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PPC Sees Annual Zimbabwe Cement Sales Up 25% As Demand Rise From Home Builders, Govt Projects

PPC Sees Annual Zimbabwe Cement Sales Up 25% As Demand Rise From Home Builders, Govt Projects

PPC, Africa’s biggest cement company, says cement sales in Zimbabwe grew 25% year-on-year up to March, on better-than-expected demand from individual buyers and government projects.

In an update on Wednesday, PPC said cement sales are expected to come in 36% better than pre-pandemic levels. Said PPC:

PPC Zimbabwe continues to trade well and ahead of expectations. For the 12 months ending March 31, 2022, PPC Zimbabwe’s cement sales volumes are expected to increase by 21%-25% year-on-year, benefiting from retail demand, increased sales to concrete product manufacturers, and support from government-funded projects.

Relative to the comparable period ended March 31, 2020 (pre-COVID-19), cement sales volumes are expected to increase by 33%-36%.

In a separate presentation to investors on Wednesday, PPC said 54% of its sales in Zimbabwe were in foreign currency.

The company said, in terms of forex receipts, it was profiting from domestic forex sales, foreign direct investment-funded projects and diaspora demand.

The company previously struggled to repatriate its earnings to South Africa in dividends. But, since November 2020, PPC has managed to send US$10,6 million in dividends. In total, PPC has repatriated US$95 million from Zimbabwe since 2010.

The company has now cleared all its Zimbabwean debts, which stood at US$18.9 million in December 2019.

Cement consumption across the industry has grown to 1.4 million tonnes per year, from below one million tonnes in 2017.

PPC expects demand to reach 1.6 million tonnes next year as construction projects increase.

Previously, PPC said it was supplying public projects such as Muchekeranwa Dam, Gwayi-Shangani Dam, the new Manyame Air Base Hospital, National University of Science and Technology (NUST) student accommodation, Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport, the Beitbridge-Harare Highway and the Beitbridge Border Post expansion.

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tongwai 2 months ago

kumasvingo we have four or so buidings going up haasi masky scrappers buh they are something

Machiavelli 2 months ago

Thank you @tongwai.
What you are celebrating is like a family of 6, who should be break fasting on 3 loaves of bread and they have 2 buns.

"At least zviri nani" That is illogical my friend. The family should aim for 4 loaves please. Ndiyo inonzi progress

Machiavelli 2 months ago

At face value you may be right #CCC. But there hasn't been any skyscrapers nor scaffolding in any town/city in Zimbabwe for the past 20 years. Meaning that the private sector has no confidence in the economy. No confidence, bo investment, no development.

CCC 2 months ago

true dat seems like alot f construction goin on around Zimbabwe

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