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"Polygamy Is No Child’s Play Honestly" - Polygamist Professor Solwayo Ngwenya

Renowned Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Professor Solwayo Ngwenya (51), a proud polygamist and traditionalist, has said polygamy is no child’s play as it requires lots of resources.

Currently married to three wives who stay with him under one roof, he says polygamy is at the heart of his cultural identity and vows to keep alive the Ngwenya clan even for 100 more years to come. He told The Chronicle:

I come from a deep conservative family. I’m a descendant of the Zwide Kalanga family, which came here with King Mzilikazi with my grandfather as his chief advisor.

Riches and big families have been a part of us since then and there was no way I could rid myself of this rich culture because of education.

Polygamy is one of our cornerstones and I would like to shed more light on the practice, which is founded on equality and ensuring one grows their legacy even beyond their life…

You cannot spend all your time with the new wife, no, you’ll destroy your marriage. You have to have resources of course. There is no way you can earn US$100 and you want polygamy, it won’t work! How do you share $100 even among two women?

Women have so many needs including hair, clothes, nails and all sorts of presents they like receiving daily. It’s no child’s play honestly.

Prof Ngwenya, who is also Mpilo Hospital CEO, said he respects women for their household and motherhood duties adding that he would rather have them stay at home and build the clan while he works “so hard to provide for all their needs.” 

He said he treats all his wives equally adding, “No one gets any favours, money or presents from me secretly at home. We declare everything so that our marriage survives. I think serious men should only go for polygamy once they understand its role in our culture.” He added:

They should also desist from having mistresses, it’s against our culture, its either one is in a monogamous relationship or polygamous relationship.

His eldest wife Princess Mnkandla said indeed theirs was a sisterhood as they never felt they were in competition although they share one man.

MaMnkandla the wives had duties to host Ngwenya and the duty roaster is maintained adding that Ngwenya doesn’t have a specific bedroom as he has to be in one of the rooms and “there is never a day where he sleeps alone.”

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Chibaba 1 month ago

yaa kana uine mari zvinoita . Unokwira paunodira bcoz havangaite ma excuses at the sametime vakadzi vacho. Asi like all marriages barika wo rine ma problems aro. Major benefit ndeyekuti dzinza rinokura faster faster.

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

As chief executive officer at Mpilo hospital with all those demands from the health sector, one would think your post was based on finding solutions to pollution for your employees 😀


Nkust 1 month ago

Yaa chibaba, ndiko saka chaikwata covid chichiti vanhu vasaungana chigwere hachina kumira mushe ichi vanhu vasaungana chaiziva kty contact tressing yaitora vakadzi vese kuenda ku quarantine plus social distance kumba kwacho haibudi kwakawandiwa, asi bho manje chibaba ini ndotoda asipa wazoti $100 hazvibudi ndabva ndakwata

Worzell Gummidge 1 month ago

Solwayo Ngwenya is the renowned COVID 19 Prophet of Doom who always predicted the worst & always advocated for harsh lockdowns. He is clearly an imbecile. Multiple concurrent ****ual partnerships (MCSP) are one of the leading spreaders of HIV/AIDS & STIs. A doctor of all people should know that. Polygamy is just greed & it is a primitive & harmful cultural practice. Maybe thats why Ngwenya wanted harsh COVID lockdowns - so that he could get more COVID 19 allowances to feed his harem of wives.

