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Premiership Matches To Resume Next Week

Premiership Matches To Resume Next Week

Premier Soccer League (PSL) chairman Farai Jere on Wednesday said that Premiership games are expected to resume next week.

On Monday, PSL suspended Premiership games in the wake of crowd trouble during a Dynamos versus Highlanders match at Barboufieldss Stadium the previous day.

The match was abandoned after fans invaded the pitch in the 90th minute after Highlanders had scored the only goal of the match.

Jere told state media that the suspension of Premiership matches was necessary to allow stakeholders to come together to find solutions to the problem of violence and hooliganism. Said, Jere:

It’s just one week, just this weekend. We don’t have time to waste. As far as I can repeat, it was very necessary to put everything on standby for just one week to make sure that we are all aligned.

Next week, matches are resuming. On Monday I am sure you will start to see the fixtures.

But we need to correct this problem and get ideas from everyone.

However, some clubs and football commentators argued that the decision to suspend the topflight league was unfair since hooliganism only involved Dynamos and Highlanders. Added Jere:

Let me tell you something about decisions when they’re being made. Ninety per cent of great decisions don’t please everyone, even at the household level. But in most cases, 90 per cent of those decisions will be correct.

A number of people who I spoke to and have been asking me why we came up with the decision, are now appreciating it, including the ZIFA vice-president.

He called me and said that he will support me wherever I am going, it was a noble decision.

At times lack of information creates information gaps and leads people to speculation, and we all have got a right to do that.

But our job as football leadership is to think and make decisions and then we are critiqued.

To fine the teams is the generic decision which we have in our files, which always happens but this time around we wanted to make it different and see if we can uproot this problem for good.

If it means that we need to increase the number of police at Highlanders or Dynamos matches, let it be because we will now be getting this information from the stakeholders whom we cannot answer on their behalf or who cannot give us their position just by imposing a fine to either team.

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Zerere 1 month ago

Anonzi masteward aya vanenge vakatarisa crowd zvino kwedu kuno ZRP yacho inenge ichitoona bhora. Ungazoziva here manje panotangira trouble?

chidhori 1 month ago

aaaargh kuti tirimunguva ya Hitler ere yotorambidzwa water bottle.........ko vanongotamba ka game racho then security iyoyo ndoicha supporter

kalangah 1 month ago

no bags, nowater bottles to be allowed in the ground
security to surround the outer boundary of the stadium,, strictly searching in the gate strictly, then strictly rules and behavior regulations to be instilled within the fans or else to be taken to prison only fr 1 mnnth,

Asalif 1 month ago

alcohol laws should be enforced like before , these days car trunks will be shebeens in the grounds so whose problem kudhara waitosungwa kunwa hwahwa mugroung @ Blue do you see another problem In the country and on top of that you are one of them saw holding a bottle of Castle Lite at a soccer match 😅😅😅😅

BabaAsalif 1 month ago

apo mwanangu wataura wakatodza ini panjere apo

Baba Gumede 1 month ago

11am kickoffs and 20usd rest of ground charges are the only solution to stop the violence at bosso and dembare matches, by 3pm people will be dead drunk and violent so having early kick off will see less violence at these games.

dariel 1 month ago

ko ndinonhotenga data re2000bond ndoona live soccer pane kuisa fuel kuuya ikoko plus 20usd plus kuzotobirwa futi ndema nde be le ko vanhu here

apqna munhu anoona mabhuza ne20usd


dispenser 1 month ago

like gvt like economy like sport yacho ,today ban tomorrow uplifted .

ABSA 1 month ago

Then you didn't solve the problem, let's wait and see another game for BOSSO &DEMBARE

Dhuterere 1 month ago

kwete zvako zvekukonewa admin uchiita senge ukutonga dare rekumba kwako be specific when you do something official

nhabvu 1 month ago

ma boozer aye futi

Bright 1 month ago

Radzoka radzoka rekukikira kumberi chte iri pachine nguva kti Zim football rinake

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