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Police Recover Stolen Mercedes Benz At The Suspect’s House In Mabelreign

Police Recover Stolen Mercedes Benz At The Suspect’s House In Mabelreign

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has confirmed the arrest of one Takudzwa Nenzou over the theft of a Mercedes Benz which occurred on Friday 10 September 2022. In a statement seen by Pindula News, police said the vehicle has since been recovered. Reads the statement:

The ZRP confirms the arrest of Takudzwa Nenzou (31) in connection with a case of theft involving a Mercedes Benz vehicle registration number AEQ 7545 which occurred at Old Hararians Sports Club on 10/09/22 at about 2200 hours. Police recovered the stolen vehicle at the suspect’s house in Mabelreign, Harare.

Meanwhile, the ZRP urges the public to stop offering bribes to Police Officers discharging their constitutional mandate amid a rise in reported cases of attempted bribery.

ZRP reported that on Friday last week, police in Bubi arrested Elvis Mubaiwa (37) for bribery after he offered ZAR200 to a Police Officer at a roadblock.

In a similar case, Sabastain Chikwavarara (49) was arrested for bribery on Sunday after he offered ZAR50 to a Police Officer indicating that he had five passengers in his Toyota Wish vehicle without passports at Bubi Roadblock.

On the same day, police arrested Energy Murungami (39) for bribery after he offered R170 bribe money to Police Officers at a roadblock after being asked to produce a driver’s licence.

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___ 4 months ago

Those bribes were too little and an insult... that's why those motorists were rounded. Those who pay 'good money' are walking free.

VaMayaya 4 months ago

ishoma mari iyo kkkkkk that's why yakarambwa

Sir African 4 months ago

To have a case withdrawal against someone has has to pay USD 20 that's how our officers are making up for the deficit on their salaries.

Chivhayo 4 months ago

Those offers are too little. The officers need us dollars mari inotenga not ma rands. Ma R50 here amana. How can you brime someone ne usd2.50?

Tkt says 4 months ago

@____ & others

That is very common. I'll give an example of what we used to do while manning the borders
At least every week or two we would tell the jumpers to bring one or two people among themselves for us to arrest for record purposes kuti zvinzi tasungawo. We would tell them go buy the most cheapest bale from Moza tobata torndesa paMutare Central kuti zvingonzi Team yeBorder Control iri kushanda
Izvi taitozvi ita with the blessings of the Senior Command Guys Inspectors & Supts, kkk so hapana apo those crimes its just a day in or two then out on bail and taigona kusunga vanhu 4 every 2mts vopinda on different names

ZACC 4 months ago

tikakubata mfana uri kufora mujeri.

Sorojena 4 months ago

In Zambia we call it a tip, I don't know why in Zimbabwe they call it a bribe. So how do the public compliment cops for job welldone

Anonymous 4 months ago

ini ndakambonzi neumwe mupurisa ndipe chiokomuhomwe che $20 ndikat agh hamunyari here kutaura direct kudaro dai mati ye drink zvikanzi wakamboonepi drink re $20usd iyi ndeye kundipa bribe kuti uyende usasungwa


Kule Kule 4 months ago

nyaya yekubudisigwa harugwa pa bhuloko ndiyo yakagumbura vakomana chete apa

freezer 4 months ago

ma Rands kaawa kkkkk😂 haana deal

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