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Pomona Dumpsite Deal Millions Can Build A New City - Mafume

Pomona Dumpsite Deal Millions Can Build A New City - Mafume

Harare mayor Jacob Mafume says the local authority has no money to pay a US$1 million debt to Geogenix BV, a Netherlands-based company, under the controversial US$400 million Pomona waste-to-energy deal.

Mafume said that the money the City of Harare is expected to pay Geogenix BV over a 30-year period would be enough to fund the construction of a new capital city in the next few years.

Last week Local Government and Public Workers minister July Moyo wrote a letter to Harare City Council ordering the local authority to pay over US$1 million it now owes Geogenix BV for May.

However, Mafume said the letter will be read out in the next full council meeting to hear the views of councillors on the matter. He said:

We will take it to the full council. That amount of money in 30 years can build a new city.

We have received two letters from the minister. He is not a party to the contract nor is the ministry so therefore we believe the contractor (Geogenix BV) knows what to do if they want to enforce their rights.

We have made a decision as council which is in the best interest of the residents.

We will read the letter to full council and see whether the council and the councillors agree with the interpretations by the minister, but it does not make sense for a landlord to pay rentals for his own property.

How the minister sees sense in that is beyond the residents and the council. If they are aggrieved by our decision, the contractor knows the forums to go to.

Mafume insisted that Harare does not have the capacity to pay US$1 million every month for the next 30 years for garbage dumped at Pomona dumpsite. He said:

We simply cannot afford to pay US$1 million per month for 30 years. That is not possible, council does not have the amount of money.

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Dr Hue 4 weeks ago

The Pomona deal is a ZANU PF cash cow full stop. Funding the 2023 election

Joe Brownn 4 weeks ago

July Moyo must be arrested and be fired from Gvt.

Joe Brownn 4 weeks ago

It is a scam by Mnangagwa using July Moyo for his personal interests.

Resident 4 weeks ago

Zanu PF wants to use that as a cash cow for it's election campaign at the same time crippling Harare City Council financially. Ma strategy a ED would work during Mugabe era bt nw vanhu vavhurika. I advise ED to **** Jojo Charamba, Nurse uye weku UK Nick Mangwana.. Mugabe akaudzwa na Grace kuti Joji is up to something and he ignored that advice. Mirai muone


I do not want to implicate His Excellency Advocate President ED Mnangagwa in this scammer like what @joe Brownn is attempting to do. These issues are discussed in cabinet meetings. Was it possible that the whole cabinet did not have a single Minister who saw that this Pomona deal was too expensive ?

Advocate Jacob Mafume rightly says that money builds another city in a few years. This deal must be rescinded. This Nguwaya guy is doing more harm than good to our authorities. He has a poor business record. He must move away from our government corridors.



Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Postman 4 weeks ago


advocate 4 weeks ago

Iwe william E.D. haasi advocate.

🗣️ Voiceless🇿🇼 4 weeks ago

Myor Mafume you are a true Mayor



Hatidyiwi takasvinura sematemba apa Minister dhiri ravo ndere chi****. Where is ZACC?

Mafirakureva Jeremiah 4 weeks ago

Dzarema njuga!

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