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Police Recover Fake US Dollar Notes In Abandoned Vehicle

Police Recover Fake US Dollar Notes In Abandoned Vehicle

Three fraudsters abandoned their vehicle in Kadoma after they were intercepted by police officers leading to the recovery of fake United States dollar notes with a face value of US$1 300 from the car.

The trio is believed to be part of a syndicate manufacturing fake United States dollar notes in the country.

They were intercepted in Kadoma after they had bought chickens at a house in Norton before they drove off in a Toyota Axio.

The victim made a police report after he discovered they had been given a counterfeit US$100 note.

After receiving the report, police in Kadoma stopped the vehicle at the tollgate but the suspects disembarked and fled, leaving the car. A search of the vehicle yielded the fake notes.

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) national police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the incident. He said:

On April 11 2022, police in Kadoma acted on received information to the effect that there were three men, using a Toyota Axio vehicle, who paid for three live and eight dressed chickens at a house in Norton using a fake US$100 note.

… The vehicle was searched and 13xUS$100 fake notes, three live and eight dressed chickens were recovered. Investigations are underway.

Police have since advised members of the public to be on the lookout, especially for people who buy small items using US$100 notes as they may be duped.

More: The Herald

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Machiavelli 2 months ago

This is peanuts.
What about the Retired Colonel who was caught red-handed in Manicaland with $50 million in fake US100 Dollar bills? and his 2 accomplices printing fake notes in Harare?

Now that is news!

THE FIEND 2 months ago

Maiwhe Mari yangu yekuba

Daudi 2 months ago

HaHaHa fake US$, they can't make fake ZIM$ because it's so precious they value it

King Adoe 🤴🏼 2 months ago

😂😂😂😂 vice-versa

mthuli Ncube 2 months ago

yes He jus had an unfortunate encounter but these notes are exchanging hands without proper notice from members of the public
contaray fake USD had higher store of value than 100bond

itai hareruya

Mangudya 2 months ago

They are fake but have value than our local currency

The King of Serpents 2 months ago




Ngavatipe timaise muCirculation!

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