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Poultry Farmers Warned Against Feeding Chickens ARVs, Steroids

Poultry Farmers Warned Against Feeding Chickens ARVs, Steroids

Poultry farmers have been warned against using antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) and steroids to fast-track the growth of chickens.

The veterinary extension supervisor for Odzi, Inspectorate Cathrine Sakupwanya, told The Herald that some farmers were still using ARVs and steroids to boost production despite efforts to convince them to abandon the practice. She said:

There are farmers who are using ARVs, and corticosteroids so that the chickens develop faster with big muscles.

Unfortunately, unsuspecting buyers prefer the ‘huge chickens’ as compared to those that have been nurtured in the correct way and have a standard weight.

The abuse of drugs in poultry farming is causing anti-microbial resistance (AMR) which is affecting the health of humans, plants, and animals.

AMR occurs when germs that cause disease or infection in humans and animals, change and become resistant to antimicrobial medicines used for treatment. 

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2 months ago

So it means that big broilers are not good thanks

Condom Soup 2 months ago

Vanhu muchinyanyoda zvihombe e.g **** mahombe, mazamhu mahombe etc

Trev 2 months ago

Ehekaa iwe ukuda kuti tiite zvem a g a r o madiki kuti tinopenga here. Toda zvihombe izvozvo

Ashie we AFM 2 months ago

@ golley bakery wakandipirei number dzako usingazode kutaura neni nxaaa

mbuya bhemba 2 months ago

muzukuru usada varume kusvika ipapo nxaaa

etc 2 months ago

kanyaya kako Ashlkey kakadhakwa ukuda kuuya kuUK usina kana Refcross kana Passport zvayo atitambi tichidaroba

fifi 2 months ago

zimbos, let's not seek cash by wrong deeds . ARVS are for AIDS victims not chick feed

Sorojena 2 months ago

No more buying of broiler chicken 🐔. Feeding us on Art medicine, ndosaka zvirwere zisingapere

Nzondora nemabhonzo emabroiler aneconcentration yakawanda yemachemicals 2 months ago

Chicken 2 months ago

Yowe maita basa ne information iyi sure 👏👏


Sir vast 2 months ago

Tiri kuti musadye mabonzo emabroiler nekuti that marrow contains e largest concentration of chemicals dzinopiwa mabroiler

Sorojena 2 months ago

But how do those essential drugs find their way into the poultry industry, MoH must investigate the loopholes. Some of the ARVes find their way into the manufacture of nyaope.

gerryb 2 months ago

sorojena dnt act too smart ma ARV aya akazara muma NGO so by that who do u think bring them to farmers

2 months ago

Let's all vie for for. Ngatimirei kutenga huku dzacho, tidye fish ne beans hedu.

Saikorojist 2 months ago

Beans beans or beans beans?

2 months ago

That's why rastafarri movement says No to meat, just vegetables.

tanakastyle 2 months ago

did you know kut chicken feed especially finisher makes a good n cheap cereal if you add warm milk ?

2 months ago

iwe mfanha ita mushe asi uri weku gokwe kkk

Mr Green🌲 2 months ago

Haaa sure?

Indigo 2 months ago

Ukwane iwe gokwe chii haisi mu Zimbabww here place iyouo

Anonymous 2 months ago

Ko handit munoda huku hombe ere sak ndikoko 🤣

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