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Power Crisis: Hundreds Of Workers Laid Off As Companies Try To Survive

Power Crisis: Hundreds Of Workers Laid Off As Companies Try To Survive

Numerous businesses battling to survive owing to an electricity crisis that caused the Workington neighbourhood of Harare to endure almost a month without power have laid off hundreds of workers.

Companies have been using generators since December 28 when one of power utility ZESA’s sub-power stations blew up.

The retrenchments are meant to cut down on wage bills.

Owner of Wood Take Alan Dreyer told NewZimbabwe that some companies were eager to pay their remaining employees even though they had not been productive for the entire month. Said Dreyer:

I have about 30 employees and the same number at my sister company. There has not been any power since we opened this year but I assure you they will be expecting their salaries at the end of the month despite the situation.

If only we could get communication as to when ZESA expects to reconnect us for planning purposes.

According to NewZimbabwe, the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) does not have all components needed to fix the station.

The components can be found in South Africa but have not yet been ordered.

The location under question is home to one of Harare’s largest sugar refineries, as well as mills for wheat and maize.

A power crisis in Zimbabwe has been going on for months, leaving the majority of the country without electricity for up to 18 hours daily. Depleting water levels at the Kariba Hydropower facility are blamed for power outages.

Due to the site’s outdated equipment, Hwange Thermal Power Station’s contributions have been unreliable. 

Hwange Thermal Power Station’s Unit 7 could not be added to the national grid as promised late last year, according to recent comments made by Energy Minister Zhemu Soda. He said there were some challenges.

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SeeSee 1 week ago

Zanu Pf yaora

ZETDC 1 week ago

Hang on we are working on it,though we're experiencing some technical issues

𝑔𝑖𝑛𝑑𝑖𝑟𝑜𝑛𝑖 1 week ago

When Muvevi was arrested in Mozambique after being on the run for 3 days, on allegatipns of three counts of murder.
When the CID were escorting ,him was tired and hungry.

As he was being driven to the police station, they came across a vendor who was selling drinks and snacks. He asked the police officer to allow him to eat and the permission was granted.

After eating four milk bans and downing three bottles of coke, he signalled the policeman that they had to proceed. The officer asked him if he had paid for the items he had consumed and he said he had no money.

Officer: So, who pays?

Muvevi: Just put it on the charge sheet as a 4th count. I will serve for it.

Retr 6 days ago


1 week ago

That's what our current leaders do.... Fire fighting. They are always caught unaware.... You expect them to plan for better future... Keep on dreaming with this Zanupf run parastatals..... Ask your friends employed by Zupco when they last get salaries... NRZ a dead horse....

Mlindo 1 week ago

Haaa zvakaoma hazvo mabasa kutopera nenyaya yekushaikwa kwemagetsi, haaa vanhu itai serious, ko kana hembe yasakara haikururwe here, yapera hembe iyi ngaikururwe.

Patriot 6 days ago

ko mamwe ma Company haasi kuvhara nekuda kwei kana Zesa iri iyo main problem. I smell a rat there! Siyai vanhu varipa basa vashandire mhuri dzawo

Doug 6 days ago

Saka vobhadhara vanhu vasina zvavarikuita vagere kumba Sezvo magetsi akaemda pa 28 January zesa yacho isati yava nezvinodiwa huye vasingazive kuti vanogona kugadzirisa magetsi acho rinhi. Haisi Workington industry chete isina magetsi kubva musi iwoyo asiwo Rugare Township yese.


Andrew Tate 6 days ago

This country is a joke, Zim has failed in real time

kkkkk 6 days ago


logismos 6 days ago

we acknowledge the crisis ..
the question is....
what caused the crisis?
a) bad governance
b) corruption
c) sanctions
d) chamisa
e) Zanu PF
f) zesa?

6 days ago

All of the above except c and d

cid 6 days ago

thought kune inonzi SWOT analysis that is Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats so things like load shedding falls under threats zvekuti any sensible company operating in Zimbabwe should surely have anticipated it and look for alternatives like generators long ago

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