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Pomona Dumpsite Deal: Ministerial Statement [Full Text]

Pomona Dumpsite Deal: Ministerial Statement [Full Text]

Ministerial statement on the Pomona waste-to-energy plant by the Deputy Minister of Local Government and Public Works, Marian Chombo.



THE DEPUTY MINISTER OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT AND PUBLIC WORKS (HONCHOMBO): Allow me to submit this presentation before the House, which seeks to clarify the issue of the Pomona waste to energy joint venture between the Harare City Council and Geogenix B.V as follows:

The Pomona dumpsite has been in existence since time immemorial, including concerns around the hazards it poses, it had become an eyesore. 

Council in 2016 and 2019, tried to find interested investors to invest in Pomona dumpsite and received various expressions of interests including Geoginix B.V. 

Unfortunately, no bidder was awarded the contract for Pomona dumpsite.  In 2020, Geoginix resubmitted its proposal to City Council for a joint venture for the development of a waste to energy plant. 

The proposal was presented to ZIDA, a Government statutory body responsible for the promotion, entry, protection and facilitation of investment in Zimbabwe. 

Geoginix B.V is an internationally owned company, hence the need to follow laid down procedures as provided for by the ZIDA Act Chapter 14:37 which regulates the operations of foreign-owned companies.

ZIDA, in terms of Sections 34 and 36, forwarded the proposal to the Cabinet Committee on joint ventures who in turn presented the proposal to Cabinet for approval. 

It should be noted that Cabinet is the highest executive authority.  The Council which is a lower tier and an organ, has an obligation to implement the Cabinet decision, which they did when they resolved to enter into the contract in line with the Cabinet decision. 

On 3rd May, Hon. Markham, Combined Harare Residents Association, Borrowdale Residents and Ratepayers Association and Centre for Alternative Development Trust filed a court application against the Minister of Local Government and Public Works, City of Harare and Geoginix seeking an order that nullifies the contract. 

It is also noted that a group of councillors have decided to cause disruptions on the implementation of such a lucrative venture which has many benefits including employment creation, power generation and refuse management.

It is imperative to note that the matter is now before the courts of law and is, therefore, sub judice, hence the project will continue as per the dictates of the contract until the court makes a determination on the matter.  I thank you.

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Murozvi 2 months ago

Now Ed is sending the deputy minister to protect July. According to the statement there is nothing that shows why council should pay 22000us percent daily.

Mmmm 2 months ago

And will it take the courts 10 years to reach a ruling while geoginix gets rich.

manzy 2 months ago

Minister's statement hapana hapana

The Terraces 2 months ago

Govt now involved in Dumpsites business. Eish Cabinet now sits down and discuss kuti marara akurashirwa kupi.Cry indeed my beloved country .

EFF 2 months ago

Cabinet is the highest decision maker so councilors anoita basa rei?

Joe Brownn 2 months ago

The Pomona saga is meant to benefit ED, July Moyo and Chombo thereby prejudicing HCC of millions of dollars. Stop corruption Zanu-PF.

Dr Mahaso 2 months ago

A saga doesn't benefit anyone.
Prof Mupepereki will agree with me that you are now mutilating the English language.


The Observer 2 months ago

Deputy Minister
Muchenjere kuitiswa

Deputy Minister 2 months ago

Ndoitiswa chiizve ini hangu off -layer ririkungodla mari imwe yakasiiwa na Chombo.

nyati 2 months ago

hpna dhri apaa mbavha imbavha chte thts the bottom line thyre lining their pockets -the courts wll sit on the case until tati eeke -ini zii zvnku kkkk

Hawk 2 months ago

Game over on this thieving deal.karate payers arwadziwa pliz.

Mkanya 2 months ago

Nonsense, cabinet cannot override council on council business.

🥨 2 months ago

Thievery at large

Asalif 2 months ago

The beneficiary is the President there is Delish Nguwaya involved

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