant youthful professionals. They should address its failure and uplift health and education services.

We also protested against failure by government in the fight against corruption as evident by the abuse of MK6.2 billion and the issue of creation of new constituencies which will just put another burden on our already frail and fragile economy should be addressed.

The group also wants Chakwera and his administration to address the issue of cabinet and unwanted presidential advisors.

Lilongwe City Council (LCC) Deputy Director Administration Hudson Kumphanga received the petition, therefore, assuring the group that their concerns will be sent to the office of the president and cabinet as soon as possible.

Chakwera pledged, in his preelection campaign, to address issues bedevilling the country but observers say the issues continue unabated.

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Terminator 6 months ago

Elyse is a byproduct of Zanu pf arikudya nazvo kumba kwavo saka she will dye fighting a losing battle 😠😠😠😠 sorry the time has come .It won't change anything Rg Mugabe vanhu vaitambira Mari koikozvina ma teacher arikutambira Mari sorry u look like a well and highly intelligent chap but Jonathan Moyo type highly educated but not wise 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Coming soon 6 months ago

Munhu arikuguta nechinhu anonetsa kutaura naye GNU yakafaya Kani .Biti finance Chamisa IT and postal service , Education Coltat,kumusoro Richard the trailblazer Tsvangirai ,Not forgetting the political guru R.g Mugabe baba Bona .Paifaya Apo takambodya varume ngatitendeyi vana vavamwe team iyi yanga yakapenga alongside Chinoz kkkkkkkk .Ukasvora izvi kkkkkkkkkkk uuuu you are are a nincompup, numbskull, puppet,idiot, misguided, psychologically deranged, woodlice,and the devil himself .God changes things for a reason who are you to stop that you can buck like a dog nothing is going to change the winds of change have arrived welcome to the future work up and smell the fresh sea breeze coming .


Douglas Kaliwoh 6 months ago

A lot of good has happened under Chakwera. They are also completing projects which were started and then abandoned by previous governments. People and organizations are free to air their views with demonstrators accompanied and protected by the police service. I do not know if this media and the people here know that there was a demonstration by pro abortion activists who marched and presented their petition a few months ago. It is maturing democracy in practice, and their petition, just like those of previous demonstrations, will be accepted and be looked into.

Beasty boy 6 months ago

@Jombo,ideologies that don't bring food to the table are worthless.We don't need Revolutionaries anymore,we want nation builders and Economic boosters.Trump a billionare with his ideology was thrown away .As for Zimbabwe we need new blood in that Throne.
#Ngaapinde hake mkomana.

jombo 6 months ago

@Beastboy why do u say that someone needs to be educated if he shares a different point..... Its not about our education but our different political ideologies

Beasty boy 6 months ago

Very good response Kaliwoh,Malawi is stable and their democracy is splendid.#Elyse is totally lost and needs to be educated,41 years under the helm of ZANU pf's rule has been very terrible varome,lets speak the truth vamwe vedu apa titori nenduwe 2 kana kuti one,underwear rema China,vakadzi ma pent vakutenga kumabhero imagine.Pent raipfekwa nemumwe munhu ,maybe anga ari uya anotengesa muviri,iwe wotengera madzimai wako nenyaya yekuti Economy is bad.Varume ka ,lets select leaders who will build a Zimbabwe for our children's children.Our Country has lost its value ,hurovha auchanyadzise,civil servant raku bigger team yeku gwavha gwavha pamari because they are paid nuts.Cry my beloved Country.

Mulatoos 6 months ago

Kufa kunotyisa hre,this coming elections vkaita zvavo zviye 08,haticharohwi tkamira isu todzorera kna kur kudzokera musango topinda isu hatitye nemukomna hre topinda,malawian opposition and zim oppo z totaly dfrnt ,woke up zimbabweans

Elyse 6 months ago

It very important to note that The current president of Malawi Mr Chakwera, was opposition only less than 2 years ago.He got into power through promising people of Malawi milk and honey and accusing then incumbent Mr Mtharika of economic mismanagement.Now he is the ruling one and mr mutharikas party is now the opposition.
When Mr Chakwera rose to presidency , Zimbabweans were behind because he was opposition and they said change is finally sweeping over malawi.
Fast forward less than 500 days later , my fellow zimbos are rallying behind the now opposition and demonizing the incumbent ,mrchakwera who was their darling recently!
Lesson learnt.. when opposition mentality and demon grips you it will twirl your brains and always see things in an antagonistic way.And that will make one remain opposition forever.
I'm brilliantly sure that they will be wailing sooner than later in Zambia.Thats african opposition for you , promising heaven when they know they are hungry 😂

sandile 6 months ago

If its different then why does Chamisa and Biti praise them so much

Jericho 6 months ago

Kkkkk I don't think Obama, Trump and Biden combined would fix an economy in a week

nyasha 6 months ago

He is being given a week now to do things he had promised to have sorted by now

Elyse 6 months ago

Kkkkk taura hako

ngwene 6 months ago

Munhu aizviita anogona kutonga nyika ari kuOpposition apihwa masimba acho ave kutatarika......I hope Zimbabwean voters are watching what politicians say is just a campaign

Tinovonga 6 months ago


Elyse 6 months ago

VaChakwera avo vakapinda basa gore rappers vachiudza malawi kuti vamutharika vatadza nyika uye ivo vanozoigadzirisa pasina nguva.Vaizviva havo kuti hapana chinobuda asi vaidawo kupinda panyanga chete.
Tamirira va Hichilema ,manje manje muchanzwa kwobuda dzkawanda ikoko Zambia.
Ma Zimbabwe tiririmumusungo umwechetewo

Kira... 6 months ago

Wakaona zvichirovesa that the sign yakutii vamwe vanenge vachito benefiter bt tese takabatana mapurisa nema soja acho ano rova this nation can change wthin hours....

Kira... 6 months ago

Hazvirovese izvi ndipo pamune problem mazimba couple yakangoitwa waniii

Jena° 6 months ago

This is ER good decision people of Zimbabwe we HV our rights....

Jabu jabu 6 months ago

Ndozvinoda kuitwa mnangagwa izvozvo

Bright 6 months ago

Muno munorumiswa nembwa manje

NeMuziq 6 months ago

Taura hako

R`G 6 months ago

Kuno munofa nekurohwa

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