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"Power Cuts Are Causing Distress To The Citizenry And Business," - Mangwana

Zimbabwe’s permanent secretary of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Nick Mangwana has said the government is working to resolve the power crisis which he said is “causing distress to the citizenry and business.”

The Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) rolled out a crippling load-shedding schedule last week after being directed by the Zambezi River Authority to reduce power generation at Kariba South Hydropower Station to allow the water body to refill.

In some parts of the country, load-shedding goes for 22 hours while it is effective, uninterrupted, from 5 am to 11 pm in some parts of Harare, the capital. In a Twitter post seen by Pindula News, Mangwana thanked the citizenry for its patience. He said:

The power cuts are causing distress, inconvenience and cost to the citizenry and business. This is regrettable. The challenge is affecting part of our region. Govt is seized with implementing immediate mitigatory measures to bring normalcy. We thank you for your patience.

His remarks are in resonance with those of President Emmerson Mnangagwa who wrote in his weekly column in The Sunday Mail that the power cuts were making Zimbabwe unattractive to potential investors.

Businesses say they have resorted to using generators and solar systems, an alternative that is expensive and is likely to trigger a sharp rise in the prices of commodities.

Zimbabwe’s imports of 540MW from neighbouring countries are not enough to cover the power deficit.

An update by the Zimbabwe Power Company on 6 December 2022 (today) suggests that Zimbabwe is generating a total of 494MW. In total, Zimbabwe has 1034 MW against a peak demand of 2 200 MW.

ZESA heavily relies on the Kariba Hydropower Station as the ageing Hwange Thermal Power Station is always breaking down.

There have been efforts to refurbish the Hwange plant and introduce new ones but there are no dividends to pick from the initiatives, yet.

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👤 1 month ago

mvura iri kunaya kuno dai zesa yauya kuzoitora zvayo yanoisa mukariba pamwe zvaitoita nani

Maparamuro 1 month ago

Priorities are key. You give ministers US$500k and MPs 40k when you know there is a power crisis, why not use all that money and a lot more that you are looting to attend to the real challenges facing the citizens?
It takes brains to be able to prioritise the needs of the people over your own

mwenewazvo 1 month ago

it was only vote buying,but vakutoona kuti vakabhaiza zvekurevesa chaizvo.manyenwe nemunyama zvino fambirana,pavakangopa vanhu mari magetsi kwakubva adai.

Maparamuro 1 month ago

Sad the distress is affecting citizens but not political leadership. Who needs Zesa power when they have $500k loan from gvt?
The person who is getting $500k loan is supposed to feel for the poor man in the village who can hardly pocket $50 in a month and make a decision to pull him out of poverty.
What a joke

mwenewazvo 1 month ago

senge ipapa vari kuita kuja norifa,vasija vasimwa kna kutombofunga kuti kune vakativhotera vari kushupika.come next year papara papara netuma t shirt kuda kubata vanhu kumeso.

Gudo 1 month ago

Where have you been all along nhai gorvement makutinyebera

1 month ago

Mangwana is only parroting what his Master was saying.

There is nothing new nor newsworthy about Mangwana's frothing. Stating what is wrong isn't getting us anywhere. What we need are proffered solutions. And unfortunately ZANU is short of ideas as to how to sort out the power meds they have led us into


m 1 month ago

pakaoma no

Crocodile 1 month ago

Magetsi akatanga kunetsa kare asi mukatadza kuita plan yekugadzira dambudziko iri nhasi makuita sekuti zvinhu zvakatanga last year its better for this leadership to step down nekuti pane vanhu vakagarira pfungwa kuti ruzhinji reZambabwe rutambudzike nenyaya yemagetsi yamakaziva kare kuti inoda kugadziriswa

Twitter🐦 1 month ago

My solar business sales have skyrocketed thank you Zesa😀

mwenewazvo 1 month ago

ehe kushata kwezvimwe pane vamwe vanenge vachinakirwa.asi vazhinji kuchema kwega kwega

Tang ku 1 month ago

Maakutijairira manje taakuzokuma mi sai you can't say we are patient about this Isue we are plotting Something secretly Muchaona zvenyu ngoko dzevanhu always dragging backwards yet others are moving forward .****s zanupfHooligans Uñcouth humans a junta Govt nikuvists

Tang ku 1 month ago

Maakutijairira manje taakuzokuma mi sai you can't say we are patient about this Isue we are plotting Something secretly Muchaona zvenyu ngoko dzevanhu always dragging backwards yet others are moving forward .****s zanupfHooligans Uñcouth humans a junta Govt nikuvists.

👤 1 month ago

ndaseka veduwee hanzi being patient,vanoda kuti tiise sei zvokwadi.tikaratidzira torohwa,regai tingotarisa asi tichasangana next year.

cmde bvonyongo 1 month ago

ministers. 500k
deputy. 350k
mp. 40k
civil ser bonus. 250 Usd
war vet. ?
povo. 2kg mbeu
pamberi nevatongi mhururu uko tozvibaya pachrimas apo.Asi vote yedu hamuyiwani idyai kekupedzisira

1 month ago

Imagine a power company (zesa) losing 16 to 22 hrs of revenue everyday because of mismanagement. 😢
A recipe for failure.

client 1 month ago

was at Waynbe street kuZetdc th offices are dark vakatomirirawo magetsi kuuya kwawo uchiona car park yeExecutive apana motor isipo from jeep,cruiser,Isuzu vigo so vatadzawo kuisa solar here kageneratir Kari great guru guruuu

Okey 1 month ago

mdidi wakho

Okey 1 month ago

mdidi wakho wena

Ching chu 1 month ago

Me hungry coming from work find wife not cooking I ask her why not cook with gas stove she says the gas is finished, I go outside chop wood and it starts raining .

Steve Dhongi 1 month ago

You are so funny Chung lee

j 1 month ago

this is not something new the govt knew and have known about this issue but nothing has been done to solve it.. every year its this and promise.every1 knows kariba dam runs out of water at the beginning of each rain season this is not something thats has just miraculously happened this year alone. Zanu pf and its ministers are what we call. maintenance managers they haven't done anything significant for this country rather just maintain what was already there left by the previous regime

1 month ago

Considering the amount of $ availed for the loans to the ministers and MPs whilst zero is attributed for electricity generation one can tell that we have incompetent leaders

1 month ago

Nick Ndavaningi is well known for being pompous and insensitive so please cut the crap We are used to this kind of suffering but nigh the end is near

Tateguru 1 month ago

Saka pakaoma hapo

5 1 month ago

It is not ZESA that is causing distress to the citizenry and the businesses but it id zanu pf so it should be voted out of power come 2023 period

bellie 1 month ago

cmrde bvonyonyongo mazondibaya kkkkkk 2 kgs mbeu vakuvara nawo kumamisha uku apa inokwanei unodyara pangani..zvakangooma wena kumusoro uko vachidya havo mari

Dofo 1 month ago

Patience kudii Nxaa dai ndaiziva kwaunowanikwa ndakaku Kiya kudhara,,ndingaita patience dze loading shedding ye 17hours nxaa

Cde hondo 1 month ago

We will punish you come 2023

Sparta 1 month ago

Breaking News:ED to launch Darkness4ED today🏋️🏋️

Chamatams 1 month ago

Chii chiri kuitika munyika yedu. "Launching for Darkness" irikupi?? That one I can attend. Muromo wsngu waka zvimba. Ndakadonha ndichi tsvaga huni yesterday? Ask the Chinese kuti toita sei? kkķk maybe they can help? Tanzwa!!!

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