Skippy 1 month ago

well said

Worzell Gummidge 1 month ago

Ngwenya's cultural beliefs undermine gender equality & women's Rights. He sees women as dependents who must be bought with gifts & trinkets such as hairdoos & clothes. Whereas women should be emancipated & empowered to become self-reliant & self-sufficiant, so that they can afford to buy things on their own. Ngwenya perceives women as baby manufacturing factories that only exist to further his genealogy or clan. He thinks women are property that can be hought with money. Solwayo Ngewnya is the type of man who dies without leaving a will. His wives & nemerous children will fight over that one house where they all live and his numerous children will be scattered all over like street urchins.

honourable 1 month ago

dzingidzi gonyera pamwe maruva enyika haaperi

Chimboti Pizza 1 month ago

Barika nderekushaya, nderenyu imi ana Ngwenya vakasara seTorino😂

Turoo 1 month ago

Solwayo Ngwenya une 51 years nguva yako yakapfuura. These days takuita zvemonogamy, maparika takayambuka


Gafa 1 month ago

Ndiye Ngwenya uya wekuda kutiuraisa paCovid nenzara achiti garai mudzimba he is cruel.Unodyei ukagara mumba.Iwe ndiwe waifanira kugara kumba waisangana nevakadzi vakasiyana siyana.

Tim 1 month ago

Anorwara mdhara uyu, ngaende anofa

Amber 1 month ago

Ini zvangu mubarika handipinde, I would rather die

Dyke 1 month ago

Barika kudhara ikoko Sekuru Solwayo, mungati zvenyu tarasa culture but kurasa maparts eculture yedu akadhakwa haisi problem

unproved conspiracy 1 month ago

What if pindula is actually a social experiment. We could actually be just be lab rats and some institution is funding this experiment to study human behaviour so as to use the result for personal gain.

Anonymous 1 month ago

"Senator, we run Ads"

. 1 month ago

From the pic.I can actually see your real wife mamwe magold diggers🤦

Dr Gire 1 month ago

Taita vadiki so we cannot comment about lifestyles of professors.I have written a lot of unpublished articles and gwendo guno Minister Murwira vachandionawo chete.
Kkkkk Prof Giredesi👌

Mukadota 1 month ago

Dununu rekushandiswa ne ZANU richiti covid19 Chino covid19 chakati. Nxaaa chengeta ma gold diggers ako wakanyarara. No need to justify

Solwayo's daughter 1 month ago

Daddy nekupusa vakatadza kuona kuti ndaingodirwa mari apa😂

sekuru chitova 1 month ago

ndovarume chaizvo avo, anyway every man needs more than 1 wife vane 1 kutokundikana varume muriko here uko

Kule 1 month ago

Vamwe vari pano pa pindula platform, dayi vana sekuru vavo vaive vasina kuroora vakadzi vazhinji, vangadayi vasipo. Mbuya vavo vakanga vari mukadzi wechitatu, saka musangowawata.

Chimboti Pizza 1 month ago

@Kule, inga wataura wega kuti ana mbuya vedu kuratidza kuti ndezvakudhara😂

Turoo 1 month ago

@Kule, uri correct but tiri kuti isu mayouth hatina appetite yeizvozvo

Vharazipi 1 month ago

at least makaLegaliser mudhara, vamwe takuvara nechamuhwande hwande. kungobatwa message nemkadzi ma1 atangidza

Chura the frog 1 month ago

kuruta Lula Lula ma "professor" emu Zim ma suspects

chipo 1 month ago

ummm I worked with him at Mlilo for many years, I wish.e.h had kept.hhat side of his lifw pruvate, ne i.did not know i an really disappointed

Mpilo OI Clinic 1 month ago

@Chipo taura nyaya yako zvizere.
Why would you be disappointed ne polygamy ya Prof Sengwayo??

parasite 1 month ago

chipo akasvasvangwa cheweti na Professor kkkk

Zuze 1 month ago

Hahahahaha Chipo agwadziwa. Asi Prof vaka****va chinhu here nhai @Chipo?

chihera 1 month ago

ummm munhu ari mhare here chokwadi
ko hiv issues...I spirit of lust, haanatso guta.needs deliverance.
Vakadziwo....Mari nekudya zvinonaka.

Fashion police 1 month ago

has ma 1 chaiwo vanotombo wana nguva yekuzorora hre professor

stambo 1 month ago

zvemabarika aiva nenguva yavo.ikezvino yangova 2 -2 muAreka

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