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"Pomona Project Will Not Be Stopped" - Minister Moyo

The Minister of Local Government and Public Works, July Moyo has said the Pomona Waste to Energy Project “will not be stopped.” His remarks come barely hours after Harare City, which is part of the deal, announced the suspension of the US$344 million deal. The Pomona deal is between Harare and Albanian entity Geogenix BV fronted by local businessman Dylish Nguwaya sometimes referred to as Delish Nguwaya. In a statement seen by Pindula News, Moyo said procedures were followed in coming up with the deal, therefore, only courts can stop the project. Reads the statement:


We understand that, on 2nd June 2022, a resolution was passed by Harare City Councillors, led by Councillor J. Mafume to suspend the Pomona Waste to Energy Joint Venture Agreement between the City of Harare and the investor, Geogenix B.V. It is surprising that Councillors went ahead to deliberate on the matter and some members in the City and the Ministry are being sued. We wonder why the Chamber Secretary and a lawyer would proceed to make such a decision.

With respect to the project, we wish to advise that all procedures were followed. The City and the investor agreed on terms as to how to execute the joint venture while the investment appraisal was done by the Zimbabwe Investment Development Agency (ZIDA) and also recommended to the Joint Venture Committee. All the recommendations from this process went to Cabinet, which is the highest executive authority, for approval and a lower organ cannot violate the principle of subsidiarity. Following Cabinet’s approval, the joint venture agreement was closely analysed by Government lawyers, including the Attorney General’s office before it was signed.

The waste management project, amongst other benefits, will create employment, generate power and assist in refuse management. Government wishes to advise that, in consummating this transaction, rigorous processes to ensure that Council and the country at large derive maximum benefits were undertaken. It is confounding that a group of councillors have decided to, once again, appraise this project and in the process causing needless delays and, with it, the risk of jeopardising investor appetite.

We condemn this conduct which amounts to cheap political grandstanding at the expense of the country and it is, therefore, necessary to state that the project will not be stopped unless done so by judicial action. Again, we state that the matter is subjudice and that some members were mentioned in the legal papers.

Hon J.G. Moyo

Minister of Local Government and Public Works

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hie 3 weeks ago


Tkt 3 weeks ago

Cabinet does not pay those rates which are to be squandered by the project
Cabinet does not own Harare City
Harare City Council is owned by the residents of Harare

So, if the Residents say cancel it, Honorable Minister its not yours to say, NO

Next we are going to call ZACC to investigate your interests in the deal because I think something fishy is behind your denial to have it canceled

#CancellPomonaDeal thru court orders kana mukada kunetsa

CCC2023 3 weeks ago

July Moyo corrupt,the once sucked minister is very corrupt ,if pple no longer want the deal they have seen its wickedness,,,so don't impose your corrupt mind.

Machiavelli 3 weeks ago

July, if the matter is sub-judice as you claim, why are you publicly exonerating yourself instead of waiting for the courts to do so?

Secondly you allege that due process was undertaken. It is patently clear that residents of Harare, who bear the costs were never consulted. There was never a tender process. So what due process are you talking about?

Bulldozing the matter through CIO, ZIDA, Attorney General and Cabinet does not make the deal legal. That is for the courts to determine.

Why is it that you, July Moyo are supportive of this project when all other stakeholders are against it? Is that the reason why you wanted the Acting Mayor to continue so that you were shielded from exposure?

Many issues come to mind but I do not want my comment to be a dissertation on the folly of this dastardly deal.

Ghetto Yut 3 weeks ago

Well said sir

Joe Brownn 3 weeks ago

no way can Moyo allow the HCC to reverse the deal that made him pocket USD$20m. Shame on you Zanu-PF.

Asalif 3 weeks ago

@Blue we once discussed this issue when you were blaming opposition run councils on infrastructure mantainance , didn't I told you that the power is with the central government be it borrowing powers, awarding of tenders, budget approvals and disbursement of funds now you see Zanu pf ministers are playing dirty Chombo was doing the same here in my local town the council was made to award tenders to incompetent shelf companies now there are a lot of unfinished projects ZACC should investigate the matter why is he interested in the deal that much


👎👎👎👎😲😲 3 weeks ago

Nhawe Honalabled Tanga Vatenga Madhodha bin Vehicles atlist 300 of them and Spairs Back Up
totangira ipapo😱

Tateguru 3 weeks ago

Things went systematically above bode yes, but if the most important stakeholders – the ratepayers were left out as I hear, it all comes down to zero.

Tateguru 3 weeks ago

... above board...

Native 3 weeks ago

Then you hear some fool saying the opposition has run down urban city councils.....

Yellow Mellow 💛 3 weeks ago

Nyoka icharuma varidzi vayo

mafirakureva 3 weeks ago

vakatadza kuenda mberi nekutora Mari vanotora ye breach of contract ....torai Mari united

Chamhamha 3 weeks ago

Kushata nemoyo zvese nxaaa

mancho 3 weeks ago

chinhu chedu.....regai timore takaifira nyika iyi nguwaya vari kuraiser Mari yemusangano wezanu ...tocampaigner sei mukadzima Mari yacho .....nyika inovakwa nevene

mafirakureva 3 weeks ago

corruption m...cartel facilitator ....plunder all ....why care knowing you going to be voted out next year ...last kicks

Blue 💙 3 weeks ago

Just because something was approved that doesn't mean it's good. We need more 9ressure to get it undone. It's not sustainable.

Chawabvunza 3 weeks ago

Honorable JG Moyo may also be wrong by categorically stating that council had no right to suspend the Pomona deal. Councillors did their work correctly. Most of them came into office two months ago and the Mayor a week ago. These people have every right to suspend this deal, examine it and give their comments. City councilors are the ones who will emplement this deal and not the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works. Therefore City Councillors have every right to suspend, study and give their comments.




Tozivepiko 3 weeks ago

There it is, the Dishonourable minister of local government is protecting his cartel's interests.Anyone still doubting that this country has gone down or these fake freedom fighters would prefer the country to be in ruins just like it's name sake.

SC 3 weeks ago

Mr Moyo do you realize that 344million is no money at all. How much is mbudzi roundabout costing the state? How much does Harare need to buy trucks and diesel for gabbage collection for efficiency? Don't let figures blind you Mr Moyo, USD344 million is nothing compared to the time. Change, give them ten years alright

Concerned Citizen 3 weeks ago

Minister Moyo you raise pertinent issues:
that the process was carried above board,
that the project will create employment.
Fair and fine. As a citizen my immediate concern is this man called Nguwawa. Drax. Whatever his name. My second worry is the First family's link what are they doing in this project.
Moyo why don't u let the councilors delve into this case forensically and tell the nation why they are against the project. That's the purpose of councillors to superintendent over municipal issues. They cannot rubber stamp everything.

Observer 3 weeks ago

Were the rate payer's consulted???
If bully tactics are used rate payer's will withhold rates.

. 3 weeks ago

Mavaona vanorunner macouncils. These are the people we have to blame for all the challenges the city councils are facing.

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