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Police Try To Block CCC Rally In Chegutu

Police Try To Block CCC Rally In Chegutu

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) Saturday tried to block the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party from holding its rally at Pfupajena  Stadium in Chegutu, reports.

The publication said CCC had met the requirements for holding the rally including payment for the venue to the town’s municipality.

Party supporters were also chased out of the alternate venue, which is the ground next to Pfupajena.

Police said the stadium is still under construction.

However, according to CCC party officials, the council accepted payment for use of the venue despite the fact that construction was already underway.

The rally still went on regardless with hundreds of supporters attending.

CCC organising secretary Amos Chibaya officiated the event. He said:

As you know, wherever we want to do a programme as CCC, (the ruling) Zanu PF (party) is always ready to employ shenanigans to disrupt us.

The police are being used by Zanu PF, if they are left to do their job, I don’t think they will disturb us.

But as you know they are leaving in fear and acting under instructions.

The party later posted on social media saying the rally was meant to celebrate their by-election victory. Read the party statement:

It was a joyous day in Chegutu as the people celebrated their by-election win. For standing with the people, 3 councillors were illegally recalled by the regime in Zimbabwe. But the people spoke loudly & won big. It’s just the beginning. 2023 will be a showdown

In the run-up to the 26 March by-elections, police blocked a number of CCC rallies giving varying reasons. The opposition party said the police’s reasons were not genuine and were only meant to frustrate its campaign.

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ED PFEEE 1 week ago

tsvimbo musoro ndoyamuchasangana nayo next year #5 million votes ,nyika inovak nevenevayo

Paius Jamba 1 week ago

Wah rally hmmm nonsense. ndiripa remand ndopiwa bail manje manje. Uyuuu anonzi Chamisa needs my attention!!

Oskid 1 week ago

@Mazibeka benzi harigwadziwi nekupenga asi vabereki vako ndovarikurwadziwa neutununu hwako.Ndimi mouraya vanhu mosiira vana ngozi imi mave kujeri.****.

Oskid 1 week ago

@Mazibeka benzi harigwadziwi nekupenga asi vabereki vako ndovarikurwadziwa neutununu hwako.Ndimi mouraya vanhu mosiira vana ngozi imi mave kujeri.****.

Mazibeka 1 week ago

Masisi you make too much noise kungobudirira kuita rally ka1 makukuma kunge chamisa apinda mustate house. Ncincinci. Pathetic dreamers. In psychology it's called grandiose. You imagine yourself being very big people leading the country or in high positions the next moments you then be come sad claiming that zanu is hindering you from ruling the country. Your episodes are too much. You create a lie and believe it to be true. People with sharp intellect and productive mind don't spend their time on this chamisa guy. He has nothing to offer. The moment he failed to get into the president s office last time that was it. Even Morgan, when he missed the mark in 1999 that was it. Even the Europeans have no confidence in chamisa more than Morgan. They know he can't deliver. He is only used as a weapon to distabilise zanu pf. On the other hand chamisa is enjoying the monies they give him. In short this is business for him. As an orator, chamisa always says things that are music to your ears so that he remains relevant in your lives, but he really has nothing to offer . South Africa is always changing presidents but is going from bad to worse, right now ramaphosa is embroiled with state on a case of theft. Changing presidents will not make Zimbabwe better. Take for instance zambia is changing its presidents. What has changed in zambia? Work your way to financial liberty and stop hoping other people will change your life.

Mkanya 01 1 week ago

Police itai mushe stadium under construction mave ma builders ekanzuru manje.


Thor 1 week ago

ngavatange vapihwawo mari irinani pane kuita zvisina basa mbavha dzrikuwanda uko

xyz 1 week ago

Anopinda chete mkomana.CCC

Jerk 1 week ago

This is not "news" anymore but "olds"

Mkanya 1 week ago

Don't vote zanu pf. Kuvhotera nhamo. Hondo haidyiwe yakatopera kare. People want jobs and food on the table not mbuya nehanda statue. Building a museum in Warren Park nhai what do we get from hembe dzaipfekwa nana tongogara muhondo. Itai mushe madhara ezanu

Chawabvunza 1 week ago

CCC political party must expect such things until it beats ZANU PF at the Harmonised Elections. CCC leadership must expect to be arrested. They must book their venues in very good time, like 7 to 8 weeks in advance or else they will fill prisons throughout the country.




chibabababa 1 week ago

Zviroto chete vanhu veCCC muchama** hamulume tangai magona kutonga vakadzi dzenyu

Crocodile 1 week ago

@MP Unonyepa iwe usaite sekuti vote yako yega ndoino winners Zanu tiri kuenda nehuwandu wedu kuno vote ndopamuchaziva kuti ichokwadi maruza chamuchada chii nyika yese yakuita sekuti pacherwa makurwe nema potholes nyara iwe

ln 1 week ago

mp unonepaiwe wasangana newasingazvinzwisise ndezvako izvo

Mp 1 week ago

Hayas, if you want to nothing will come on a silver platter,,, if you want ccc to rule then pull your mask down and load your guns n start a riot😂😂😂😂😂

Nahoreka 1 week ago

...tiri muhondo yekurwira rusununguko...zimbabwe is in a struggle...everybody must stand up in any way possible to make sure the regime falls. It takes the effort of all of us combined to free ourselves from zanu.....#zimbabwe will be free again..

Da Truth 1 week ago

Hazvisiri zvembwende izvi makwAra garai Kuma terrace muine game makanyarara chete

Mp 1 week ago

Uuuuummm, as for me I don't like war so go by yrself.. Nothing will change even if tht so called boy reigns,,, if things can change wat about in Zambia

chami 1 week ago

ndopinda sei manje?

Pongi 1 week ago

Asina kuenda kuhondo ngaavhoterewo asina kuenda kuhondo.2023 Chamisa Chete Chete

Billboard Of Public Opinion 1 week ago

The majority of Zimbos are tired of Zanu pf. Vana Ve Zimbabwe vavekuda kuchi aka remangwana revana vavo, you ED and friends penyu makaita kare chisiirai vana vagadzirise ma problems amakagadzira munyika. Inga mari nehupfumi mave nazvo wani, ko zvino vadika vosvikepi vachitaura? Ipaiwo chimuti ku nevamwe zvinhu zvinakire tose.

chamisa 1 week ago

ndopinda chete

Maparamuro 1 week ago

Bhora musango

CC 1 week ago

anopapinda sei manje mukomana???

Joe Brownn 1 week ago

Zanu-PF terrorists use police as their ****s

paya 1 week ago

Ini ndakamboti zanu i m h a t a mukaisa ma star enyu but ndaitodevesa mufunge.

Mudhumeni 1 week ago


Purse 1 week ago

Ngapinde hake Mkomana ngabude hake mdhara

???? 1 week ago

Asi chii nhaiii?let,z be fair we are both sailing in the same boat Zim.Come 2023 my vote is my secret

BABA VA BLUE💙 1 week ago

Makundikana zveshuwa ma zanu

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