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Police Update: Makorokoza Murder, Human Trafficking, Freak Accident, And Robbery

Police Update: Makorokoza Murder, Human Trafficking, Freak Accident, And Robbery

The Zimbabwe Republic Police has updated the public the following cases:

Human Trafficking 

Motorists are warned against using vehicles in human trafficking episodes in connivance with foreign nationals. On 15/08/22, Police in Murewa arrested 86 foreign nationals comprising 76 males and 10 females for entering the country without travelling documents.

The suspects were intercepted at a house in Medium Density Suburbs, Murewa after being assisted by a local transporter.

In another case, on 17/08/22, ZRP Gweru Rural arrested Wosith Travellers Coach bus crew for Human Trafficking after transporting 82 foreign nationals without travelling documents.

Meanwhile, on 16/08/22 Detectives in Murewa arrested three foreign nationals in Murewa who were hitch hiking from South Africa enroute to Nyamapanda without following laid custom and excise procedures.

Hit and run

ZRP Gokwe Traffic is investigating a hit and run road traffic accident in which an unknown motorist driving a pick-up vehicle hit a juvenile (7) along an unnamed road in Mapfungautsi high density suburb.

The juvenile sustained serious head injuries and died on the spot. Anyone with information to contact any nearest Police Station.

Cellphone Robbery

On 18/08/22 at around 1910 hours, Detectives from CID Homicide swiftly reacted to a report of robbery and arrested Moses Mutswiri (46) and Carrington Garikai (42). The duo were allegedly seen by the public attacking the complainant with a machete before stealing a cellphone. The arrest led to the recovery of a machete. Investigations are in progress.


ZRP Colleen Bawn is investigating a murder case which occurred on 17/08/22 at a tuck shop at Vhovha mine. The victim, Mnanzeleli Mathambo died after he was stabbed on the thigh with an unknown sharp object by the suspect, Nyasha Dube. 

The victim had allegedly failed to explain why he had joined the suspect and his friends at a fireplace where they were warming themselves, and this did on go well with the suspect.

Makorokoza Murder

Police in Mazowe are investigating a murder case in which Tavonga Mufunga (22) died after he was stabbed on the chest several times with a knife by six unidentified suspects on 17/08/22 at Chawana Gold Claim, Jumbo.

The suspects stole two sacks of gold ore from the victim and the informant who was accompanying the victim. Anyone with information to contact any nearest Police Station.

Freak Accident

The ZRP reiterates that parents should always monitor children while playing outdoors. On 17/08/22, ZRP Mabelreign recorded a sudden death report where a minor (2) pushed a bucket with hot water and sustained serious burns all over the body at Spitzkop Reinham on 10/08/22. The minor later died at Sally Mugabe Hospital.

Attempted Robbery

The ZRP confirms the arrest of Owen Limakho (41) and Mbuso Dube in connection with a case of attempted robbery which occurred at a house in Madubes, Plumtree on 17/08/22 at about 0100 hours.

The suspects threatened to rob the complainant (52) while armed with firearms before the complainant alerted neighbours by blowing a whistle. The suspects sped off from the scene in a getaway Toyota Mark 2 vehicle, ABH 2620.

Investigations by Police led to the arrest of the duo and the recovery of a balaclava woollen hat, 8 800K Vilts Electric Shocker, Dan Wesson 357 Magnum revolver, 177 CAL 4.5mm Gas Pistol and a 12 volts Willard size battery in the Toyota Mark 2 vehicle.

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ZIMBA🇿🇼Original 1 month ago

Zimbabwe is one among other top ranked nations that have a professional police force

Gwedu 1 month ago

Tipeiwo news nhasi Saturday kudai

🤷 1 month ago

okwangaphi lawe

Mhazi of Silobela 1 month ago

@zimba what are you smoking? maybe the police are letting u smoke it hence your delusion. we have the most corrupt group of individuals in that force - even Zacc acknowledged so. From person experience you only get arrested when you dont have USD on you baba.

🤷 1 month ago

wena where are you coming from

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

If people from other countries use Zimbabwe as a gate away from Dudula then we are in deep trouble coz those foreigners without any accommodation are forced to do crime to survive 🤔

Victim 1 month ago

Men in police uniforms, they are not professionals but thugs.

gogodera 1 month ago

mapurisa kkk


saikorojist 1 month ago

Man Utd fans are you ready for match day 3?😂

Blambi yaMdara 1 month ago

yakazopedzavo ngezuro won 1-2

nyoka 1 month ago

dzimwe dzese dzikutaurwa ko kwekwe haitaurwe sei ???

Korokoza 1 month ago

Ndo kunobva Susan na E.D.

Imwe Mbeu 1 month ago


Dmao 1 month ago

This police chief making these announcements does not know the difference between human trafficking and human smuggling. All the cases he cited are about human smuggling and not trafficking.

Dmao 1 month ago

Human trafficking is a harmful practice whereby ppl are forced or cheated to migrate for sale into slavery, prostitution, body parts trade, etc. Human smuggling is whereby an agent helps aspiring migrant to cross the border for a fee. The agent causes no harm on the aspiring migrant. It's a pure criminal business transaction

Wanger 1 month ago

Wangers can not differentiate between human trafficking and smuggling.. Thse so called policeman and...policewomen.were corrupted.naMugabe

@open view 1 month ago

human trafficking zvnomborevei nechishona nhai iwe ****

@Dmao 1 month ago

It looks like you are the one who doesn't know the difference.

Open View 1 month ago

It's human trafficking wangu.

بالعربي ه 1 month ago


Resident 1 month ago

Police itai vasa musaswera tunyaya tusina nevasa twemaMusks kuita kunge ma prefects ekuchikoro .

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

Human trafficking comes in when people are possessed for own benefit like forced prostitution and labour and in most cases they will be kidnapped or given false information

Smuggling of humans is a crime to all those involved coz they would have agreed and pay to be taken to their destination because they will be without proper documentation.

yah nhasi madzidza 😂 apa ndakuitirai BEAM kudzidza for free, yes Pindula is not jus for fighting for political space. we have to embrace each other coz we fighting for the same need, food on the table...

@Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

Even transporting people to other countries who hv no documents is called human trafficking.

Unonumanumano the great 1 month ago

Pindula please remove the comment section tongoverenga hedu news without commenting cuz vanhu varikutituka and hatisi kuzivana tetichida kunorova varikutuka vamwe

Opinion 1 month ago

Ko kungovharisa chikorokoza

Gweja mberengwa 1 month ago

woda tirarame nei otinyararira

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