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Police Release New Details On Robbery And Shooting Incident In Gwanda

Police Release New Details On Robbery And Shooting Incident In Gwanda

The Zimbabwe Republic Police has released further details pertaining to an exchange of fire between police officers and four armed robbers in Gwanda on Wednesday afternoon.

ZRP Senior Staff Officer (Press and Public Relations), Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, released a statement on Thursday evening updating the nation on the robbery and shooting incident. Reads the statement:


Reference is made to the Zimbabwe Republic Police’s Twitter handle post on the robbery and shooting incident which occurred on 6th July 2022 in Gwanda.

The Police reacted swiftly to a report of an armed robbery case in which four unknown male adults, armed with an unidentified firearm attacked a woman (43), who was loading some groceries in a Toyota Corolla vehicle at the parking area near a shop in Gwanda Central Business District.

The suspects threatened the complainant with the firearm and dragged her into the car. One of the suspects took charge of the complainant’s vehicle and drove off at a high speed towards the Mhakwe area, using the Old Gwanda Road.

Along the way, the suspects robbed the complainant of US$100, ZAR 1000, and ZWL$ 4000 cash as well as four cellphones before dumping her about 11 kilometres from Gwanda town.

The police tracked the suspects to Old Zimtec Gwanda after receiving a tip from the public.

They blocked the suspects’ vehicle and two of the suspects, who were in the vehicle, disembarked and charged toward the officers while pointing a firearm.

The officers fired two warning shots to scare away the suspects. However, this did not deter the suspects who kept advancing, resulting in the four being shot. Police then recovered the stolen vehicle.

Further investigations linked the suspects to three other robbery cases committed in Gwanda in June and July 2022 where Fan Cargo vehicles were stolen.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police warns robbery syndicates that the police will not fold hands while they attack individuals and institutions.

The Police will certainly account for all robbery suspects and ensure that the law takes its course.

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Mafirakureva 1 month ago

Hats off to the Police!

Horomba 1 month ago

Munogona mapurisa especially ma robbery and murder cases in SADC there is noone better than you guys . Keep it up munogona

legend 1 month ago

kill them all

AMAJAHUNDA 1 month ago

This story doesn't add up. Someone steals a vehicle and drives towards mhakwe then the police receives a tip off that they're at Old Gwanda Zintec college. Anyone who's been to Gwanda must be puzzled.

Blue 💙 1 month ago


Sir 1 month ago

Zvoita here kuti wakatendekerwa pfuti womboita zvemawarning shots?Ndibatsireivo hama.

Pablo Escober 1 month ago

Chinodiwa kuuraya mbavha chete warning shot mutemo saka unongotaurawo kuti ndaridza warning shot iwe usina. Iwo mutemo unotoziya kuti pane pasina warning shot nepaisingashande eg this robbery. If I were a law enforcer I would shoot 1st then fire warning shots after hitting the target in order to cheat the law

Police Commissioner 1 month ago


Ginious 1 month ago

Sure.mawarning shots ndeeyi .shot to kill,as long angorine pfuti rovai mabara zvipere.


Mwana waMambo 1 month ago

Ko mbavha dzezanu hadzisi kupfurwa sei? Dzaparadza nyika. Shoot to kill mbavha dzezanu kubva kumusoro kwacho

B 1 month ago

Good news

Hallmark 1 month ago

Poor journalism, confusing story

Exactly 1 month ago

Confusing indeed

stallion 1 month ago

eish there are so many questions than answers in this article

the Zebra 1 month ago

if ever you you know a gun and some one point it at yourself then you fire a warning shot let's be serious

observing 1 month ago

English and ZRP are not the best of friends

SharpMind 1 month ago

Don't trust ZRP at all. Their reporting on Chitungwiza shooting of innocent people make suspicious covering up reporting

rt rr 1 month ago

the story has many missing points. Someone is not saying the truth

Tk 1 month ago

Yu mean vairamba vachifamba vachiuya vakanongedzera pfuti kumapurisa and imi mukbudisa yenyu mukaridza mudenga twice vkaramba vahiuy chete vasingaridze mukazoyanga kuvapfura 1 by 1 kusvika vapera ,,, vinhu zvacho kana james bond hadaro

cid 1 month ago

its jus a press statement for you to believe mate,when we get a tipoff that they are suspect of armed robbers we act swiftly we dont do warning shots,warning to a robbery a u ok upstairs?

when we feel those are armed robbers we jus shoot to kill ,coz if u do warning shoot robbers wil pounce at u in a secind surely they will wipe u nice and clearly kana wafa zvavharana ,after gunning them down we shoot 2 shoots in th air jus for formality so that when investigation commerces they will ask members of the public how many shoots dd u heard vakati 3 shoots wehad fulfilled the rifle law,vakati single shot todzingwa basa for gun non complience

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