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Police Officer In Court For Stealing Food Rations

Police Officer In Court For Stealing Food Rations

A police officer at Matabeleland North’s Ntabazinduna police training depot has been dragged to court for allegedly stealing food rations meant for recruits.

Maizon Fungawo (45) pleaded not guilty when he appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Linear Khumalo who remanded him out of custody to June 13 for trial continuation.

Fungawo is represented by lawyers from Tanaka Law Chambers.

State prosecutor Owen Mugari told the court that on March 31 this year at 1600 hours, Fungawo was on duty at the Ntabazinduna training depot mass when he took delivery of 55kg of chicken cutlets to prepare lunch for trainers and trainees.

The officer-in-charge at the training depot, inspector Bernard Chiangwa, instructed Fungawo not to cook all the meat. At 2100 hours on the same day, Chiangwa saw Fungawo carrying a military green backpack leaving the camp.

Chiangwa instructed sergeant Sakala Nelson to search his backpack and it was discovered that it contained chicken cutlets valued at $4 047.

A report was made at Mbembesi Police Station leading to Fungawo’s arrest.

In his defence outline, Fungawo, who denied the allegations, said he had been framed.

This comes as the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) says it is investigating an incident involving a man wearing a police uniform in a video that has gone viral.

In the video, the man could be seen licking white a substance from the ground and then staggers as he walks away while some members of the public look on.

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Oppressed 1 month ago

Zim police deserve this,why are they protecting looters .Muchakaka nenhamo gore rino

Officer in Charge 1 month ago

mari yavari kuhora ndoyedu yeAirtym and data allowances yedu saka vangatadze kuba sei

retion 1 month ago

why pindula do not devulge salaries for Uniformed forces when covering their stories like this here it comes teachers stories pindula u full type the teachers salarues why u do half baked coverage on security sector salaries

Asalif 1 month ago

you speak of food at home those are basics he is just a habitual their , police officers wear uniforms to board a bus in other countries officers uniforms stay at the station in lockers he gets into his or her own car and get home lunch and teas are provided so these guys we call it a sub standard police department

👽 1 month ago

zanu pf igonzo rakadya mushonga rikafira mumba, rakunhuwidza imba yese manje, tambozama kuvhura madoor nemawindow kuti smell ibude bt azvichabatsire... 2023 gonzo garibuditswe mumba

Chawabvunza 1 month ago

This shows that our Policemen are incapacited too. Salaries which they are taking home are not sufficient to buy his family enough food. In any case, he had stolen recruits food meaning to say some of the recruits missed their dinner. The Police Officer must sing the music in court.





aaaa 1 month ago

hapana zvaaikwanisa kuita sezvo zvinhu zvakanyanya kuvaomera

Blue🔈 1 month ago

Maida adiiwo nhai?

ABSA 1 month ago

tikapinda mustreet tinyunyuta kukwira kwezvinhu you block and beat us asi kumba kwenyu kune nzara shame on you zanupf republic police

dispenser 1 month ago

one wld be tempted to steal. whenever yu know that there is hunger at home. ngavasiyane ne mukomana zvakapresa

dispenser 1 month ago

one wld be tempted to steal. whenever yu know that there is hunger at home. ngavasiyane ne mukomana zvakapresa

Mmm 1 month ago

Our police force has become a disgrace due to bad leadership and criminal behavior when carrying out their duties. Shame.

》》》 1 month ago

"disgrace" isn't the right word mfowethu/dadewethu.

zeks 1 month ago

paita nzara ukaona zvodaro

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